Top 10 Best Belt Brands in India For Men & Women

Belts are an important part of the executive dressing for men. Not only executives prefer wearing a belt but also there are common men wearing casuals who don’t feel free and comfortable, if they are not wearing a belt. In this perspective, selecting a belt has great importance. Women also use belts for fashion. In belts a lot of brands are available across India. They may range from very cheap and the local one’s to costly and branded one’s. There are also branded belts which are available at a price affordable for the common man. The quality of leather may vary for different brands.

Let us take a look at which are the Top 10 famous belt brands with price range in India presently one by one.

10. Nautica


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Nautica Men’s Reversible belt is an attraction from Nautica. The belt can go with any type of dress and any age group too. It is a belt that can be used officially, casually, or with uniform or whatever. It is made of leather but not much durable.  Price range is between RS.1000 and RS.6000. They provide a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects. They also sale women belts.

9. Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton

It is a luxurious belt brand with good collection of variety belts. Their most popular designs are Damier and Monogram patterns. The buckle of this belt comes in different designs of the stylish LV Logo. They aren’t long lasting and there is no guarantee for the products. Price starts from an affordable Rs.900. They sell belt for women too.

8. Woodland

Woodland belts

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Woodland is a branded range of belts available in India. They are popular for their pure leather products. The name Woodland or a tree is the logo of this brand.They may exchange the defective product within 14 days of purchase but provides no warranty for belts. The price range is between Rs.800 and Rs2000. Woodland products are durable and affordable to common man.

7. Fossil


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Fossil is a good brand of belt with good quality. The Fossil’s Joe Belt is made of 100% leather. Available in various sizes but there are conditions that must be cared for the belt to last longer. The belt should not get wet or it shouldn’t get hot in the sun. Because all these can bring damage and shorten the period of durability. They sell belts with other materials too like a combination of leather and some other materials, elastic, polyurethane, etc. They give a 1 year warranty for the belt with applied terms and conditions. Fossil also sell stylish ladies belts too. The price for Fossil belts varies from Rs.1500 to something near Rs.7000. They also trade in women belts with floral designs.

6. Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt

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Hermes is popular for its big H logo buckle and is a company that is spreading it’s branches to bags and garments . It is available in great varieties and designs. Hermes also use crocodile and snakeskin for their high quality leather.They also sell belts for women. It is long lasting and they give a warranty cover for one year on certain conditions. Price starts from Rs.20000.

5. Armani


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Armani is an Italian brand belt popular for it’s luxurious and stylish look. It is available in different types of leather with an eagle symbol on the buckle. The price for this brand starts at Rs.20000. It is quite durable and provides a warranty of two years. It is popular all around Europe and have their markets in other countries too. They have stylish belts for women too.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction

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It is a renowned and acknowledged brand of belt. The material is durable and of high quality. It has simple and variety in designs. It comes in size that is apt for everyone. It is a  trusted and reliable brand. No guarantee for products and not long lasting. The rate is between the range of Rs.2000 to around Rs.14,000. They trade in women belts too.

3. Gucci


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The Gucci is the best choice of designer belts. It comes with a stainless steel double G logo as buckle.The symbol G represents Gucci. It has other items like shoes, bags, etc and the G symbol unifies it. Gucci belts are durable and costly. The price for Gucci starts at Rs.60,000. This is the most luxurious belt among the belts mentioned here and not often affordable for a common man.

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

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It is a renowned and acknowledged brand worldwide. CK is famous for the durability and quality of its products. Simple, elegant design makes it suitable for wearing with any type of dress. The price range for CK belts is between Rs.1000 and Rs.10,000. The product is quite durable. They provide simple and elegant belts for ladies too.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

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Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best and most bought belts by adults for its simple trendy style. It is made up of Cowhide leather,  Buffalo split leather and cotton. This makes the belt durable and long lasting without any issues. Tommy Hilfiger trade in women belts also.They provide a warranty of 1 year The price range is between Rs.800 to Rs. 5000 which starts at an affordable price for the common man. The affordable rate and quality keep this brand number 1.

Belts are an essential requirement. And if that requirement goes to brand that keeps anyone’s standard one step higher. There are branded belts available at an affordable rate even for the common man. So get branded and get noticed.