Top 10 Largest Steel Producing Countries in the World 

Back in the age when Steel had just been discovered, it instantly took over maximum usage of iron and its applications. The prime reason was that steel is rust proof. This is not the only reason why we use steel until this day, the excessive durability, malleability, and flexibility which is added to steel is far greater than iron. Although, it was a hectic procedure to produce steel until the discovery of Bessemer process. After the Bessemer process was discovered, there has been no stopping ever since and steel is the prime most component of world’s largest buildings and longest bridges.

The global industry of steel and its production is massive as compared to any other alloy in this world. The marvels of steel are not unknown to the world. Unlike past where the life of any iron made buildings and bridges were not defined, the steel made buildings are much stronger and has a longer life. Steel and its production are still limited to a few nations in the world. However, it does not mean that others do not produce; the only difference is the matter of quantity.

Steel takes a huge amount of manpower, as well as, technology to be manufactured which is why the production varies from one country to another.

Read on to discover the top 10 maximum steel producing countries in the world.

Steel Producing Countries

1. China

China is a leading producer for a lot of things in the world, out of which, it stands on number one in steel production. The recent year’s steel production in China has exceeded all of its own records. The recent year’s production was recorded to be a staggering number of 900 million metric tons. China exports a total of 100 million metric tons every year which is a great contribution to its economy and revenue. It is expected that China has experienced a growth of 364% in past decade. Hesteel and Baosteel Group are the two leading steel producers of China which have its market expanded across all the continents.

2. Japan

On the second number is World’s leading country, Japan. Although, its steel production has not been stagnant over the years yet it has managed to maintain its second position as leading steel producer with 104 million metric tons. The reason behind this massive fall in its production is the possible tax invasion, however, it is expected the nation will recover its loss in production soon enough with thoughtful measures. Out of its total production, Japan exports out 40% internationally to several European countries. Nippon & Sumitomo and JFE are the two major steel producing companies of Japan.

3. India

Taking over the third spot on our list, the Indian Sub-Continent has produced more than 100 million metric tons of steel in the recent year. India has notably increased its steel production by 19% in the last couple of years. It has succeeded in exporting 10 million metric ton of crude steel to global buyers which is a reason behind its great leap in its economy. Experts say that India will most expectedly see a leap of 150% growth rate in coming years. India majorly exports its steel to Nepal, Belgium, and Bangladesh. TATA Steel, SAIL, and JSW Steel Limited are the three major steel producing companies in India.

4. United States of America

It seems as though, America is unable to keep up with the massive loss in its steel production which happened in 2016. The cheap imports from developing Asian countries have resulted in shut down of major steel producers in America. After the massive leap in its growth, the United States of America is now dropped down to 76 million metric tons in a recent year. Even after the unfortunate drop in its steel production, USA is a global exporter to world’s 150 countries in total. Nucor and Arcelor Mittal are the two largest steel producing companies in USA.

5. Russia

With 70.8 million metric tons of annual production, Russia is a leading steel producer in the world. Along with being one of the ten steel producing countries of the world, it is also the third largest exporter with 31.1 million metric tons of export. It has efficiently increased its export by 22% since 2011. The countries of export include- Turkey, Taiwan, and Mexico. Novolipetsk Steel and Evraz Group are the two major steel manufacturing units in Russia.

6. South Korea

With the recent year’s production of 65 million metric tons, along with a few drops, South Korea has remained the world’s leading steel producers. South Korea is the fourth exporter of crude steel globally having China, USA, and Japan in its list of export countries. The Hyundai Steel and POSCO are two leading steel manufacturing companies.

7. Germany

The steel production graph of Germany hasn’t been stagnant in past couple of years; however, it is seventh largest crude steel manufacturer. It has recorded a production of 42.1 million metric tons of steel in a recent year. The German made crude steel is primarily used in making automotive, weaponry and space technology due to its high-grade strength. The Arcelor Mittal and Salzgitter are two major steel producing companies in Germany.

8. Turkey

This Mediterranean country has seen a brief rise in its steel production during last economic year. It currently stands at 33.2 million metric tons of production which are expected to rise in coming years. The export of steel has considerably increased by 2% since 2015. The steel produced in Turkey is exported to USA, Egypt and the Middle East. Erdemir Group and Icdas are the two major steel producing companies in Turkey.

9. Brazil

Due to recent year’s economic crisis, Brazil has suffered a great loss in its steel manufacturing quantity. However, it has yet managed to make it to the list of top 10 steel producing countries with 30.2 million metric tons. Due to a sharp decline in global steel export, Brazil has suffered a decline of 2% export. However, experts suggest the current lagging situation of Brazil is not expected to get any better in coming years, or decade. The Gerdau and ArcelorMittal are two major steel producing companies in Brazil.

10. Ukraine

Ukraine tends to be another victim of declined steel production. With 24.2 million metric tons of production, Ukraine stands on the tenth spot. Out of its total production, Ukraine exports 18.2 million metric tons. Its largest exporting countries include- Italy, Egypt, and Turkey.

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