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Sakshi Khanna is the son of the famous film star and the legendary actor Vinod Khanna. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sakshi is the step-brother of the famous actors Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna. He is the son of Kavita, who is Vinod Khanna’s second wife whom he married in the year 1990. He is reportedly to be cast in the film Dhadkan 2. Earlier the rumors were about casting Shraddha Kapoor, and Sooraj Pancholi. But Sakshi, has already given the test auditions and he will be casted as one of the two actors. The film will be Sakshi’s debut film as an actor.

Sakshi Khanna

Net Worth

The net worth of Sakshi is unknown.

Income Source

Sakshi’s main source of income comes from acting and modeling.

Real Name: Sakshi Khanna

Date Of Birth: 12th May 1991

Age: 27 Years


The details of Sakshi’s height and weight are unknown.

Marital Status

Sakshi is currently unmarried and he is also not dating anyone.

Personal Background

Sakshi Khanna is a talented actor and he is the son of the famous film Actor and veteran actor Vinod Khanna. He is the brother of the famous Actors Rahul Kahnna and Akshaye Khanna.  Being the son of the famous actor, Sakshi has received all the perks of being in the industry. He knows very well about all the nuances of the film industry. He is a superb actor and is also very hard-working. He has learned the art of films and acting from his father who was a superstar at his age and time. He was a charmer and he won the hearts of all the females by his good looks. Sakshi is a hard-working chap and he is all set to make his debut as an actor. Sakshi is the son of Kavita and Vinod Khanna, whom he married in the year 1990 and who is his second wife.

Everyone was aware of Vinod Khanna’s two sons, but little did they know about Sakhsi and Shraddha Khanna, who are his children as well.


Sakshi Khanna is an Indian Film actor who is all ready to make his debut as an actor. He is the son of the famous and the legendary actor Vinod Khanna. Sakshi Khanna will soon appear in the movie and it is said that Sanjay Leela Bhansali will be producing it and the famous casting director Mukesh Chabra will be directing it. Mukesh has been doing casting for many years and he knows the people and everyone in the films industry. He always wanted to be the director and he has learnt the art of direction by staying around the well-known directors and actors.

When asked, Mukesh did not really say much about the project, but he was sure of casting and launching Sakshi Khanna. Sakshi is a newbie in the business and he will surely prove his worth and his acting skills that he must have inherited from his father.

Properties and Cars

The details about Sakshi’s cars and properties is unknown.

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