10 Interesting Facts About The Human Voice

All over the world, there are many individuals who are gifted with amazing voices that they can sing like angels in heaven. Having a golden voice is certainly something that you should be thankful about, unless you are insane enough to be not delightful of having it. The big question now is, do you know a lot of things about your voice? If you don’t, then here are 10 interesting facts regarding the human voice that you might want to know:

10. Human Voice Also Has Transition According to Age

When you are still on your childhood days, your voice belongs to trebles category. Even so, this is no longer the case when you reach the stage or puberty. It is simply because the vocal cords in this stage of life will thicken, resulting to much deeper voice specially to men. Your voice may then change to mezzo-soprano or baritone.

9. Most Men Have Baritone Voice

Needless to say, boys have different voices. One’s voice may not be as deeper as the other one, and it is actually normal. Most of the voices of men belong to the baritone category. Nonetheless, this does not mean that boys can no longer have tenor or bass voice. There are some actually, but the majority falls down to the baritones.

Human Voice

8. The Loudest Voice Human Beings Can Produce is around 129 dBA

This is according to the records of the Guinness. Such voice can be compared to an AC/DC concert when talking about noise levels. The only one so far, who has produced such very loud voice is a teaching assistant who comes from Kent, England. She was none other than Jill Drake.

7. The Very First Human Voice Recording was Done in the Year 1860

It was also the same year when the very first human voice recording equipment was invented. It was the phonautograph. The brilliant man who invented such was none other than Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. It was also his voice that was firstly recorded through this device.

6. The Brain and the Human Voice Have Huge Connection

You might be wondering how these two different things become very connected to each other. Well, the brain actually becomes very functional when the person is singing or simply speaking. When you are singing, the right hemisphere part of the brain will take charge of the functioning, while the left hemisphere part of the brain will be responsible when you are speaking.

5. Human Voice are Extremely Flexible

This is the main reason why there are those naturally talented people who can produce different sounds with different pitches and tones. Good examples are those who are the voices behind the cartoon characters in animated television shows and movies. And of course, who can forget about the throat singers? These people can be able to produce 4 varied tones from their throats.

4. The Widest Range of Voice is a Full 10 Octaves

If you are thinking that Mariah Carey has the widest range of voice in this world that is around full 5 octaves, then it is about time to correct that. It is because the widest range of voice ever produced was full 10 octaves, and it was produced by the Tim Storms. This is definitely 3 times the average singer can produce.

3. The Lowest Note Ever Sung was G (-7) or (0.189 hertz)

The world renowned singer who successfully did it was none other than Tim Storms. Such note is below the lowest G when it comes to the piano, and the range of lowliness is around 8 octaves. Because of this, the voice cannot actually be heard by the people. It is still needed to make use of a low-frequency microphone coupled with precision sound analysis in order to make the voice hearable.

2. The Intense Deepness of the Voice Can Be Avoided through Castration

While it is normal for the voice to be deepen and thicken specially to males, this thing can actually be prevented from happening. Yes, it is possible for you not to have a deeper voice as what most men have. It is through the process of Castration. It is done before the puberty stage strikes. Those people who have undergone the process of castration are known as Castrati.

1. Castrati Singers are Paid Expensively

Several years in the past, a lot of men decided to go through castration. One reason is to maintain the highness of their voices. Even so, it is so sad to note that the most common reason of these men was in order to get a lot of money. Just in case you do not know, Castrati singers have higher pays when compared to the normal singers.

These are the 10 interesting facts regarding the human voice. There are still more of them actually. Truly, human voice is a very interesting thing to get well-acquainted about specially to all those music lovers out there.