10 Mind Boggling Facts about Black Magic

Black Magic, also known as Dark magic is referred to the magic which involves the imaginary summoning of supernatural wicked spirits for selfish reasons. It is the spiteful way of getting things done and is opposite to the white magic. Black magic is in practice for a long time now in almost all parts of the world.

Before we investigate into various mind-boggling specifics concerning Black Magic, let us be aware of what black magic is and why is it dangerous.

As per the Western Esotericism, the expressions Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path usually refer to a division of two contrasting perspectives of magic. In some descriptions, the Right-Hand Path is associated with compassionate white magic and the Left-Hand Path with the malevolent black magic. White Magic is taken for the supernatural group that follows definite and unambiguous moral code whereas the black magic accept the contradictory approaches, promoting the breach of prohibited codes thus dispose off of set ethics.

Countless people face the consequences of dark magic with noknowledge of the reason that dark magic is in reality distressing them. It involves a number of painstaking mechanisms that are involved to cause wreak and havoc in someone’s life. People who perform this dark magic are called as Tantriksor exorcists. They carry out diverse technique and modus operandi to bring about commanding energies that can be harmful to an individual’s bodily and psychological condition. Many people do not even understand or know how this dark sorcery is executed but the aftereffects are definitely conspicuous.

black magic

Now let us find out the top 10 facts around Black Magic:

10. Dark Magic is well thought-out as Evil 

The foundation of this dark Sorcery isn’t the most superlative. Many people fall for the trap that doing this magic will fetch them their heart’s desire and they willingly pay a huge price for it. If by any chance you make up your mind to go down that path, be aware that it is going to bring you bad luck or you might experience unanticipated anger, gloominess, and lack of emotions and in worst cases gradual physical problems.

9. Black Magic is the worst form 

the entire process is way too creepy and scary. In some places, these tantrics would kill animals and use their lifeless bodies and the organs in a variety of spells and rituals. It even got worse when people started sacrificing other people and children for their own betterment. These tantrics make people believe that with the sacrifice; gods will become happy and will shower their blessings. Fortunately, at the present time, you can face serious legal problems if such a practice is followed.

8. Unintentional Harm

The effects of black magic are real. It has affected many lives over a great period of time.People send out harmful energies towards other people who they consider as opponent. These energies have an external effect on the human body and but the impact is internal. Even at times, the desired result could be objectionable. The only thing is that black magic is not something that can be messed with.

7. The process is quite hooking

It is said that too much of everything is bad and black magic gives you a large amount of authority that it makes you take wrong decisions. People who have adopted black magic have literally become slaves to it as they get the feeling of being a powerful individual. The result is never good as these people become very dangerous over a period of time. They force themselves into this magical realm.

6Dark Magic can never be Good

A good outcome can never be expected out of black magic. But there are people who feel that it is a good thing however that doesn’t mean that it has to be used. As human beings, we should resist harming other person no matter what happens but that’s not how it works. There are many who would disagree because for them it is an important element of life and that it is essential to have the good things in life but it is an incorrect thinking.

5. Itcan’t bring back the departed

It is only in the movies where it is shown that black magic revives dead people after a complicated ceremony using complex chants of spells and a variety of items. In reality, nothing like that happens. Life and death is a cycle and once someone passes to the other realm cannot come back. This cycle is a forward moving cycle and hence no alteration can be done as there is something more powerful than the black magic.

4Practitioners Are slaves of the Spirits

There are some people who have made other believe that the people who are involved in dark magic are the slaves of wicked spirits, though there is no proof of the same. People still have their apprehensions as in the past people were not aware about this sorcery and witchcraft. So the same has been passed on to the generations. However, with the changing times, people are developing deeper insights on matters related to witchcraft.

3. Most of the time you are safe

Majority of the times, people are protected of the spells as for it to actually work; definite attention and energies are required. And even if this condition is fulfilled, there is no surety if this will even work. The energy used in crafting a bad spell appears from negative feelings like sadness, anger, hatred, and depression and unfortunately those who can accumulateenormousquantity of depressing energy with the correct quantity of meditation can actually wreak dreadful negativity onto others.

2. Food is the convenient medium

It is usually the most accepted method for black magic casters to segregate their curses harmful energies as it is the easiest way of cheating. Food items are cursed and then taken to the victims showing the simplicity of tasks. India is a place where food items are usually distributed among neighbors frequently and is taken as a very simple thing to do. But if you know someone who cooks with lot of strange and frenzied food items, it will be most likely best that you do not eat anything they are offering.

1. Physical Appearance 

More harm is being done not only to the person it is directed to but also who casts the spell. Those who are involved in black magic will look different as the life gets devoted to dark magic so normalcy of life is gone for a toss. Health deteriorates and happiness is just out of the question. Gradually, they start looking less attractive. This is due to the effect of black magic on the body.


As it was mentioned before, no matter what you send out for other will definitely come back to you. It is a vicious circle and there are no ifs and buts involved.There are people, who consider that dark magic is good if we are bearing in mind that we light without dark is not possible. Few years back people never interacted about these phenomena but in the new age and information being just a click away, we are now open to things,including Black Magic, which were out of question until some time ago.