10 Things Indian Parents Should Learn from the West

The west is influencing us and it is a good thing to learn some good things from the west. As parents, we are very protective about our kids. The reason most Indian kids grow up a lot later in comparison to the kids in the west is the way they are brought up. Here are a few things Indian parents can learn from the west.

10. Set Limitations

You don’t need to be too harsh on your children; however you need to teach them the value of limitations. This includes how much TV they watch or how much money they spend.

9. Nurture Them

Avoid shouting at children every time they make a mistake. Try explaining and reasoning with them instead of shouting.

8. Gain Psychological Control

Make sure you know what your child is thinking. Small things can affect a child’s mind and not controlling their thoughts can lead to various problems for the child later on.

7. Help Set Your Kids’ Goals

Unlike parents in India who force their dreams upon their children, parents in the west encourage their kids to plan their life and encourage them by helping them set goals which they can achieve. These goals help them to move ahead towards achieving their dream without even realizing it. Instead of talking your kid out of what they want to do, encourage them and help them plan. This is a great thing to do since it helps them choose the right career path for themselves without any other influence.

6. Reason With Your Kids

Do not force your kids to do what you want them to do. In case you know what you want them to do is right, try to explain to them the benefits of what you want them to do and how it can help them become successful in life.  This also teaches your kid to become understanding and helps them reason out with other people too when they get into an argument. This helps them become calm, well behaved and reasonable individuals.

5. Respond To Their Emotional Needs

Kids are sensitive and the sooner you learn to react the right way to their emotions; your kids will become compassionate and learn to respect other people’s emotions. Don’t treat them like they have to listen to you no matter what. You should learn to understand their point of view too.

4. Listen To Them

Instead of always lecturing them, try to listen to them too. Pay attention to what they say, correct them when they say something inappropriate and encourage them to say good things. This helps kids enhance their conversational skills which help them all their lives. Don’t take your child’s conversation lightly, make sure you respond to them and talk to them.

3. Independence

Give your kids some space. They need to feel a little independent in order for them to learn how to take rational decisions. The sooner you teach them the value of independence, the sooner your kid will mature. Giving them independence also helps boost their self esteem. Begin with letting your kid do smaller things on their own such as choosing what they want to wear, what they would like to eat, encouraging them to choose their own clothes while shopping and even learning to make a sandwich.

2. Ask Your Kids For Their Opinion

Indian Parents

It is essential for your kids to understand responsibility. One of the best ways to do this is to make them a part of important conversations. Ensure you ask them for their opinions. Start off with small decisions such as the places to eat, a destination for a holiday or a movie that the family can watch. This makes your kid feel important and also makes them feel responsible. They learn how to choose the right from wrong with the small decisions that they make. The small things you do can help your kid in a big way.

1. The ‘Birds And Bees’ Talk

This is one of the toughest things for Indian parents to have with their kids merely because sex is not spoken about in the open. The truth is, the more comfortable you are with your kids about topics like these, the better it is. It becomes easy for your kid to understand what is right and wrong and how to treat the opposite sex. While sex seems to be something parents choose not to talk about, Indian parents need to understand that sex is not something that needs to be kept a secret. It has to be spoken about just as normally as any other topic. Always teach them the importance of respecting the intimacy of the subject ensures they are comfortable enough to ask you anything related to the subject.

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