9 Top Hotels In The Nainital City

Nainital is the city of lakes which is the main reason it is very much popular among the tourists across the globe. There are hundreds of hotels around the city what is the very basic thing to be taken into consideration at the time of booking the hotel is the comfort which the tourists need. The hotels in Nainital come with multiple advantages and facilities for the people in the form of good services and good hospitality. Such hotels in Nainital city always provide a perfect view of the lake and mountains from the windows of the room. Following are some of the top hotels in the Nainital city:

 -The Manu Maharani: This is a five-star hotel in Nainital and it very well overlooks the fantastic valley of Nainital and the Nainital Lake. It includes local cultural evening along with barbeque on request. The rooms of this particular hotel give a very eye-catching view of the lake and the beautiful city of Nainital. The hotel also has mouth-watering food and the best part is their hospitality provided by this particular hotel. It is situated at the Grassmere estate in Nainital. Whenever anyone is planning to stay in the city then they must consider this particular hotel option because of the best facilities provided by it.

 -The Naini retreat: This is another beautiful hotel located on the hills people feel very much natural as well as peaceful. The hotel has a very good collection of flowers and plants and it is also covered with a lot of green tea. There are several kinds of rooms provided by this particular hotel for example duplex rooms, superior rooms and several other options depending upon the requirements of the tourists. It is located in the Ayerpetta slopes in Nainital.

 -Sherwani hilltop: This particular hotel is very near to the lake of Nainital and comes with verybeautiful scenery of the mountains. Whenever people want to plan a visit to the city of Nainital, it is a great and a perfect option to be considered in case they want to spend their holidays in peace. This particular hotel also reduces several kinds of amusement activities for the people and staying here is a very good option because the food provided by this particular hotel is very delicious as well as tasty. It is located on Mallital hilltop in Nainital.

 -Arif castles: This particular hotel takes only a few minutes to reach from the market and the Mall Road of Nainital. The best part of this particular hotel is that the hotel provides various kinds of complimentary facilities for example pick up and drop out to the Mall Road of Nainital and the car parking is also issued to every guest of this hotel. In case any of the individuals want to have a very rich experience of comfort, hospitality and luxury then they must go with the option of booking the room in this particular hotel so that all the advantages can be easy. It is located near the Jahangirabad Palace in Nainital.

 -Vikram vintage inn: Vikram hotel is one of the greatest possible hotels in Nainital because it comes with great facilities and hospitality for the guests. It also provides pick up and drop off facility to the Mall Road of Nainital and this particular hotel is very few kilometres away from the Nainital city. One of the great advantages of this particular hotel is that it is fully equipped with all kinds of the modern facilities and is located near the High Court of Nainital.

 -Crosswinds: This particular hotel has all the latest amenities with a wonderful location which is the main reason it is very well-preferred by all the tourists who visit Nainital. It is very well designed with the best possible interiors and provides the best possible value for the money invested here. It comes with a very quiet gateway in nature‘s paradise and it is considered to be a great family holiday destination. Hence, whenever any of the individuals want to connect with nature in the best possible manner then this is the perfect option for all of them.

 -Solitude by the riverside: This particular hotel is a great place to live away from the hustle and of the city life. It is located near the Kalsa river banks of Nainital. This is a very charming place which is surrounded by lush greenery across and it also has the sound of the river in the background. The food provided here is very good and the best feature of this particular hotel is that they prepare everything from the organic products which they themselves grow in their property. The rooms of this particular hotel are very nice and the best possible feature of this hotel is that they have heating mattresses which are highly appreciated by the guests especially in the winter season.

 -Silverdene inn: This particular hotel is covered by impressive hills with the Deodar trees. All the people living here can have the best possible view of nature in proper regard to the conveniences which they will enjoy throughout their city. It also comes with a luxury food accommodation option along with great decor and super deluxe rooms. This particular hotel is very much comfortable and is there on the Governor House Road and is only 1 km away from the lake of Nainital.

 -Chevron Fairhaven: This particular hotel is located at a very good height and people can easily expect a very beautiful view from the rooms. This hotel is situated at approximately 8-10 minutes’ walk from the main Mall Road of Nainital. This hotel is a great blend of heritage with the modern facilities which is the main reason all the guests love this particular hotel. It is located position to the head post office in Nainital.

 Hence, whenever any of the individuals wants to book the hotel in Nainital there are several kinds of online platforms which they can go with so that they can avail the best possible deals very easily and can make sure that this day will be worth the money invested in the trip.

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