How to Activate UAN Without Registered Mobile Number?

EPFO is the Employee Provident Fund Organization, and it helps the employee plan their retirement and other major expense. A certain portion of the employee’s salary is contributed to the provident fund account. In addition, the employer contributes an equal amount for the same. Earlier, all these services were available offline, and it was a hassle to use any PF-related services. A few years back, the department launched an online portal.

With the help of the online portal, it became straightforward for people to manage their provident funds. They were able to check their passbook and balance, and you can even take up transactions using this portal. The new portal allows you to transfer or withdraw the PF as well. With all these services available to you, it becomes important to activate your UAN. This is the first step of being able to avail of any service.

How to Activate UAN Without Registered Mobile Number

So, we get a lot of queries from the people who try to activate their UAN without a registered mobile number. On this page today, we will share all the information about the Activation of UAN without a registered mobile number. Scroll down and check out the information below.x

Steps to Active UAN Without Registered Mobile Number

Today, we will share the detailed steps of activating the UAN without the mobile number. In addition, we will also share the steps to register your mobile number. So, let us move ahead and check out the process now.

  • It is technically not possible to activate your UAN without a mobile number. However, if you would still want to do it, you will have to contact your employer to get it done. In addition to this, we always recommend registering your mobile number to stay updated with your account information.

Registering the Mobile Number

The easy way to activate your UAT is to register your mobile number first. In the steps below, we will tell you how to register your mobile number with the UAN.

  • To start the registration process, please visit the EPFO website homepage. The link to the website is
  • In the next step, click on the Activate UAN button. It is present on the right side of the page.
  • A new screen will be displayed where you would need to enter the UAN Number, Aadhaar Number, Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number. Once you validate the information, click on Get Authorization Pin.
  • An OTP will be triggered on your mobile number. Please enter the OTP, and your mobile number will be linked to the UAN. In addition, your UAN will also be activated immediately.

Final Verdict

This was the way to activate your UAN. If you need to change your mobile number, you can log in to your profile and click on the contact details. You can then click on the Manage button, and you will see an option to Change your Mobile Number. Just follow the flow, and the mobile number can be updated. Having your mobile number linked to UAN can help you get many services in the comfort of your home.

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