Top 10 Best Gas Stove Brands in India

When someone talks about the evolution of human life, what could be a better example than a timely up gradation from mud stoves to metal gas top stoves? Think about it, the mud stoves worked by directly burning the coal and its fumes are very dangerous for the one who breathes in it. So, I have figured that it is only safe to say that gas stoves are a needful and very smart human invention of all times.  Now-a-days there are many options for cooking, but the gas stoves are quite exceptional and due to this its popularity is go on increasing. Every woman likes this stove as it has minimum risk of its use. Another advantage of using gas stove is it long lasting. Gas stoves are light in weight and made from light metal, so they are mostly durable.

Types of Gas Stoves and Their Buying Guide

But unlike your beliefs, gas stoves of the modern day come in various forms, shapes, sizes, and types. Did you about the various types of gas stoves? If not then read on to learn the same.

A Standing Pilot Gas Stove – The Standing Pilot is a type of burner where the flame is constantly burning beneath the stove. The continuous burning flame obviously causes excess energy consumption. Besides this fact, it should be important information that this was the first ever constructed gas burner.

Electrically Ignited Gas Stove – When we mention electricity, it should be an instant reminder that we are talking about our modern technological advancement. This gas is ignited by an electric spark. The gas burner is also controlled with a knob that regulates the flame on high and low.

Sealed Burner Gas Stove – This is a rather non-conventional gas stove where the cook top is fused with the burner. The drawback of using this gas stove is that it does not get as hot as the two mentioned above.

Induction Gas Stove – If you are not yet in the twenty-first-century mindset, then you will be after knowing about the induction gas stove. This gas stove is portable and is electrically operated.

Buying guide for a gas stove – I can only think of how easy a woman’s life can be if she has all the best equipment in her kitchen? Her daily hustle and bustle will be greatly eased out if her kitchen appliances are appropriate. The topmost priority goes to a perfect gas stove which plays the most important part in cooking. Therefore, read the following buying guide to choose the best gas stove.

  • Know about all the types of gas stoves and choose the one which serves your family need.
  • Next option is to determine whether you want to use a built-in gas stove or a freestanding. You should choose this on the fact whether you live in a rented home where you will probably have to move in near future.
  • Next is to decide your stove size which is directly proportional to the family size.
  • Looks and its finish matters a lot in order to ensure that your gas stove looks good with your kitchen decor.
  • Lastly, look for the legitimate brands that are reputable in the market.

List of Top Gas Stove Brands in India

If you find best gas stoves of recent time, then this article is for you. You will come to know about 10 best gas stoves in India.

10. Pigeon Gas Stove

Pigeon Gas Stove
Pigeon Gas Stove

If you do not have much money to spend on Sunflame brand, then you may choose ‘Pigeon Gas Stove’. It is also a popular brand in Indian stove market. It is a high quality stove that is available in affordable prices. Two models are available in the market-1. 1 burner gas stove, 2. 5 burner gas stove.

9. Milton Gas Stove

Milton Gas Stove
Milton Gas Stove

This company is specialized in delivering high quality of gas stove. In every month this popular brand manufactures more than thirty thousand gas stoves to meet the growing demand from its customers. This stove is not fancy in model, but great in quality. This gas stove is from Milton Home Appliance group. Also check reviews on latest gas stove models available in India.

8. Suryaflame Gas Stove

Suryaflame Gas Stove
Suryaflame Gas Stove

This brand is mostly similar to Sunflame. This company also manufactures stylish, durable and high quality gas stove. Suryfalme concentrates its production only in gas stoves, so it never compromise on quality. If you go leading shop, you will find this sexy brand. Two models are available in the market-1. 1 burner gas stove, 2. 5 burners gas stove.

7. Prestige Gas Stove

Prestige Gas Stove
Prestige Gas Stove

Prestige is a popular name to all family, especially among the ladies for its pressure cookers. Like Prestige Pressure cookers, Prestige Gas Stoves also gathered huge appreciations from Indian customers. In fact Prestige Gas Stoves are extremely durable and efficient to gather attentions.

6. Usha Gas Stove

Usha Gas Stove
Usha Gas Stove

Usha is a popular brand name for quality home appliance. For gas product you may expect excellent quality and unbeatable variety. Two models are available in the market-1. 1 burner gas stove, 2. 5 burners gas stove.

