Top 11 Best Bathroom Fittings Brands in India

There was a time, when people were least concerned about customizing or adding elegance to the bathroom interiors, however, times have changed. Today, the majority of the people want their bathrooms to be modern and well arranged. They are ready to spend money on customizing their bathroom interiors. As the demand for more elegant and attractive bathroom fittings grew, numerous brands started flooding the market with sanitary wares that boast unique and elegant designs.

The India market for modern bathroom fittings grew to such a height that international brands started targeting the Indian markets and later introduced their models.

Things to Consider While selecting bathroom fittings for Your Home

Smart showers – To build the interactive environment system, smart showers are important nowadays. It helps in maintaining the perfect water temperature. Smart showers can be linked to the mobile app, which let you know the amount of water used.

Digital electronic faucets – Digital electronic faucets come with an inbuilt sensor which can help detects and control the temperature. In addition, you need to look for the touch screen displays and Led lights. There are tons of different faucets available out there, choose the best one of your choice.

Water conservation sinks- unlike the decade-old water sink, eco-friendly water conservations sinks are far better. You should consider eco-friendly sink, which can collect water and filter it. A good sink comes with Nano filter, which can even filter small sized leftover food.

Touch screen taps – Whether it is controlling temperature or managing the amount of water to be used, touch screen taps are essential. Touch screen taps come with different flavors that add charm to your hi-tech bathroom gadget.

Florescent plumbing Fixtures – Florescent plumbing features are essential these days as it gives out fluorescent light to guide you and let you know the path when its dark.

Virtual reality showers – Virtual reality showers are much more essential as compared to the traditional showers. Well, virtual reality showers can transform your bathroom into a professional result. Add a touch of professions with luxurious and lavish showers around you.

Today, it is a very challenging task for a common person to choose from the wide range of products from numerous brands, however here is the list of top 10 brands with the best bathroom fittings in the Indian market.

11. Eros

Eros is one of the best brands that manufacture bathroom fittings in India. This brand enhances the elegance of your bathroom with their unique set of fittings that comes with an impeccable design and look. Majority of the products from this manufacturer has a unique design and the manufacturer has numerous products on the market, therefore, allowing the customers choose from a wide array of products. Basins, Wall hung basin, closets, platform basins are some of the best products from the Eros.


10. Somany

Somany is one of the best bathroom fitting manufacturer and brand in India. This brand has a wide range of products that can transform a boring bathroom into an elegant and attractive bathroom. Most of the products from this manufacturer make the bathroom like classic and some make it look really ultra-modern. This manufacturer is also well-known to incorporate latest technologies into their products, therefore, by making them look modern. Cistern, water closets, seat covers, health faucet, vanity basins, and cabinet basin is few of the best products from this manufacturer.


9. Johnson bathrooms

This bathroom fitting manufacturer is one of the best in class brand in India. This brand focuses on providing an international appeal to your traditional bathrooms and washrooms. Products with exclusive design and pattern are one of the most notable features of this brand. This manufacturer always focuses on manufacturing germ-free and technologically advanced sanitary wares and accessories.  The manufacturer Johnson bathroom also provides an app that lets the user buy products online and avail services and assistance 24*7. Multi-functional bathtubs, wash basins, water closets, rain shower, and shower enclosures are some of the best products from this manufacturer.


8. Roca

Roca is one of the best bathroom fitting manufacturing brands in India right now. This brand always concentrates on introducing new models with unique designs. Roca was the brand that introduced the concept of toilets without a cistern and the others followed. The products from this manufacturer have always set a demand in the market; Roca was the first brand that introduced water closets that do not require separate cisterns.  Health faucet, wash basin, toilets, shower trays, and showers are some of the best products from this brand.


7. Neycer

Neycer is a Tamil Nadu based company that has always maintained its position in the list of best bathroom fitting manufacturer in India. This company was founded in 1980 and has been growing ever since. This brand is known to offer customers premium quality products that can transform the traditional bathroom into a modern bathroom. Wall hung wash basin, table-top wash basin, electronic closets, and floor mounted EWC’s are some of the best products from this manufacturer.


6. Cera

Cera is one of the best bathroom fitting manufacturer brands in India right now. This manufacturer has every product that can transform a traditional bathroom into an ultra-modern bathroom. One of the notable features of this brand is that it adds new features like latest technology and techniques to their products. Most of the products from this brand come with a European design and with a 15-year warranty. Rain shower, health faucets, hand shower, and bathroom accessories.



“Aquant is fairly young brand which was launched in 2007. It has extensive dealer network spread across all major cities of India. This brand has won numerous awards such as the prestigious Red Dot design, Design pre is Duetsch land & Red Star for their innovative designs. The company has a large collection of premium sanitary ware, and an extensive collection of natural stone basins. They offer sanitary ware in offbeat materials like Onyx, Concrete, Wood, etc.  Aquant also offers large range of showers with various flows, body-jets, waterfall-shower and more. The company takes pride in offering only the best quality products, which they back up with up to 10 years warranty and an excellent after sales service.”


4. Kohler

Kohler is one of the best bathroom fitting manufacturing brands available in India. This company was founded in 1883 and has grown ever since. This brand has a reputation for making the best bathroom fittings with impeccable feature and design. This brand alone holds almost 13,000 patents. One of the notable features of this brand is that they basically focus on customer satisfaction and quality of their products. Kohler has always maintained a consistency in quality and at the same time to improve their sales.


3. Roca Parryware

Roca Parryware is also simply known as Parryware; this is one of the top brands that provide bathroom fittings in India. This brand is one of the oldest sanitary ware manufacturers that concentrate on maintaining quality and exquisite design and pattern. One of most notable and best product from this manufacturer is its anti-microbial seat incorporated electronic water closet and this concept and product were first introduced by Roca Parryware. Parryware also boasts the availability of its products in rural as well as urban areas of our nation.


2. Jaguar

Jaguar is the second best bathroom fitting manufacturing brands in India right now. This brand has a reputation for manufacturing products with impeccable design and latest technologies. Jaguar has always focussed on updating their wide range of products with the latest techniques and technologies. Few of the notable products from this manufacturer are cordless remote controlled rain shower, body jets, and accessories. This brand also offers customizable showers and accessories.


1. Hindware


This brand offers the largest collection of bathroom fittings with unmatched quality and design. Hindware is the best bathroom fitting manufacturing brand in India right now. This brand product does have an Italian style and can improve the looks of your bathroom. Majority of the customers who have enjoyed the services from this brand and its products have reviewed this brand to have completely fulfilled their requirements and provided them a soothing experience. Health faucets, wash basins, water closets, showers, urinals, cisterns, bathtubs, and accessories are some of the best products from this manufacturer.


All the above-mentioned products were listed on the basis of general customer reviews and number of sales. Most of the details mentioned under each brand were collected from the brand’s official websites and other 3rd party websites. Hope this article helped you

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