Top 10 Qualities of a Good Manager

“Employees follow the manager and not the company” is a common saying. Well, it’s 100% true. Good managers are role models and the backbone of an industry. They are the ones to have maximum contact and control over the employees and they alone are responsible for everything happening within the employee fraction.

Good managers are the greatest asset of any industry and they all share the same concept, most of the people assume the role of a manager is just to manage the employee and their functions. But, managers have the responsibility to do more than that, good managers need to create a working environment for the employee and help the employee with their issues.

  • Good communication skill
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Motivating with positive feedback
  • Resourceful and an expert in the specific segment
  • Supports the employee at hardships
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Creates an environment for cross-level collaboration
  • Has excellent decision-making skills
  • Well organized
  • Takes an up hand in mediating with calmness and productivity

These are some of the best common qualities that a good manager possesses. PS: he/she would possess most of these qualities and they always try a bit to enhance these qualities to perfection.

1. Good communication skill

A good manager is a communication expert; he/she can talk to the employee and express their ideas and concepts easily within minimum time. A good manager always has a frequent and effective communication with the employees through multiple channels like email, phone, in-person, and other channels. A strong and good communication helps to keep both managers and employees well-updated and to create a strong sense of trust.

2. Transparency and honesty

No employee appreciates being kept in the dark; they always want details to be updated. A good manager always talks frankly to the employee, provides them with all the basic information they are supposed to know. He/she always keeps the employee updated on what is happening in the company even if it is not directly related to them. This helps to make employees feel like they are an integral part of the company and the company values their support and cooperation.

3. Motivating with positive feedback

Positive feedback is something related to good communication. A good manager always ensures the fact that his employees are provided with the feedbacks frequently. He/she also ensures that they focus on the positive feedback rather than blaming them with the negative feedbacks. A good manager is he/she who can present both the negative and positive feedback in such a way that it motivates the employee to work harder and more efficiently.

4. Resourceful and an expert in the specific segment

Being a good leader does not only mean managing and cultivating a working environment. He/she also need to have the best knowledge of everything in his/her field. A good manager is an authority of the company and should have excellent knowledge about every functioning of the company.

5. Supports the employee at hardships

Every company would have an employee issues, a good manager should be able to help his/her employee overcome the issues that are related to work. He/she should be clear about their expectation from the employee and fulfill their request for technology and time they request for. A good manager makes his/her employee feel like they are on the same side and takes an up hand to make things easier for them.

6. Promotes teamwork

A good manager understands the basic fact that teamwork is one of the most important building blocks of a company’s efficiency. The more team spirit the employees have, the more efficient and effective the company would be. Team spirit can be cultivated in a workplace by providing them get-to-know each other time. He/she can coordinate small office celebrations that can help involving more employees.

7. Creates an environment for cross-level collaboration

Most of the companies have different teams working on the same project and they might be working in silos where they have no understanding of what is happening with their project as a whole. A good manager takes initiation to coordinate these teams to communicate with each other so that each of the team members and the team is well-updated which can help in overall development of team spirit and this, in turn, can increase efficiency.

8. Has excellent decision-making skills

Decision-making skills are important for a good leader and a good manager. It plays an important role in personal as well as professional life. A good manager can take countless right decisions that can help in defining the project track.

9. Well organized

A good organization is a key factor for creating an effective work environment. A well-organized environment can enhance problem-solving skills and can help to create a bigger picture of the whole work; this can also help to prioritize tasks and responsibilities. A good manager is always well-organized and wants every system in his authority to be organized.

10. Takes an up hand in mediating with calmness and productivity

A good manager is someone who can handle any situation and take an up hand to compromise any issue between people. Most of the good managers spend a quality time in conflict resolution and mediating. He/she understands the fact that no reasonable output can be produced if the employee has a standing conflict between each fraction. A good manager never neglects the employee’s emotions. He/she should be able to stay calm and talk to resolve the conflict. He/she should be confident enough to listen, question, and provide suggestion to help the employee overcome the conflict.

Most of the qualities listed above are not only required to be a good manager but, also helps a lot in personal life. Decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills are very vital for happy personal life. Some of these skills can be cultivated with time and people should try a bit to cultivate them, it can help them at different levels of life. Hope this article helped you

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