How to Use an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop is constantly gaining popularity even among general population as they are safe, efficient, portable and affordable. How these induction cooktop work is another interesting aspect. They have a ceramic plate and an electromagnetic coil underneath it. When we turn on the induction cooktop, electric current passes through the coil which in turn generates a rapidly alternating magnetic field. When you place an induction cookware on the cooktop, the magnetic field induces smaller electric currents in the cookware’s metal which heats up the cookware. This heat gets transferred to the food in the cookware.

There are different modes and features that are available with most of the induction cooktop.

Safety: There are special features that are available with induction cooktop like automatic pan detection, child lock, overheating protection and high & low voltage detection. These safety features are very useful and they might differ with different models that are available in today’s market. If you want to find more details check the model’s manual which gives further explanation.

Preset Mode: Some of the induction cooktops come with varied preset modes which are very useful. With this mode, you do not need to manually increase or decrease the temperature to set the heat zone. For instance, you might have an option to heat milk. The cooktop automatically selects a temperature that suits the purpose of heating milk. Some also have preset modes for boiling water/simmer the water/just warm water. This is a great feature that can be used in induction cooktop to cook with perfect temperatures without even manually setting it.

Manual Mode: You will have two buttons to operate in manual mode. The increase and decrease buttons to manually increase or decrease the temperature. This mode is beneficial as you can flexibly select your level of temperature for a particular recipe which gives you best outcomes. For instance, you can increase the initial temperature of a recipe and later reduce it to your desired temperature for slow cooking.

Timer mode: Most of the induction cooktops these days have another mode which is timer mode. If suppose you have a recipe for which you know the time it takes to cook, then you can set the timer to the average time taken for the recipe. However, make sure to review your model manual about the maximum time that it can be kept switched on. As some of them stop to work after some time automatically.

Sleep Mode: Another great mode that can be used is the sleep mode. If you set a time, once it reaches the time it goes to sleep mode. This is quite useful when you wish to do some other work in between cooking and could not stay near cooktop.

Steps to use induction cooktop

Once you purchase an induction cooktop you can use it immediately with ease. Compared to gas stovetop, it is very easy to use an induction cooktop. It is assembled in a single pack. After opening the pack, make sure the glass/ceramic surface of the induction cooktop doesn’t have any scratches or cracks. Read the user’s manual completely to use the induction cookware with ease and comfort. You will need to verify the voltage requirements mentioned on the model’s pack and ensure that your electrical outlet matches this requirement. If you do not follow the voltage requirements, you may experience overloading and tripping of circuit breaker. Let us see the steps that you need to follow when you use the induction cooktop.

  • The cooktop needs to be placed on a flat, non-metallic and stable surface. The cooktop should have 3-5 inch of gap all around it. This will not cause any blockages to the air vents.
  • Plug the induction cookware’s power cord into the electrical socket once you choose your convenient place for it in the kitchen.
  • The bottom of the cookware should be wiped. Place the ingredients to be cooked in the cookware and place the cookware on the cooktop heating zone based on its size and shape. You can place a lid on top of the cookware to avoid any spilling.
  • Determine the particular heating zone required by the recipe. There can be one, two, three, four or five heating zones based on the model.
  • While placing the cookware on the heating zone, follow the ring that is given on the surface to ensure to keep it in the middle of the heating zone. For avoiding any scratches or thumps possible on the glass surface, do not drag your cookware on the cooktop. Make sure to always lift & place or lift & remove the cookware for durability of the cooktop.
  • As the induction cooktop works with magnetic field, it is advised to always keep things that are affected by this field like TV, radio, credit card, digital thermometer away from the cooktop. Also, patients who are on cardiac pacemakers and other equipment which are sensitive to magnetic field must consult their physician before using an induction cooktop.
  • Once everything is ready, turn the cooktop on by pressing the on/off indicator on the cooktop.
  • Set your required temperatures by pressing the indicators provided by the induction cooktop. Also, if required set the timer for the recipe.
  • Once your recipe is completed, carefully remove the cookware from the surface and turn the induction cooktop off.
  • Once the unit is off, the fan stops running. Once it stops, unplug the induction cooktop.
  • If you wish to clean the cooktop, it is advised to wait for few minutes once it is turned off.

The cookware you use with these induction cooktop is also important. These need to contain the iron or magnetic material and should be induction friendly. Some of the examples of material that you can use are cast iron or stainless steel. Glass, Aluminium cookware are not supported by induction cooktop.

Final Word

Now that you have seen how to use an induction cooktop properly, you can follow these steps while you use your new induction cooktop safely.