Top 10 Most Industrialized Countries in the World

Industry and its growth is what make the world what it is today. In fact, a growth of a country is directly proportional to the growth of its nationwide industry. This brings us to an important category that is, the top 10 most industrialized countries. Looking at these countries and the facts behind them will make you think that how far we have come from rubbing the stones together to make fire and now we built aircrafts and spaceships. Industry is the only future of the world, and it will forever be the driving force of mankind.

List of Top Industrialized Countries

Someone said it right- Invention is the reason for survival.

10. South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

While many would imagine South Korea as a factory that produces only nuclear weapons and missiles, it is not the entire fact. If you go back to look at the history of South Korea, you will be amazed to look at how speedy recovery South Korea has made from its rather abrupt and unfortunate past. South Korea was once a devastated country that withered away in the continuous state of civil war. It hasn’t been long enough since South Korea began on its path of getting better. In just four decades South Korea is one of the greatest powers in the world. Thanks to its industry that brought it up all the way to the top of the world.

9. Australia

Southern Cross Station in Australia

It is most obvious for a large country as Australia to contribute more land space to building industry and that is exactly what Australia has done. It is safe to say that a controlled population and abundance of available land space were the two secret weapons behind the Australian industries. These two acted and does to this day as a catalyst which only took the industrialization in Australia ahead of its time. Industrialization has made Australia one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Speaking of which, the rise in education and services in Australia has made the industrialization in Australia even better than it ever was.

8. Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Being the second largest country in the world, it is only obvious for Canada to have an impressive state of industrialization going on in their country. The two factors apart from having massive land space, which has brought a rise of industrialization in Canada, are the abundance of natural resources and diverse citizenship. Even though Canada is greatly underrated, its cities are most citizen-friendly, equipped and efficient cities of the world. Another important fact about the economic and industrialization growth about Canada is that it has an extensively favorable foreign immigration program. The exports in Canada know no limits for the manufacture everything and anything.

7. Russia

Butyrka Prison, Moscow, Russia

Russia was earlier known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) which later dissolved into separate states in 1991. Even though Russia has been split, it still holds 70% of its original resources and maximum territory. This has been a great resource for the rise of technology and industry in Russia. Russia today is one of the most extensive and sought after export marketplaces in the world. The Russian government, for one, has been very encouraging about the growth of industrialization in Russia.

6. Italy

Milan, Italy

Unlike other countries in the list mentioned above, Italy is not as huge and big but a small but prosperous county. Italy is home to one of the world’s most prominent industries in the world. Not just prominent, but also large as in terms of area and large-scale production. Speaking of the Italian Industry, one can never forget to mention the fact that Italy produces world’s most luxurious cars that is a dream for every person on this earth to have. Coming to the next area of Italian expertise is the fashion which has most probably colored the world in most artsy and trendy clothes. However, the industry hasn’t been as flourishing as ever over the past few years. The growth has been stagnant or negative if I may, but we hope that Italy makes up for the loss and begins its industry.

5. France

Paris, France

One can never speak enough about the versatility of France, at least, I can’t. It is one of the most beautiful, prosperous, richest, healthiest and industrially equipped countries of the world. If anything, then France should be renamed as a luxury for that is what France manufactures and builds. Along with being a prominent technologically industrialized country, France is also a home to another genre of productions, such as media, fashion, beauty, and luxury.

4. The United Kingdom

Tower Bridge - London, United Kingdom

When speaking about the industry, it is hard not to mention the United Kingdom which is actually the place of origin of the Industrial Revolution in the world. Industry in the United Kingdom is home to pretty much everything we see around today. It is safe to say that all that we see today is a result of something which began in the United Kingdom once back in the time. Although it is a small nation in Europe, the United Kingdom has been the driving force of our world from centuries ago.

3. Germany

Berlin Hauptbahnhof in Germany

Germany is one of the largest economies in the world and it is the largest economy in the entire European continent. If you once decide to talk about the industry in Germany, one might never be able to stop because Germany speaks about perfection and humongous productions. World’s best-racing cars and most of the air craft’s and built here in Germany. Germany is the mega exporter of world and brands that are legitimately known all around the world.

2. Japan

Tokyo, Japan

We have been missing much of Asia’s contribution in the list that includes top most industrialized countries in the world. Well, here in Japan on the second spot. It even left world’s largest country China behind in the race if industrialization. The only reason behind a legitimate industry and its growth in Japan is the extra efficient workforce available in Japan. According to a survey, the Japanese are most service oriented and workaholic citizens in the world. Thanks to them that Japan is a power and defines the future of us.

1. United States of America

Most Industrialized Countries

How can there be a list of the top industrialized countries of the world without the USA in it? All the countries in the world are in direct or indirect trade with the United States for the byproducts of its massive industries. Not just this, the indispensable involvement of the USA in the world affairs has been of great help in flourishing the industry of the United States.

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