5. Butterfly Gas Stove

Butterfly Gas Stove
Butterfly Gas Stove

Butterfly is a well-known and popular brand in the gas stove industry. Established in 1985, Butterfly has become a trusted name among consumers for its quality, durability, and innovative designs. The brand offers a wide range of gas stoves with different burner configurations to cater to various cooking needs.

One of the key features of Butterfly gas stoves is their sturdy construction. They are built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance. The brand uses high-quality materials and ensures meticulous craftsmanship in the manufacturing process, resulting in reliable and durable gas stoves.

4. FABER Gas Stove

FABER Gas Stove

Since 1935 Faber is delivering high quality gas stove in Indian market. It is known for its exceptional quality, advanced technology, and innovative designs. With a history spanning over six decades, Faber has established itself as a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances worldwide. Faber two models are available in the market-1. 1 burner high quality gas stove, 2. 5 burners high quality gas stove.

3. Bajaj Gas Stove

Bajaj Gas Stove
Bajaj Gas Stove

Just for high quality gas stove, Bajaj gas stove wins popularity and trust from Indian customers. Its models are available at competitive prices.

2. Glen Gas Stove

Glen Gas Stove
Glen Gas Stove

Within very short time Glen has achieved lots of appreciations for its quality, highly durable and stylish model gas stove. By using high-end technology Glen produces 1 burner high quality gas stove, 5 burners high quality gas stove.

1. Sunflame Gas Stove

Sunflame Gas Stove
Sunflame Gas Stove

If you ask someone which gas stove brand is the best in this time, his/her reply must be ‘Sunflame gas stove’. At present it is the best known brand gas stove in gas industry. As this brand emphasis more on quality, its price is bit higher than other stove brands. Your doubt will end when you buy this brand. Two models are available in the market-1. 1 burner gas stove, 2. 5 burners gas stove.

There are other models too in the market, but above mentioned products are the only products in the Indian market those achieve deep faith from Indians.

2-burner Vs. 3-burner Vs. 4-burner Gas stoves

Features 2-Burner Gas Stove 3-Burner Gas Stove 4-Burner Gas Stove
Number of Burners 2 3 4
Size Compact Moderate Larger
Cooking Space Limited Moderate Spacious
Versatility Limited More options Wide range of options
Simultaneous Cooking Limited Moderate More simultaneous cooking
Space Efficiency High Moderate Moderate
Cost Affordable Moderate Higher
Installation Easier Easier May require more space
Cooking Speed Slower Moderate Faster
Energy Efficiency High Moderate Moderate
Flexibility Limited Moderate More flexibility

Gas Stove Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are gas stoves safe to use?

Ans: Gas stoves can be safe to use when proper precautions are taken. It is important to ensure that the gas connections are secure and leak-free. Additionally, modern gas stoves often come equipped with safety features such as flame failure protection and automatic shut-off valves, which enhance safety.

Q. How do I clean a gas stove?

Ans: To clean a gas stove, start by removing the grates, burners, and other removable parts. Soak them in warm, soapy water and scrub away any grease or debris. Wipe down the stove’s surface with a mild cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure to dry all the parts thoroughly before reassembling.

Q. Can I use cast iron cookware on a gas stove?

Ans: Yes, cast iron cookware can be used on a gas stove. Cast iron is durable and can withstand high heat. It is important to ensure that the cookware is well-seasoned to prevent sticking and rusting.

Q. How often should I have my gas stove serviced?

Ans: It is recommended to have your gas stove serviced by a professional at least once a year. They can check for any gas leaks, inspect the burners, clean the components, and ensure the stove is operating safely and efficiently.

Q. Why does my gas stove make a clicking sound when I turn it on?

Ans: The clicking sound you hear when turning on a gas stove is the igniter sparking to ignite the gas. It is a normal part of the ignition process and helps to light the burners.

Q. Can I use propane on a natural gas stove?

Ans: Natural gas and propane have different pressure requirements, so it is not recommended to use propane on a natural gas stove without proper conversion. If you want to use propane, consult a professional to ensure the stove is safely converted for propane use.

Q. How do I light the pilot light on a gas stove?

Ans: Not all gas stoves have a pilot light, as many modern models use electronic ignition systems. However, if your stove does have a pilot light, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to light it properly. Usually, it involves turning the gas knob to the “pilot” position, pressing and holding the ignition button, and using a match or lighter to ignite the pilot flame.

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