10 Interesting Facts About Coonoor

The Holidays season is going on in the country India, and everyone is very much indulging in making it a memorable one. The best part of any human life is when they share their some memorable holidays with their colleagues or friends. Making of holidays a memorable one entirely depends on where you had spent your vacation. If we talk about the present scenario of going out for a vacation, most people prefer to be it a hill station. In, India the concept is more or less same.India is a land, who has many hill stations to halt on, whether it is Jammu or Kashmir, Shimla or Manali, Kulu or Nainital, Gangtok or Shillong, the land is full of desire hill station destination.

But, Coonoor has something different to add when someone talks about having a holiday at a hill station. Coonoor is neither a city or state, it is a Taluk and a municipality of Nilgiris district, which is a part of Tamil Nadu state. Coonoor is located at a height of 1,850 Mts above sea level, which makes it a second largest hill station of Nilgiris after Ooty. The place is full of some mesmerizing beauty and picturesqueness of soothing sightseeing. It is the best place to reckon someone holidays a quite memorable one.


Apart from this, the 10 interesting facts about Coonoor are listed below:

10. Experience the place of mix culture and religion:

Coonoor is the place where people of different culture reside here. The visiting people often accounted the major three forms of the culture they are Hindu, Christian, and Muslim, with these cultures they also account with some other culture and religion of the people. The native people warmly welcome the visitor belong to any culture or religion and makes them feel like it is their own place.

9. Great view of the place with toy trains:

The rare and delightfully design of toy train, which attracts the tourist who wants to visit the place with a view of exploring the real beauty of nature. It is mainly designed for the native people, but it also used by the visitors. The train passes through some impeccable beauty of nature and through tunnels; one more point to note out that the speed of the train is so slow that one can easily hop in and out to capture the beauty of nature in their camera to store.

8. Calm, peaceful and pleasant weather:

The best month to visit the place of Coonoor is the month of October to March, where the average temperature is quite intermediate in range. The mild and cool temperature with few snowfalls makes the place a sensational one to view at a glance.

7. Trekking in marvelous and the giants Nilgiris hill:

The place is also excellent for the trekking expedition on the parts of Nilgir is hills, which makes the place excellent for the trekkers who love to trek on a hilly and unknown place. The adorable beauty of the mountain and terrain makes the place look like an extraterrestrial land for the visitors as well as for the trekkers.

6. Be the part of the festive season:

The place often becomes full by native people and by visitors too, during the festive season, which starts from January and ends in the month of May. Coonoor is mostly known for its Nil giri Tea, thus the Coonoor people organize every year in the month of January a festival which is wholly dedicated to the tea plantation groups as well as for tourist group namely “Tea and Tourism festival”. There is one more, but officially a most popular festival called “Fruits and Vegetables Festival”, which used to take place in Sim Park during the month of May every year. So, as it, a holiday’s season once must visit and become a part of this popular event. Another festival of Coonoor is of great importance for the native people of Coonoor.

5. Sensational road trip

The road trip through some sensational sight and tea garden can make your road trip a quite memorable one, mainly the trip from Ooty to Coonoor. The journey goes from greenery postures, through hilly terrain and some hairline turns for which one must be taken care off while driving. Besides, this journey is quite an exotic one as because you might get lost in the beauty of Coonoor.

4. Mesmerizing beauty of Doorg

If someone is thinking to have a picnic or for some picturesque view, there is one place Doorg which is just 15 kms from Coonoor. The place is also associated with the name of famous historical character, namely Tipu Sultan, who uses this place as the outpost. The place Doorg also closely located near some trekking checkpoints which is quite obviously a favorite place for trekking lovers.

3. Enjoy the delicious taste of local food

Though we know the southern part of India mainly handful in South-Indian cuisine, but Coonoor is quite good enough in every cuisine. Coonoor local food is also as famous as another cuisine of India. The taste of the local food is so good that it can make you have it once again.

2. Exciting place for shopping

The place is a quite exciting place for shopping at affordable prices. As we know the place is quite a famous plantation of tea, but Toda jewelry is also quite famous, which is made by the Toda tribe who used to move along the terrain of Coonoor.

1. Remarkable places to visit

Coonoor has many places to visit which can make your trip to this place a quite remembering one. The Law’s fall, Lady Canning seat, Lamb’s rock, Sim Park, Silk rearing station and many more spot to explore, to view and to halt, which makes it a perfect destination for family and friends.

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