Top 10 Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India

Which is the best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India? Let me help you to choose best quality Washing Machine!

Home appliances hold their own value and are vital to our daily living. They have become a basic part of our life and supports how we live and balance our rituals. It’s a reason why many put forth, home appliance as the biggest liberator in the whole world.

Washing machines are one of those quintessential home appliances that have marked their presence in our life in the best way as possible. However, there still stood a time when washing machines were thought of as an item of luxury. Not today, washing machines these days have been able to grace the homes of many.

We here thought of profiling the same as for our entry and would be seeking the best bits from them. Rather than generalizing the washing machines into one single cordon we looked deep into the fully automatic segments and listed out the best ones among the available in India in 2017.

Here I have enlisted their specs and further sought the pros and cons so as to present them in a rightful way.

So join in as we present to you the ‘Top 10 Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India 2017’.

10. Haier HVM 58-020

Haier HVM 58-020

Haier, a Chinese multinational collective electronics, and home appliance manufacturer, have their very own range of great washing machines. They have been known to offer great feature-backed user-friendly appliances to consumer around. This particular piece over here comes with the top-loading option and has fully automatic integration. We’ll further seek the spec sheet of this one down below-


  • It features fully automatic top loading feature with a capacity of 5.8 kg.
  • The washing machine comes pre-equipped with 6 wash cycles and has a double level spin tub and wash system for better performance.
  • It has a rust-free body and sports Quadra flow along with digital display functionality.
  • It’s pretty simple to use and has free-standing installation.
  • The machine can run at a speed of 1000 rpm.
  • This one is the most affordable option when it comes to fully automatic pieces and comes in at under Rs 11,000.


  • Decent performance
  • Great value for money
  • Rust-free body
  • High-speed cleaning


  • The capacity is pretty low in comparison to others.
  • The presence of just 6 wash cycles.

Price- 10,490

9. Onida WOF5508NW

Onida WOF5508NW

Onida is a household name in the Indian consumer market and has been much loved throughout the years. The company has a great loyal base within the nation which speaks of their product testimonials. This one from them is a fully automatic washing machine bearing ample features and specs making it a great choice to have. We’ll look more into its spec sheet down below. Go on,


  • The washing machine comes with fully automatic front loading option and has a capacity of 5.5 kg.
  • The machine features 15 wash cycles and has special programs like foam protection, eco logic system, imbalance control system.
  • It has a speed of 800 rpm at maximum and comes with free standing installation method.
  • It has stainless steel drum and uses 42 ltr of water per wash cycle.
  • It uses a power of 2100 watts.


  • Decent performance
  • 15 wash cycles
  • Inclusion of wash programs
  • Water saving


  • Low capacity when compared to its peers.

Price- 17,099

8. IFB TL-SDG Aqua


A list of best washing machines will never be complete without IFB gracing it with its presence. IFB have been a top drawer when it comes to offering world classappliances to users out there. This one from them is a fully automatic option and comes with an affordability tag making it a great value for the investment. Let’s see what it offers


  • The washing machine is a fully automatic variant with a top loading option.
  • It has a capacity of 7kg and comes with 8 wash programs inbuilt within.
  • The washing machine has 10 water level settings and has water inlet for hot/cold and warm levels of water.
  • It has quite a big LED display screen on the top of the loader which shows the progress of the wash cycles.
  • It has a speed of 720 rpm and uses 118 ltr of water per wash cycle.
  • It has free-standing installation type.


  • Big LED display indicating the progress.
  • Optimum storage quantity
  • Value for money


  • Low-speed offering in comparison to others
  • Uses more water than other choices

Price– Rs 19,999

7. Bosch WAB16060IN

Bosch WAB16060IN

Another option from Bosch in our entry for best fully automatic washing machines, this one is sized a nick smaller than the other one of our list. It’s a fully automatic 6-kg load assistance equipped washing machine. It’s an affordable option when compared to its peers. Here’s how the spec sheet showcases it-


  • It features 6-kg capacity and is fully automatic one.
  • The washing machine has free-standing installation type and features front-loading option.
  • It has a maximum speed of 800 RPM and uses a power of 2300 watts.
  • It has electronic control dial for wash programs and temperature control. It integrates Aquatronic wash cycle into its programs.
  • It has LED indicator for letting the user know the status of thewash cycle and more.
  • It uses mere 42 ltr of water per wash cycle.
  • The piece comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Water efficient
  • Value for money


  • Low capacity as compared to its peers.
  • Lesser speed than other options in the list

Price- 20,490

6. Whirlpool 360

Whirlpool 360

Making its entrance into our list of best choices among fully automatic washing machines, Whirlpool offers a great pick for us with this option. This one is at uploading fully automatic washing machine and offers the great functionality of which we’ll discuss along down below.


  • It has a 7.2kg capacity and features top loading option.
  • The machine has 12 wash programs and comes with stainless steel tub on the inside.
  • It has a transparent window for visual inspection of the wash cycle.
  • The machine offers a speed of 740 rpm at maximum while the installation type for this one is free-standing.
  • It comes with inbuilt heater, 6th sense, automatic softener dispenser, expert wash and a host of other features.
  • It also has delay start and magic lint filter within it.


