Top 10 Best Agriculture Companies in India

Agriculture is considered as one of the most contributing sector in Indian economy. As per recent research and studies, the agriculture sector provides more than 50 percent of employment. Furthermore, this sector contributes a good percentage to the GDP, as much as 18%. Also, it contributes about 13% towards the country’s total exports.

The key products cultivated in Indian agricultural sector include rice, wheat, cotton, potatoes, jute, oil seeds, tea, and sugarcane. Well, in past few years, the agricultural sector has shown a good growth rate as compared t what was a few decades ago. This development in the sector is surely for some good. It has not only provided employment but also given rise to some numerous companies that provide agricultural products.

List of Best Agricultural Companies in India – Top 10

The agricultural companies in India work to provide best quality raw material, like seeds, pesticides, and insecticides, to the agricultural sector to enhance the quality of production. Here is a list of top 10 agricultural companies in India ranking from bottom to top.

10. Raasi Seeds

Raasi Seeds

As indicated by the name, Raasi Seeds is an agricultural company engaged in production of agricultural seeds. The company was established in 1973. The main production of the company includes seeds for maize, pearl millets and cotton, sunflower, rice, and wheat. Recently, the company is gaining high popularity for their popular vegetable seed production business under the brand name of Hyveg after showing remarkable performance in BT cotton production.

As a matter of fact, this company is popular for being one of the best biotech companies around India. Also, it has pocketed numerous awards for providing best quality seeds along with expertise in farming.

9. Godrej Agrovet Limited

Godrej Agrovet Limited

The Godrej Agrovet Limited came up as a subsidiary of the Godrej group. This company was established in 1990. It is engaged in dealership of agro-based products. This company is considered as one of the leading amongst topmost agricultural companies around the country. It is engaged in production of bird and animal feeds, agro chemicals, palm oil production, and poultry-based products.

8. National Agro Industry

National Agro Industry

The National Agro Industry deals in manufacture as well as export of shellers, planters, and seed drillers along with other products required in the agricultural industry. As a matter of fact, this agricultural company deals in production f seed-cum-fertilizers since 1970. Their production provides wide ranging machineries like fluted rollers assembly, rotator, roto till seed drill, maize sheller, and more similar products essential in the industry.

7. Poabs Organic Estates

Poabs Organic Estates

Poabs Organic Estates is another popular name in the agricultural industry. Based in Kerala, this company is engaged in manufacture and production of intercrops of pepper, cardamom, vanilla, and organic tea and coffee. Above all, the plantation farm owned by the company is amongst the largest perennial multi-crop organic farms around the world.

6. Monsanto India

Monsanto India

The prime business of this company revolves mainly around production of seeds and pesticides. Monsanto India was established in 1901 as the Indian subsidiary of the American agricultural giant, in Missouri, USA. With headquarters in Mumbai, this company is considered among one of the most renowned and top Indian agricultural companies.

5. Advanta India Limited

Advanta India Limited

Advanta India Ltd is one of the few Indian Multinational Seed Companies that have shown remarkable performance in various countries only through the quality of seeds produced. Additionally, the company is also involved in investing for research and development activities around the industry. This company’s product range vitiates cotton, vegetables, corn, mustard seeds, sunflower, and rice.

4. Lemken India Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Lemken India Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd

With headquarters set up in Nagpur, Lemken India Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd was established in 2010. It is one of the highly renowned manufacturers if machinery required for agricultural activities like sowing, soil cultivation, and plant protection. The company’s business is spread around 45 different countries of the world. Furthermore, the company is also a renowned and leading producer of cultivator, plough, and Power Harrow along with other agricultural equipments.

3. Nuziveedu Seeds Limited

 Nuziveedu Seeds Limited

As the name reflects, Nuziveedu Seeds Limited is a renowned name for agricultural seeds. More specifically, this company is one of the largest producers of BT cotton seed around the country. The company provides wide ranging variety of seeds, like vegetable, sorghum, cotton, mustard, paddy, maize, pearl millet, and sunflower.

2. Rallis India Limited

Rallis India Limited

Rallis India is known not only for marketing but also for production of agricultural stuff including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Besides, this company has also gained a remarkable position in the agro-chemical industry. The company products are classified into 5 main categories, viz. seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, seed treatment chemicals, and household products.

1. DuPont India

 DuPont India

This company is believed to be one of the oldest agricultural companies existing in India. It was established in 1802 and is currently operating in ninety countries with corporate head office located in Gurgaon, Haryana. DuPont India is a dealer of various agricultural products, like pesticides, seeds, and insecticides. These products help in crop protection for numerous crops including wheat, rice, sugarcane pulses, lentils, soybean, and vegetables. Additionally, this company is considered to be the best for providing additional services for animal healthcare.

Wrapping up, these renowned and tops agricultural companies around the country not only contribute towards development of agricultural sector but also contribute a major portion in the Indian economy. Besides, these companies also provide wide ranging employment opportunities to population in rural areas.