What is the punishment for acid attack in India?

You must have come across many acid attack cases that take place regularly. It is a brutal act that needs immediate steps. The increasing rate of acid attacks in India has thrilled the whole nation. Every year many girls come under this attack. At last, they have to either spend a different life or develop a mental health condition. Acid attack is counted among the severe violence against women. These types of attacks are exceptionally horrifying because, at the end, the victim becomes permanently disabled. It also brings physical agony to the victim.

Acid attacks and its consequence:

acid attack

The Indian law should make stringent laws against such an attack. This gruesome attack comes under sections 326 A and 326 B of the Indian Penal Code. Section 326 A of the Indian Penal Code states that if anyone causes permanent or partial damage or deformity to any part of the human body by using any means he will be imprisoned for ten years and subjected to fine. The period may be extended if the competent court so desires.

On the other hand, Section 326 B of the Indian Penal Code states that if anyone throws or has the intention of throwing acid on any person for causing permanent or temporary damage will be subjected to seven years of imprisonment. It may be coupled with a good amount of fine.  Even after these punishments, there has been no decrease in the case of acid attacks. It is increasing day by day. This is why it urged before the honorable court to make the laws much more stringent. This will threaten the attackers from making the attacks. Several petitions have been made for this to the concerned authorities.

A complete overview on acid attacks:

An acid attack is also termed as a violent attack. It not only disfigures your face but can make you mentally ill. This may bring immense impact to anyone’s life.  This offence is also a gender-based. For many, it is an attack to reflect the masculine power. A report has revealed the fact that the leading cause of the acid attack is a rejection of marriages. It can amount to 78%. This is a significant percentage. In many cases, the male ego plays a crucial role, and it forces one to take such an attempt. One should always think before committing such a heinous act.

The main intention of the acid attackers is not to kill the person but to make her physically disable or deform her look. The life of an acid victim changes drastically. It becomes hell to survive in such a world. In the present time, an acid attack is one of the most convenient tools in the hands of the attackers to destroy a life. There is an urgent need for strict legal rules against this attack. It is also recommended to limit the sale of acid in shops. This can prevent the attack to some attack. But above-all the society should also help the victim to come out of this tricky situation.

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