How To Write An Application To Bank Manager For New Passbook

Bank Passbooks helps you in maintaining the record of transactions if you are not tech savvy then the passbook would also help you in checking the details of the transactions for your account. In addition to this, the passbook can also be used as an address proof while you are applying for LPG Connection, phone Connection or other such things.

If you have exhausted your passbook and if you are here to check out the application procedure to get the new passbook because there is no space left then we have good news for you. The good news is that you do not have to write the application because the bank will issue the passbook to you without any questions.

However, if you have misplaced your bank’s passbook and if you need to get the new passbook then you surely need to write the application for the bank manager so as to get the reissued passbook. Apart from this, you must note that a new passbook involves certain charges and you would have to pay the charges in order to get the passbook for yourself.

Below is the sample of the application that you need to write in order to get the passbook for your account and it should be noted that the passbook will only be issued once you submit the application. Simply replace the text in bold with your details in the application below so as to write your own application.


The Branch Manager

ABC Bank,
Andheri East,

25 Feb 2021


Subject: Issue of Passbook for Account Number 999111223999229

I Abhay Sharma with account number 999111223999229 in your bank would like to request you to issue me a new passbook for my account since I misplaced my passbook. Also, I request you to kindly update the entries the passbook from 01/01/2019 on wards.

Account Number – 999111223999229
Date Range – 01/01/2019 on wards
Reason –
Misplaced the Passbook

Request you to please issue me the new passbook with above-mentioned entries and I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You

Yours truly

Abhay Sharma
(Contact Number)


This was the sample letter that you need to write to the bank manager for getting the new passbook. Ensure that you replace the text in bold and you can submit a hand written copy or you can even submit the printed copy of the application. The passbook will be issued to you immediately after you submit the application to the manager. You can also use the application if you damaged your passbook or for any other reason because of which you are not able to use the passbook. Just mention the reason in short and there is no need to write down long explanation here.

For any other information, you can reach out to the banking officials or you can even call the phone banking service. They will provide you with the accurate information that you might need.

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