Top 10 Best Selling Almirah Brands in India

The Almirah is a portable closet generally used for storing clothes but it also used for storing other items. The Almirah is traced back to the 17th century in America and at that time it was imported to England because the English woodland was over harvested or reserved for the navy. The Almirah like any other thing has gone through many evolutions since it has been invented. The modern Almirah differs in one aspect from the historical one for its triple partitioning. It consists of two linear compartments on either side with shelves as well the middle space with hanging pegs and the drawers.

The concept of drawers in the almirah was invented very recently compared to the invention of the Almirah. They prevail with us for the most of the time. It helps us to arrange our things in a properly disciplined way and keep our things away from the prying eyes. Most importantly it protects our things from dust. People also use Almirah as their safety locker by keeping the costly things like jewels, money, etc in it. They are not only made of wood, they are also made up of metals.

The wooden Almirah are usually carved in the front and sometimes it is plain to cater to the needs of various customers. The craftsman ship in the wooden almirah is one of the most important characteristics in determining the price of the Almirah. The metal Almirah is usually painted. The metal almirah is cheaper when compared to the wooden almirah. The wooden Almirah are usually made up of several trees namely oak, walnut, mahogany, satinwood, rosewood, etc. The contemporary Almirah have different types. For example there are single door almirah and double door almirah. The furniture companies manufacture almirah in every design and type imaginable to satisfy the needs of almost everyone.

List of Top Almirah Brands in India

The top 10 Best Quality Almirah Brands in India with Price are listed below:

10. Dynasty Almirah

It is one of the oldest furniture companies. It was established in 1995 and had been in the market for many decades now. The headquarters of the dynasty furniture is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It had gained popularity and trust over a period of time. They have branches all over in India. The Almirah of this company is known for its quality, durability, easy handling and low cost. It costs Rs.2509.

9. Hulsta Almirah

Hulsta is a German brand furniture and has made an entrance in the Indian market recently. It serves the purpose of the home and office among the others. It is noted for its quality and world class design.  It has great aesthetics. It is becoming popular and established many branches in India. Its price Rs. 7800.

8. IKEA Almirah

IKEA is a Swedish home furnishing company that was found in 1943. Ikea follows democratic design. It aims to give chance for the people with little means to have good and functional furnishing. It is popular for its affordability among all classes of people. It is present in India for almost 28 years. It has many branches in India. It costs Rs. 10531.

7. EVOK Almirah

It costs Rs.7340. It is an Indian furniture company established in 1962 in Gurgaon, New Delhi.  Their vision is to be the first choice partner to customers aspiring for value and style.  They provide home decor and furnishings. They provide high quality almirah to withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

6. Wipro almirah

We have known Wipro Company for their in endeavour in IT field. They entered in the furniture market in the year 1945 even before the independence. Hence they have more experience. People buy by trusting the brand name. It is an international company. They are highly spoken for their utility value. It costs Rs. 13570.

5. Damro Almirah

It was established in the year 1986 and functions with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamilnadu.  It caters to the need of the customers who belong to both home and office segments. They are known for their quality and durability. It is located in almost all parts of India. It has achieved rapid growth and success and has more than 65 showrooms in India. It costs Rs.5600.

4. Durain Almirah

It was established in 1985 and has become one of the leading furniture brands in India. They have grown exponentially.  They are known for giving best interior decor solution. They help you assemble the furniture free of cost. It costs RS. 7830.

3. Zuari Almirah

It was established recently and has rapid growth in a short period of time. It is a world class furniture company with beautiful craftsmanship. It has over 450 retail networks all around India. It is considered to be best in terms of design and quality. It cost Rs. 7800.

2. USHA Lexus Almirah

It was established in 1983. They are owned by Shriram group enterprises. It ingrained its name in this industry among many other furniture companies and has maintained its place among the top furniture companies.  It provides diverse range of modern and traditional Almirah. It gives you high quality products at affordable price. It costs Rs. 3560.

1. Godrej Interio Almirah

Godrej Interio Almirah

The Godrej brand was established in the year 1879. They are one of the pioneers in this wood furniture industry. It is sold for its brand name since they are known for their quality among people. They provide contemporary, elegant and well designed and also long lasting furniture. They give excellent customer service. It costs Rs. 7930.

Comparison Between Wooden Almirah Vs iron

Category Wooden Almirah Iron Almirah
Durability Less durable and prone to scratches, dents and warping if not properly maintained. More durable, resistant to scratches and dents.
Maintenance Requires regular maintenance such as polishing, varnishing or painting to prevent damage from humidity or pests. Requires less maintenance, but may rust if not protected from moisture.
Aesthetics Often considered more aesthetically pleasing and can add warmth and character to a room. More industrial and utilitarian in appearance.
Weight Generally heavier than iron almirahs, making them more difficult to move. Lighter in weight, making them easier to move.
Cost Wooden almirahs can be more expensive than iron almirahs due to the cost of materials and craftsmanship. Iron almirahs are generally less expensive than wooden almirahs.
Environmental Impact Wooden almirahs can have a negative environmental impact if the wood is not sourced sustainably. Iron almirahs can have a negative environmental impact due to the energy-intensive manufacturing process and potential for rust to release pollutants.

How To Choose The Good Quality Almirah?

While going through some of the amazing Almirah options from our list, you might have wondered that how we picked these options? Well, we made a list of important aspects and found products which comply with the important factors. If you want to make an informed decision as we did, you can look for these things –

  1. Material

It doesn’t matter which material you choose, always keep in mind that you go with durable material. Indian market is flooded with metal body almirahs but they are getting out of trend. They are bulky, looks less impressive, but quite durable. Whereas if you look for wooden almirahs, they are significantly better and provides excellent usability. Getting a wooden made almirah is better but you still have a variety to choose from.

  1. Size and Space

Based on the dimensions of the almirah, you can know about the volume. If the almirah size is 7 feet high, 7 feet wide, and offer 3 feet depth then you can multiply all numbers to know the volume. But, it is always better to look for almirah in person and checking if it fulfils your daily needs or not.

  1. Color and Design

The brown colour is widely popular for almirah in India and most manufacturers started using a dual-tone finish to give a mesmerizing look. You can find patterns and other geometrical design on this almirah. The only way to figure out the best colour is by looking after your room’s colour scheme. Always go with subtle and soothing colour so that the almirah look amazing instead of being too unique due to the colour choice.

  1. Portability

Whether you want to move the almirah every month or in years, buying portable furniture is the better option. Wooden almirahs are heavy but some manufacturers are using lightweight cardboard to come up with study but lightweight designs. If you want to get an almirah that will be in the same place for years and you won’t be moving it much, then you can consider going with a water-proof wooden made almirah which can provide excellent usability.

  1. Locker

Almirah manufacturer started adding a small safe vault that is sturdy and hard to crack. If you usually keep important document, money and other stuff at home but don’t want anyone to have easy access, then the locker is an excellent add on to look after. You might have to pay slightly extra bucks for getting a locker and other safety features but having a small locker is better than having nothing.

  1. Additional Accessories

Some funky options might grab your attention. Almirah with a mirror was popular between 2010 to 2015 year. Most almirah manufacturers offered this simple but useful add-on and it is still available. If you want dressing table furniture in the add-on then you can also consider such features. In simple words, you can get extra traits by paying slightly a few bucks.


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