Top 10 Best Electric Tandoor Brands in India With Price

There are various dishes which one likes to have. But the one which is liked by most of the people is the dishes which are prepared in tandoor. To have this one goes out to restaurants as it was not possible to make them in our homes or it is very difficult to prepare as a lot of things are required to prepare the manual tandoor. But now with the electric tandoor it is very convenient to make the lovely dishes in tandoor at our homes at low prices.

There are different electric tandoors available in the market and some of the best ones are listed below :–

10. Hotline electric tandoor 

Hotline electric tandoor

The power consumption of the tandoor is around 2000 watt with weight of only 8kg. It comes with 1 year of the manufacturing warranty. It has the facility to set different temperatures with the indicator of light for various dishes which will help to cook various dishes with an ease. Due to this light indicator one can know that now the dish is ready and could be taken out. There is a non-stick coating on it which will help to take the food easily out and it does not get stick into it. The price of the tandoor starts from Rs 1500/-

9. Ajanta electric tandoor 

Ajanta alectric tandoor

This is one of the reliable electric tandoors in India with around 2000 watt and had the timer as well for preparing the dish. It comes with 1 year of warranty. It has highly toughened glass in it which is best for preparing the grilled and tandoori dishes in it. It has various accessories attached to it like the removable crumb tray and non stick plate. The look of the tandoor is awesome and also light weighted. It comes for price around Rs 2900/-.

8. Wellberg electric tandoor 

Wellberg electric tandoor

There is different ranges of tandoor in it and comes with different capacities from 11-15 liter to 21-25 liter. Similarly the power consumption of these also varies from 1000 W to 2000 W and comes with 2 years of the manufacturing warranty. During this cooking had become very easy and hygienic. One can do the oil free cooking in this. It has the toughened glass window in it which is heat resistant and help in preparing and cooking the food well. Its price range starts from Rs 1500/-.

7. Wonderchef electric tandoor 

Wonderchef electric tandoor

It comes with a very compact design which looks good in the kitchen. It consumes around 1600 W of power and only weights around 3 kg. It comes with 10 step thermostat which will help prepare different dishes with an ease. In this both the sides of the tandoor can be used for cooking and even can be used to reheat the dishes. Its price range starts from Rs 2800/-

6. Glen electric tandoor 

Glen electric tandoor

It has the elegant look with the stainless steel body along the matt finish on it. It consumes with different power supply starting from 1100 W with the 3 different settings of heat in it. While cooking the food one can see into it through the see through window on it. The food cooked in this does not lose the nutritional value of it. It has 1 year of the manufacturing warranty. Its price starts from Rs 3500/-

5. Osham electric tandoor 

Osham electric tandoor

It comes with the power consumption of around 2200 W and 1 year of manufacturing warranty with it. It has the capacity of around 5 liter. It can open around 180 degrees wide which makes it very convenient to clean. The steel used in this has a very low amount of carbon which makes it safe to use at high temperature. Its price range starts from Rs 2600/-.

4. Nova electric tandoor 

Nova electric tandoor

There are different model of tandoor available in it. Its power consumption starts from 1600 W and comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty. In this the heating element used is non magnetic. It has the feature of defrosting the food while not actually making it cook. It even reheats and makes the food warm again without doing the overcooking. Its price starts from around Rs 1500/-.

3. Nikitasha electric tandoor 

nikitasha electric tandoor

There are various models of the tandoor available in it. It’s starting range to consume the power of 1200 W. With a graceful design it also cooks from both the bottom and top. It has the indicator of power, and one can cook the food as per the temperature. Its price range starts from Rs 2000/-.

2. Sparquin electric tandoor 

sparquin electric tandoor

There are different types of tandoors available which one could choose as per the customer need. The power consumption of the tandoor starts from around 1500 W and give 1 year of manufacturing warranty with it. In one of the model, it can cook from inside as well as from the top of it. Its price range starts from Rs. 2600/-

1. Chefman electric grill and tandoor 

Chefman electric grill and tandoor

Different model of tandoor with different features are available and the power consumption starts from around 1500 W. It is certified for ISO 9001:2008 which proofs that it is shock proof. In this tandoor one can cook the food without oil. Its price range starts from  Rs. 2000/-.