Facts: 15 Interesting Things You Should Know About ISRO

The Indian space Research Organization is commonly known as ISRO. It is an apace agency which is controlled and owned by the Government of India. The ISRO was founded in the year of 1969 with its headquarters located in the city of Bengaluru, India. The ISRO is maintained to harness space technology for the sake of national development and the country’s planetary exploration. ISRO have made India to shine like a star because of its numerous achievements and developments India is proud to have an organization of ISRO. It also has got the privilege to build the first satellite of the country called Arybhata. The satellite was launched on 19th of April, in the year of 1975. The organization is managed by the Department of Space and then reports the activities of ISRO to the Prime Minister of the country.


Adding to the honor of India, ISRO has many facts interesting features that almost all the people are unaware of. So I have listed a few of them to enhance your knowledge. Check them all!

#1. The founder and the first chairman of the Indian Space research Organization was Dr. VIkram Sarabhai.

#2. The ISRO was founded on the independence day of India that is 15th of August, 1969.

#3. The location of the first Indian Space Research Organization rocket was decided by its founder and his colleague Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, the father of atomic energy. The place should be decided such that the magnetic equator should have near to it.

#4. The location that was found ideal for the first rocket of ISRO was a church that was named as St.Mary Magdalene in the city of Thiruvananthapuram.

#5. The church was sacrificed for the development and the betterment of the nation by the Christian minority.

#6. The one of the interesting fact about the organization is that the total amount that is spent by ISRO in 40 years is almost equal to the amount of money spent by NASA in only one year.

#7. The attempt to of the Mars mission was accomplished by ISRO in the first try. And ISRO is the only organization to get success in the maiden attempt.

#8. The mission of the Mars that was accomplished by ISRO was cheaper than the films that were set in space.

#9. ISRO had launched as many as 11 satellites in the past single year.

#10. Indian Space Research Organization was awarded the UNESCO IPDC for the project that was carried out in Kheda, Gujarat in the year of 1984.

#11. Another unbelievable fact about ISRO is that they sell satellites at much cheaper rates than launching your own satellite. So if you are considering buying a satellite, then you can buy satellite data from ISRO.

#12. In the developing years, ISRO have no proper facilities and that is the reason till the year of 1981, satellites were carried by bullock carts.

#13. The annual turnover of the Indian Space Research Organization is almost 13 million with the limited GDP of 0.5 %.

#14. The most interesting and proud fact about ISRO is that it has built the Largest Domestic Communication in Asian Pacific region which is called The Indian National Satellite System with the abbreviation of (INSAT).

#15. In the year of 2014, Indian Space Research Organization has also used the largest parachute which was almost 31 meters in diameter.

ISRO have done such great achievements which many countries have only thought. The pride of India ISRO is the only space organization among the developing countries.