Top 10 Best Steam & Dry Iron Brands in India

Looking presentable while making a way out of the home generally increases your confidence as per the psychological saying, the right way to manage wardrobe is the basic need to look more presentable and professional. Advancement in science leads the common men to not being reliant on others for your daily needs, washing machines and Electric based Irons stands as the biggest revolutionizing discovery to ease down the efforts for the finest neat and tidy clothes.

In recent time the complaint about not so regularized ironing of cotton clothes at home is being served as the new series of Iron comes with the steam function that helps to manage cotton clothes in the finest shape. Iron has become the new partner of every household in India as the electric based appliance is efficient for daily Ironing needs; it also let you live disciplined life with the ability to manage your clothes your way. The articles contain the best available Iron brands in India, seeing India a better market opportunity new global companies are making way to attract India’s crowd. The listing and ranking of these Irons are based on their durability and affordable range as well as modern functions enabled in these irons.

10. Singer Iron 

Singer Iron

Singer is one of the leading Iron option available in India, the fine series of Iron launched by the company in India’s market contains options as Dry, Steam and Travel Irons. All the irons offered by Singer are linked with heat regulating, durable body and sleek design. The Iron with the steam facility is installed with easy filling and emptying feature and light indicators. The online sites of Singer Irons have the price range amongst INR 900-1400.

9. Inalsa Iron 

Inalsa Iron

Inalsa is leading global manufacturer of Iron that comes with great technology as safe for clothes, the non-sticky coating over the aluminum base helps the user to Iron delicate clothes with no risk of damaging. The Iron comes with steam, self-cleaning and spray feature that demonstrates the best Ironing of the clothes. The Iron with Inalsa tag is marked with ISI stamp and offer a minimum one year warranty.

Price Range: Rs. 400-700

8. Russell Hobbs Iron 

Russell Hobbs Iron

The general range of Iron comes with Russell Hobbs name are easy to be transported with you, these irons install special back body that can hold its wire and doesn’t cause any damage to the chord. The choice of Iron under the brand offers many features as dual voltage control, fine spray, foldable handle and automatic steam setting. The body designs of these Irons are combinations of different colors and compact designing with lightweight.

Price Range: Rs. 1,900 onwards

7. Crompton Greaves Iron 

Crompton Greaves Iron

Crompton is the leading home-based appliances option available in India, the leading company is the best option if you want series of features as better grip, lightweight, and light indicator. For a more basic model, you can opt for Crompton Greaves ED Plus dry Irons. The best feature of the irons is extended two years warranty and swivel power cord that ensures no wear and tear, the Iron under Crompton Greaves tag offers 750Watt power. The range of the Iron under the segment starts with the price range of INR 493 and is available at leading online shopping portals as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

6. Maharaja Iron 

Maharaja Iron

Maharaja is the leading name in the Home Appliances market under the electric based segment of products, most of the Iron in the range are offered with the basic facility as power light indicator and adjustable heating meter for different types clothes. The upgraded models of Iron are available with features as powerful crease removal, Nonsticky coating, and fancy looks.

Price Range: Rs. 399 Onwards

5. Orpat Iron 

Orpat Iron

The best available model of Orpat Irons in the market is Orpat OEI 187 dry Iron as it serves for the basic features as variable temperature controls with the option to select the mode for different fabrics. The 180-degree swivel cords help the user to conveniently stretch it to some extent for fine Ironing and the lightweight ensures easy transportation of the Iron. The Iron range of the Orpat has the starting range of INR 410 available at different online shopping portals.

4. Usha Iron 

Usha Iron

Usha Iron is the leading Indian Iron brand in the market as the Dry models of the Iron have high demand in the market. The Usha Iron is available as different color options and also its sleek design and size helps the user to transport it to different places. The Iron has a shockproof body and offers choice to regulate temperature as per need, the functions ensure safety of user as well as the fabrics of clothes.

Price Range: Rs. 569 Onwards

3. Bajaj Iron 

Bajaj Iron

Bajaj Irons are highly recommended by the daily users as the affordable price range and easy to use method leads the positioning of Bajaj Irons at the third spot in the list. The nonstick soleplate offers clothes security and prevents accidental damages.

Price Range: Rs. 625 Onwards

2. Morphy Richards Iron 

Morphy Richards Iron

Morphy Richards offers best of technology products equipped with an affordable price range and modern designing. The non-stick soleplate prevents any damage to delicate and expensive clothes and the heat regulating dial helps to control temperature and leads convenient ironing.

Price Range: Rs. 499-999

1. Philips Iron 

Philips Iron

Philips is the leading and most popular brand that offers best of Japanese technology combined with an affordable price range and vast choice available. There are several variants available to buy as Steam Iron, Dry Iron etc.

Price Range: Rs. 1000-2000