Top 10 Best Men’s Wallet Brands in India

Wallet is one of the important accessories of man. It is not only important to keep money and cards safe or at a place but it also adds the style to your personality. As a man does not have many accessories to put on so they generally don’t avoid keeping the wallet. While purchasing one we consider different things like what is the design, which type of material is used, how many cards it can hold and is it slim or trendy with or without zip.

These are some of the common things that come to our mind purchasing a wallet. Considering in mind all these requirements, I come here to present you top 10 best wallet brands for men in India.

10. Laurels


This brand of the wallet is a slim model of wallet made with claim premium Pu-leather with the very gentle look. The wallet comes with secret pockets and memory card slot which can be seen as a very different feature added to this wallet brand. Taking the price range on which it is sold seems quite worth to buy as quality has been maintained along with the low price.

9. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

This brand is possessed under the division of one of the leading Indian brand of men’s attire which is Aditya Birla Group. This brand was fused in 1989 and it is now one of the largest brand selling wallets in India. It comes with a very good quality leather which is precisely arranged to make the best fit compartment to keep the money.

8. Titan


We can’t deny the fact that Titan is one of biggest brand manufacturing and selling low to high-end wrist watches. Apart from that, this brand also outshines other products and wallet is one of them. To keep the brand image protected it has not considered in the quality of material which makes it a very durable product. Apart from that, it provides a very sleek design and clean build compartment.

7. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss

This brand is famous across the globe as well for the design and quality of wallets it provides. Besides quality, this brand has designed the wallet such a way that it can hold 7 cards and two separate compartments for cash. This is one of the extraordinary wallets you can get for you. The reviews on the e-commerce sites will definitely push you to get one to add class to your style.

6. Diesel


This is the division of the international brand denim which manufactures several accessories for the men like belts, wallets, shoes, sunglasses etc. It is highly preferred by the youths generally because of its design and unmatchable leather quality which makes its durable. Besides that, the compartments are arranged so systematically that its gives comfort fit in your pocket as well.

5. Urban Forest

If you like to be trendy with the style and product the choosing this brand of wallet should be one of your steps. This brand is highly known for its hand-crafted design and use of genuine leather giving it a very extraordinary look. And the prices are so reasonable that it seems very low for the quality and design it offers.

4. Woodland


When it comes to the perfection and quality in every aspect of the wallet this brand has got a prominent place. This brand is primarily known for its unmatchable quality shoes it provides since early 1950. It provides a classy model wallets starting from low-end to high-end prices. Besides that, it is available in various colors, design and features with a gentle feel in hand and pocket as well.

3. K London

Though this wallet is not that liberal with the feel but it seems to be avery cool designed wallet. The design of this brand is very different from other brands normally as it provides trip fold and sharp texture and design. Trip fold makes it quite comfortable to carry around. This brand also offers various colors with decent textures in the genuine leather.

2. American Tourister

American Tourister

This brand is primarily known for suitcases. Though this is owned by Samsonite the products are labeled with the name American Tourister only. Wallet is also one of the outputs of this brand which comes with aslim and sleek design which makes it very easy to carry in the pockets. The exclusively build feature in this brand wallet is that it is provided with closure zip which makes it safe than other.

1. Levi’s


If we need to choose most promising brand in terms of clothing, we have to take Levi’s as our prime choice. Since 1853, Levi’s (American Company) has been providing the best design, quality, and assurance in its product worldwide. Same can be seen in wallets as well as it provides sophisticated and remarkable designs and quality. This brand has consistently provided a high-quality wallet with varieties of design. The wallet is featured with dual compartments and multiple card holder along with a separate compartment for coins. It has also got the closure zip which makes it more secure. The Levi’s name labeled on the leather gives it a very premium look. Though the price is high in comparison to others, but you will feel great and worth your price after getting one for you.

So, the top ten picks of wallet brands in India were presented in front of you. You can best from them as per your budget and style comfort.

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