Top 10 Best Mineral Water Bottled Brands in India

Water is one the most important basic requirements of human beings on earth.Due to the increasing health consciousness amongest the people as well as the scarcity of water in maximum regions of India has led to the growth in the industry of mineral water industry in our country. As per a recent study, there are more than 200 mineral bottled brands India and approximately 80% of them are native brands. The manufacturing of the bottled water has to turn out to be a cottage industry job these days in the country.

The maximum number of cities and in fact small towns has bottled water producers in India. The below is the list of top ten best mineral water bottled brands in India that are consumed by the people in larger numbers:

10. Ovvio

Ovvio Mineral Water

Ovvio is a top quality mineral water brand which offers clean packed water. It is prepared with the help of new hi-tech technology by following the 6 steps of the cleansing treating system.  It comes in the packing of 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter as well as 2 liters.

9. Bluefin

Bluefin Water bottle

Bluefina is a company located in the North Eastern region of Tripura .The source of water of this mineral water brand is inside a bamboo forest. The taste of the water is also very enhancing.

8. Qua


Qua is a product of the Narang Group which is also a rising beverage industry. The source of the Qua’s water is the deep wells. The main focus of this company is to provide best along with the beautiful designs of the bottles. The taste of the water is also very good. The price of 1 liter of this brand is Rs 45

7. Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus

This is the 1stnutrient water of India that was introduced by the NourishCo along with a joint project among Pepsi Co and Tata Global Beverages Limited. It also possesses the regular taste of water together with the benefits of minerals and nutrients.  The brown tag over the water bottle is the representation of the Indian custom that insights the people in India utilized copper bowls for water storageowing to its health assistances. The price of Tata Water Plus mineral water is Rs 20 per liter.

6. Kingfisher


This mineral water brand is being contrived below the restrictions laid by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)and also as per the United Breweries Ltd. Kingfisher grasps proficiency in offering the packaged mineral water that is highly accepted for its safety and purity for consuming. The 1-liter bottle of Kingfisher packaged water is available at Rs20 in India.

5. Bailley


The next name in the list is of Bailley mineral water brand which isa bottled drinking water, existing in the market from the year 1993 by the Parle Agro. Bailley is widely known as a source of the non-toxic drinking water. It is packed and contrived in high-tech bottling plants in India. The slogan of the company is to provide overall full satisfaction to the customers. The price of 1 liter of Bailley mineral water is Rs 18.

4. Himalayan


The motto of this brand is torede fine the mineral water class in India. Himalayan mineral water is comprised of the wellness of essential organic natural resources. The water of this brand is unprocessed and untouched along with an exceptional flavor that is developed over 20 years of purification. The demand of this water brand is up-surging owing to its superior natural water as well as finest imagery.This premium brand is available at Rs 50 per liter in India.

3. Aquafina


This is a filtered mineral packaged water brand manufactured by the Pepsi Co. It also goes through the five steps of the filtration procedure including activated carbon filtration, sand filtration, reverse osmosis UV treatment, as well as ozonization procedure. The price of 1 liter Aquafina bottle is Rs 18 in India.

2. Kinley


Kinley mineral water offersa person the guarantee of safety from the world renowned company i.e. The Coca-Cola Company. This mineral water brand is made under the reverse –osmosis procedure together with the modern technology of cleansing that maintains the pureness of the product.The 1-liter bottle of Kinley is available at Rs 15 in India.

1. Bisleri


The top name in the list of top ten best mineral water bottled brands in India is Bisleri. This is the famous brand which has discovered the notion of mineral water and currently subsists in every single domestic requirement. Owing to the top quality water which it offers, Bisleri has become the major brand of the mineral water in India. Every single drop of the Bisleri water goes through laborious six step distillation procedure in order to give clean as well as germ-free water to the people. The rate of the 1-liter bottle of Bisleri is Rs 20.



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