How To Use A Sanitary Pad? The Right Way

A good percentage of women believe that sanitary pads are the most reliable companion during their menstrual days. But many of us must have experience of leakage of the pads. However, you should remember that it will never leak if anyone put the sanitary pad by following the instructions. You also need to check the pads as and when required. It is another thing you should remember. Sanitary pads are absorbent pads that absorb blood discharges. You will require a sanitary pad monthly. These pads are to be put inside the panty so that it gets attached to it.

The best way of using a sanitary pad:

how to use sanitary pad

In this part, you will learn about the exact way to use a sanitary pad. It is pretty easy to use a sanitary pad. You need to follow some easy and quick steps while using the pads. It will be better.

  • You need to pull the back cover of the pad while placing it on your panty. If you do not remove the back cover, it may be misplaced, to face leakage issues.
  • In the next step, you have to remove the paper wings. Now wrap the wings on both the sides of the panty and press it firmly.

While you are using a sanitary pad, you must know the exact technique of disposing of it. It is another step that you need to follow while using a sanitary pad.

  • After removing the pad from the panty, you need to roll the pad into a small form. You will also get a printed paper at the back of the pad.
  • Then you need to stick the paper on the pad. Instead you have to wrap the pad with the printed paper. Lastly, you have to throw the pad on the dustbin.

While using a sanitary pad, you must have a clear conception of the right time to change it. It is the essential factor and part of using a sanitary pad. For your convenience, you can change it after few hours. It is always better to stay aware and free.

Check this video for demo:

Other information about the sanitary pads:

You might know that using sanitary pads for an extended period is not good because it can cause various infections. The bloodstains are wrong, and can cause multiple diseases on the vagina. It is better to avoid putting the pads for long 4 to 5 hours. If you are traveling to someplace, you must change it whenever possible. This will help to stay active and unrestricted. It is much stressful for a young girl who has just experienced her menstrual cycle.

For them, it is okay if the pads are changed after two to three hours. Prolonged usage of sanitary pads can make them feel uncomfortable. However, never compromise on the quality of the pads. Always use the branded ones when it is for your health. It will give you the best service as long as you are using it. It will be good for your health.

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