  • Great capacity
  • Inclusion of 12 wash programs
  • Inbuilt Heater, 6th sense and more


  • Top loading
  • Low-speed offering than that of others.

Price- 21,499

5. IFB Elena Aqua SX LDT

IFB Elena Aqua SX LDT

Next up on our list is the one from IFB. If there’s any brand that has earned the top most credentials and fame when it comes to home appliances, its IFB for sure. This particular machine from them comes with front loading option and a host of other options. Here’s what it comes with


  • It is fully automatic front load option and can hold a capacity of 6 kg.
  • It has stainless steel design and comes with tumble wash system.
  • It has a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm and has 15 wash programs inbuilt within it.
  • It uses 2250 watt of power and has 3D wash cycle.
  • It has 45l water requirement for each wash cycle.
  • It has progress status indication within it but does not feature digital display.


  • 3D Wash cycle
  • Stainless Steel design
  • 15 wash cycle
  • Low water consumption


  • Lack of digital indicator

Price- 26,820

4. Bosch WAK24168IN

Bosch WAK24168 IN

Bosch, an erstwhile top-ranked brand when it comes to home appliances, comes next up with this fully automatic option. This one from them is a great piece to have in at your home. It packs in powerful performance and is fine-tuned to meet the needs of the user. We here would follow up with the specs of the same down below.


  • It’s a fully automatic front loading washing machine.
  • It has the7kg capacity and can spin at a maximum speed of 1000 RPM.
  • The machine tumble wash method and comes with a power consumption of 2300 watts.
  • It sports digital display support and has 8 wash programs inbuilt.
  • It consumes 47 ltr of water per wash cycle and comes with drain hose, water inlet pipe as part of it.


  • Water efficient
  • Features 8-wash cycles.
  • Digital LED display


  • Requires more water pressure

Price- 28,270



Another top company around, LG enters into our list with their fine offering in form of this piece. The machine comes in a fully automatic front-loading option. It is priced evenly around when compared to other pieces out there and is a good choice to fall by upon. We’ll further enlist the specs down below for this one.


  • This washing machine is a front-loading one with a capacity of 6kg.
  • It comes with tumble wash method and is laden with afuzzy logic option.
  • It has free-standing installation option.
  • The machine runs at a speed of 1000 rpm at max and consumes 1700 power output.
  • It also comes with smart diagnosis option.
  • It has adigital display for fault diagnosis, remaining time for thewash cycle and more.


  • Smart digital display and diagnosis system
  • Fast-cleansing speed.
  • Low power consumption


  • The capacity could have been increased upon.

Price- 25,999

2. IFB Senator Aqua SX

IFB Senator Aqua SX

The top tiered place in our list of the best fully automatic washing machine goes to IFB hands down with this Senator Aqua SX model of theirs. This one is a top of the line product offering from IFB and packs in flagship features not found on most of the other ones out there.

The machine has a large capacity and comes with different wash care programs. It can further offer great functional features like rat mesh, foam controller and more. Let’s travel downstairs and see what it packs in


  • It has the 8kg capacity and comes in fully automatic configuration with front loading option.
  • The machine has tub clean feature that helps eradicate any impurities, germs and more left behind.
  • It comes with 8-different wash care programs and has different options like cotton heavily soiled, daily wash, mixed fabric, hand wash additives and more.
  • It has a maximum rotation speed of 1400 rpm and features 60 ltr of water consumption every wash cycle.
  • It uses a power of 2250 watts and has free-standing installation type.
  • It further has air bubble wash system, 3D wash system, Aqua energize, Auto-imbalance sensing and control feature.


  • Powerful performance metrics
  • 8kg capacity
  • 1400 rpm Rotation Speed
  • The inclusion of 8-different wash cycles.


  • A little on the expensive side

Price- 39,750

1. Bosch WVG30460IN

Bosch WVG30460 IN

If there’s one piece that could give competition to the aforementioned IFB Senator Aqua SX, then it this one from Bosch modeled as the WVG30460 IN. Its performance and specs make it the beast choice among the lot for the tag of the finest fully automatic washing machine in India. Here’s what it offers-


  • This one is a fully automatic front loading option with a capacity of 8kg on the wash cycle and 5 kg on the dryer front.
  • It has eco silence drive motor, multiple water protection, spin speed, remaining time display and much more.
  • It comes with large LED display and has astatus indication, temperature control on it.
  • The machine has special wash programs and comes with iQdrive- energy saving option.
  • It has a maximum speed of 1500 rpm.


  • Powerful performance
  • Great speed
  • Multiple wash options
  • IQdrive-energy saving option


  • Bears top line price

Price- 52,500

We had plenty of choices going forward into our search for the best fully automatic washing machine around. We placed quite a few parameters so as to enlist only the best picks among them and thus compiled this piece. We choose instances of enlisting a couple of machines from the same brand as they fit into the set parameters laid down by us. With all said and done, it pretty much feels that these ones enlisted by us pick themselves as the best ones out there.

We hope this list works out for you. We will be back with another one the next time. Till then, enjoy your time, Adios.

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