​15 Awesome Things about Nature You Won’t Believe

Nature is full of surprises and amazing facts. However, we are unaware of majority of the facts and that amaze us even more. The nature has abundance of resources and that provide even more refreshing and enticing beauty. At the age of modern engineering and technology, the beauty of nature is not only appealing but also charming. Here are the 15 awesome things of Nature that you would not know.

15. Under water forest of Lake Kaindy

Under water forest of Lake Kaindy

Lake Kaindy is located in Kazakhstan on Tian Shan Mountain. The lake was made limestone landslide in 1911 earthquake. The submerged trunks of the trees come out the surface and the trees are present inside the water and are like an underwater forest.

14. Thunderstorm Lightning

Thunderstorm Lightning

This is another natural phenomenon that creates dirty thunderstorms. If a thunderstorm strikes at the volcanic plume then the lightning takes a dirty and disastrous form and it is rare as well.

13. Frozen Air Bubble in Abraham Lake

Frozen Air Bubble in Abraham Lake

This is a Lake on the North Saskatchewan River in Western Alberta in Canada. This is an artificial lake. However, the plants inside the lake release Methen Gas that keeps coming to the surface of the lake as Bubble. However, as soon as it reaches the surface of colder water it gets frozen. The bubbles get stacked as the winter season comes and the temperature gets colder.

12. Giant Cloud in Beijing

Giant Cloud in Beijing

The giant cloud was known for the unusual shape of the cloud over the sky in Beijing, China. The National Center for Atmosphere explained the phenomena by the nature of the cloud formation. The cloud was formed vertically but as it touched the warmer layer of the air, it started growing horizontally that gave it unusual shape.

11. Underground Natural Springs in Mexico

Underground Natural Springs in Mexico

IK-Kil Cenote is famous for being the natural spring in Mexico. However, the natural deposit spring water in Chichen Itza is one of the wonderful and amazing thing that nature has created by its own.

10. Giant Crystal Cave

Giant Crystal Cave

The cave in Nacia, Mexico is 950 feet underground that is huge in size. The crystals from various materials have formed the cave and are near to the Nacia Mining location.

9. Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo

Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo

This is located in Maldives and known for the Bioluminescence factor. This makes the shore glow at night. At the shore when microorganisms get disturbed by the Oxygen, the shore glows with absolute beauty and shine.

8. Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia

Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia

This is the largest salt flat in the world and is spread over 4,086 square meter. But the impact of the salt flat is amazing and magical. The salt crust becomes reflective and thus it looks like mirror or clean water. It is often referred as the ultimate horizon.

7. Light Pillars in Moscow

Light Pillars in Moscow

This was again a natural phenomenon that makes it look light pillars on the sky. The visual effect was created by the reflection of the light from ice crystals. That was not only gorgeous but also magical.

6. Natural Salt Water Fountain

Natural Salt Water Fountain

This is situated at the coast of Oregon. The Spouting Horn and the Thor’s Well are Salt Water Fountain. However, the natural fountains are actually driven by the Ocean tide.

5. Sandstone formations

Sandstone formations

The Sandstone formations in Arizona are not only beautiful but just enthralling. The waves on the sand stones in Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs look like designed and hand crafted. However, it is absolutely natural.

4. Rainbow colored Eucalyptus Tree

Rainbow colored Eucalyptus Tree

These trees can be located in the Kailua in Hawaii. The trunks of the trees are multi-colored. However, the reason behind the same is the outer bank and when the shed comes off; the greener color can be seen.

3. Spiderweb Cocooned Tree

Spiderweb Cocooned Tree

These trees are located in Pakistan. In many areas the flood has become very common and the rising flood water takes long time to recede. However, in the same fear the spiders have taken shelter on the trees and cocooned the trees with the ghostly web.

2. Blood Flow in Antarctica

Blood Flow in Antarctica

The Blood flow in Antarctica occurs due to the iron oxide. The iron oxide added plume of the salt water from the Taylor Glacier gives the impression of blood flowing from the West Lake Booney.

1. Lake Hillier

Hillier Lake, Western Australia

The Lake Hillier in Australia is one of the things that can make you astonished. The color of the Lake is Pink. It is a saline water lake and is now comes under protected area.

These things are not only amazing but one of the rarest creations of the nature.

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