Top 10 Best Deep Fat Fryers Brands in India With Price 2019

If you desire the crunchy deep fried food provided in dining places but do not want to pay the extreme prices, a deep fryer may be a smart investment. There’s a variety of deep fryers available based on your price range and food preparation requirements. Some fryers provide, particularly to various meats people, with a large food basket, and some are developed for common use. If you are shopping for a deep fryer, remember that specific functions, such as heat range control or automated oil depleting, can significantly increase the cost. These deep fryers take a position out with regards to value for the cost, a nice amount of functions, and an entire reliability.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Deep Fat Fryers in India with Price out of which you can select the best one as per your requirement:

10. SToK ST-AF01 2.6 Liter 1350-Watt Air Fryer

SToK ST-AF01 2.6 Liter 1350-Watt Air Fryer

The SToK air fryer is the best way to make your favorite meals like fryer, and burger. The SToK Air fryer’s areas are dishwasher-safe for simple washing. Involved are 1 recipe book with delicious and cake dishes which is totally free the Air fryer. It offers Air simple functions, user-friendly yet stylish air fryer. The Air Fryer has separate efforts and heat range control. You can modify the time (approximately 30 minutes) and heat range (from 180 to 500 degrees) independently.

Cost: Rs 4999

9. American Micronic 3.2 Liter Imported Air Fryer

American Micronic 3.2 Liter Imported Air Fryer

The Healthy and balanced Way to Fry, Prepare, grill, or Cook your Preferred Meals. The AMERICAN MICRONIC Airfryer does a lot just fry. Additionally, it may grill, roast, and even cook your food. • Make everything from delightful desserts to delightful fried chicken with the Airfryer. The AMERICAN MICRONIC Airfryer can make it possible to experience more healthy editions of the best foods by cooking them with a tbsp s or less of oil and depleting unwanted weight during cooking.

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Cost: Rs 5820

8. SKYLINE GA-009 3.0 Liter Deep Fryer

SKYLINE GA-009 3.0 Liter Deep Fryer

Vulnerable to periodic splatters. Exterior and base get very hot. Does not have an indication light.The deep fryer creates it possible to appreciate much healthier editions of the best meals by meal preparation them with a tbsp. or less of oil and depleting unwanted fat during meal preparation. Food becomes crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside of the small to no oil.

Cost: Rs 2750

7. Life long Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer

Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer

The Airyfryer uses air flow warming and a top grill for cooking the components from every side simultaneously. The Lifelong Airfryer has an automatic shut-off timer for approximately 30 minutes, liberating you from continuous guidance.

Cost: 4250

6. Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

Deal with simple carrying. Heat range and timer dials. 4 liter Cooking Basket. Warranty: 12 months on the product. Power: 1600 watts; Working Voltage: 230-240 volts. Contains: Recipe book and Oxy Fryer. Price is less and capacity is more for Kenstar item.

Cost: Rs 5640

5. Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer

Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer

This very beneficial deep fryer from INALSA comes completely from irresistible functions & energy packed efficiency. It offers 1300 W power ranking. The capacity of this strong fryer is 2L Oil & 800 g of food potential. It has an engrossed heater. The temperature allows establishing different temperature for different cooking needs. It is very lightweight & may be used for deep frying perfectly on your table. Warranty: 3 years on the item.

Cost: Rs 2865

4. Havells Air Fryer

Havells Air Fryer

With the exclusive Fast air technology, Havells Air Fryer allows you to fry, prepare, toasted bread, cook, grill and reheat the food with hot air creating it up to 95 percent less greasy over conventional deep cooking. Taking the snack food crunchy, it preserves the perfect stability between flavor and health. Therefore, love your snack food, shame free.

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Cost: Rs 8890

3. Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Incorporates extremely improved air technological innovation for consistent cooking by distributing extremely heat around a grill element.The Pigeon Super air fryer is best suitable for Indian. Its lightweight and unique style allows it fit into even the tiniest areas of your kitchen. The Capability of the air fryer is 3.2l. Pigeon Super air fryer includes auto closed off as a safety function. Takes a power of 1600W. It has a 3 year guarantee by the company.

Cost: Rs 4900

2. Prestige PAF 2.0 1400-Watt Air Fryer

Prestige PAF 2.0 1400-Watt Air Fryer

The stylish design of Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer is certain to improve elegance of the kitchen. Prestige PAF 2.0 1400 Air Fryer offers you with a healthier solution to enjoy meals that are strong fried. It offers you the similar result as deep fryers, by cooking your components thoroughly. The highly effective air submission technological innovation uses little-to-no oil to cook. Quick and risk-free, Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer cooks consistently and locks in organic juices.

Cost: Rs 5479

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology (Black)

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology (Black)

Timer with prepared indication and automatic shutoff. Cord storage space keeps the kitchen area nice and tidy. Dishwasher-secure parts for simple cleaning.Adjustable heat range control for the ideal result.Rapid air technology fries the most delicious food with no oil. Recipe brochure full of motivating dishes and techniques and tips

Cost: Rs 8895

So here is the list of the best Air fryer brands available in the market andcan help you in staying fit and healthy while eating your delicious snacks too.

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