The Best 4G Dongle For All Sim in India

Whether you’re on a holiday or a brief business trip, you’ll need to connect the devices to access the internet sooner or later.

Even though you are able to use the mobile phone as a modem, that isn’t always the practical method of connecting to the web as the batteries of the tablet or smartphone that is being utilized as a modem may drain very rapidly.

Plus, when the hotspot of a phone is active, it heats a lot which causes inconvenience. With the premium 4G dongle in India, one can take utmost advantage of fast Internet in places without accessing ADSL or other fiber-optic connections.

Installations of 4G dongles is not required, nor are there any time-consuming and difficult configuration steps required, i.e. with other Internet access devices. It will only take a few seconds to place your SIM card into the proper slot and begin browsing.

List of Best 4G Dongle in India

How to choose the Best 4G Dongle in India?

It may sound funny but the internet has become a basic necessity like air, water and food. Whenever you’re far from home or your device is not connected to WiFi, a Dongle come in handy. What can be better than that, from 2G internet speed to 4G speed dongle with best features and upgrade technology? But before choosing any best product, you have to consider the factors before buying. For buying a 4G Dongle, you need to consider technology, specifications, battery, frequency bands, connections, speed, etc. In this section, we are going to discuss all in brief:

  • Frequency bands

A 4G dongle can send Internet over two different frequency bands, which are 5 and 2.4 GHz. Dongles typically require a frequency of 2.4 GHz, which is referred to as a single band. But, there are some interference like signals can pass through. On the other hand, a dual-badged dongle enables the use of frequencies to be spread out according to the type of device connected.

  • Speed

We choose 4G dongles so that we can download our favourite movies and songs at full internet speed. If you don’t want to disappoint yourself, don’t forget to check the speed of the dongle. Check that your dongle offers a minimum 21Mbps connectivity speed without any interruption. You would check the speed information which is given in the product description section, or you can check the previous user’s reviews to know about the actual performance.

  • Technology

Technology varies from phone to phone. In simple words, each mobile phone relay on different technology in terms of speed navigation and coverage. Major technologies used in today’s mobiles include 4G, 4G+ and 3G. Using a 3G phone, you get a downloading speed of 7.2 Mbps while in 4G you can run the internet at a downloading speed of 21.6 Mbps. Lastly, 4G+ technology offers 150 Mbps speed. This means that the past few years have witnessed a major change in technologies and WiFi has also transformed itself as per the needs of the market.

  • Additional Features

You’ll need to look for additional features in your dongle, including a lock feature. These include detecting if the dongle is unlocked to make it easier to work with another network. In the case of travel, this feature plays an important role. Also, check if the dongle has built-in WiFi functionality as it enables you to use multiple devices simultaneously. Today, some models come with built-in call functions.

  • Connection

To connect multiple devices to the dongle, you need to have a WiFi dongle that provides multiple connections. Some modern options allow up to 10 device connectivity but some higher-end models also enable 15 to 15 instant connections.

  • Battery

A dongle is a useful tool that is also used during travel. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the battery details. All batteries provide 6 hours to 25 hours of service, which means that all batteries have different functionality. Also, it is important to check whether they are working while charging.

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