Top 10 Best Earphones & Headphones Brands in India With Price

Most of the times in depressed mood or want to be alone mood we just plug-in our best songs and switch off the lights to calm our mood with the soothing and relaxing music. The cut-off with the world is important to introspect oneself and to refresh our mood to absorb more panic and frustrating things around us. The best way to treat depression and the irritating mood is to listen to calming music, it relaxes our nerves and works in the same manner as rebooting a computer and laptop system after the hang. The quality of earphones and headphones for the best music and bass quality in order relate best to the music is basic need; there are many top quality earphones and headphones brand available in India. The best quality available for the earphone and headphones are the quality of wire that will offer it durable life and bass quality of the Earphone, the list will rank these brands as per the review of customers on online portals and their affordable range of trendy options with best to offer to the customers.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Earphones and Headphones Brands in India.

10. Panasonic 


Panasonic’s name is not new for the digital and technology field freaks, the company offers leading products dealing in electrical appliances field as Smart LED TV’s, Smartphone and proud manufacturer of quality speakers and headphones. The earphones and headphones under Panasonic offer a great classic audio clarity, affordable range, and trendy looks option. The top rated models of Panasonic Headphones are RP-HX35E Ultra Light Stereo Headphones and RP-HS46E Slim Earhook and Headphones.

Price Range: Rs. 250-2000

9. Creative Headphones 

Creative Headphones

Creative has launched its product in the range of wide available price list and different color trendy options with sound and music clarity and noise absorb quality has demonstrated itself as the popular choice amongst the youth. There are series of top available options and top selling options under the tag Creative Headphones, the top available and popular models are ep-630blk, ep-600 and Hitz MA-350 headset.

Price Range: Rs. 500-3500

8. Denon 


The most vintage headphone option available in India for a couple of years is a well known global companies with its reach to more than 20 countries across World. IN recent years the popularity of company in the Indian market has boosted many folds, the brand is known to offer world class technology and range under the same bag. The headphone offers a combination of comfort and clarity with high-quality audio experience. The top available models to buy under Denon tag are Denon AH-D600 with Music Mania and the Denon AH-D5000 Reference Over-Ear Headphones.

Price Range: Rs. 300-1800

7. Sony 


Sony is a well-known name in the segment of electrical appliances ranges known to be the best selling products with the promise of deliverance and quality with Japanese technology. Sony has made its trademark and name amongst the different segment and the most prominent are televisions, PCs and Smartphone. Sony is known as World’s first company to launch portable music player that become famous as Walkman, till date the Walkman is known to be the best companion for morning walks and Gyming. The leading models as headphones for Sony are Sony MDR-450 and MDR-AS200.

Price Range: Rs. 300-4,500

6. Beyer Dynamics 

Beyer Dynamics

The German Company has entered the league of Headphones with remarkable placing and series of options make available for the music lovers to choose. In recent years the company has seen massive growth in its Asian Marketing, the engineering enhances the sound amplification and production of sound amplification and production of high-quality audio. The top rated models for Beyer are DTX 910, Beyer Dynamics T51P and much more.

Price Range: Rs. 500-1,500

5. Grado 


Grado is one of the outside the league performer in the range of Headphones with its unicolor option of black and designed for excellence open air design. The Headphones serves a soothing choice for music lovers as well as a great option for the gaming freaks. The top selling models for the brand are Grado Labs SR125i and Grado Prestige SR225e.

Price Range: Rs. 600-2300

4. Skullcandy 


Skullcandy emerged as the top choice for the music lovers in the recent years as the exclusive headphones and earphones company is a great name amongst the youth of India. The world-class earphones are known well for its trendy new color combinations and mic and non-mic series of headphones and earphones. Vibrant young color options and noise absorb quality leads a great success for Skullcandy in India’s market.

Price Range: Rs. 600-3,500

3. Ultrasone 


The German brand is a top choice for the music lovers across the globe and a great value to be invest money, professional DJ’s use the Ultrasone Headphones as the brand offers zero outside noise. The top rated models under the range are Edition 5 and Edition 10 series of headphones.

Price Range: Rs. 700-4,000

2. Bose 


Bose is no new name for the music lovers and gaming freaks, the immense sound quality and noise absorb quality rated it as the top available option in the list. Bose will surely serve a better option for the league of people wants a total cut out from the present world and want to enjoy the world experience.

Price Range: Rs. 1,500-6000

1. Sennheiser 


Another German Company in the league is the top-rated company in the field, the top rated quality of the earphone is one-year manufacturing warranty. The features offered are noise cancellation and minimization, clarity of voice and awesome quality undeniably set. The top rated model of the earphone is RS 110II and HD 800.

Price Range: Rs. 500-7000