Top 10 Major Drought Prone Areas in India

Drought is a very sensitive situation in India. It is a climate circumstances when there is no rain for a season which caused situations like water shortage. There are many states in India which are facing this situation every year and most of the India’s population stays in these states only. In summers, because of no rain, most of the population of the rural areas had to travel a lot to certain distance to get water from different sources as they receive shortage of water. Major drought situation causes in the northern, eastern and southern parts of the country.

Here are Top 10 Drought Prone Areas in India which suffer through drought situation every year:

10. Chattisgarh

There are many parts of the state of Chattisgarh which receives drought situations. That is why the government had announced the Rs.223 Crore of relief for the people living there. Farmers also received the package of Rs.150 Crore to get rid from that situation.

9. Andhra Pradesh

Because of the drought situation occurred in the last year in the state, it caused 45 deaths of people suffering in very remote locations. When the state informed the central government about the situation, they received an aid of Rs10000 crore. With this amount, drinking water and farmer related issues were solved and plans implemented to solve drinking water problems in the state till 2019.

8. Karnataka

Last year in Karnataka, people who were living in 26 districts out of 30 districts were facing acute drought problems. This is not only the first time but every year during summers; these districts face the same situation. Just to provide ample drinking water to the people, the government of Karnataka took this initiative through private bore well to provide drinking water to people. There are more initiatives such as multiple tankers are offered to the rural areas of the state.        

7. Uttar Pradesh

The state with larger population and habitants in both urban and rural areas, water problems in this state is very common every year while in summers. People in rural areas had to face a lot because of it in comparison to urban people in search of water. They need to travel a lot, sometimes in the other states. Also, drought situation causes many deaths every year too. Out of 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh, 55 are suffering through drought having the worst region of Bundelkhand. A team of NDRF usually stay in this state to offer aides to people who are looking for.

6. Jharkhand

The state of Jharkhand is also affected by drought a lot. This is because most of the parts of the state are rural and they receive most of the problems. It also affects farmers. This is why; NDRF team is also available in the state to offer maximum help to the people. At least 22 districts out of 24 usually suffer through drought in this state.

5. Madhya Pradesh

The Ministry of Rural Development had announced the 46 districts out of 51 districts are suffering from drought situation. Most of the people living in these regions are not getting water properly. The total budget allocated for the drought management is Rs.38500 last year to solve issues.

4. Rajasthan

This state is already having water problems every year during summers. It is the reason that people die due to water shortage in this state every year. Last year 19 out of the 33 districts in Rajasthan are facing drought situation and the aid of Rs.50 Lakhs was allotted to every district to solve this problem. All districts are also advised to solve war problems soon.          

3. Telangana

There are many districts including Kammam and Adilabad which suffer drought problems every year. Last year, the state received 28 deaths because of the situation. Government is also taking initiatives to get rid of this problem. Not only the heat-related deaths, but water problem is also at its maximum level in recent years.

2. Orissa

Most of the people are suffering from natural disaster of drought in this state. Every year, farmers commit suicide because of water issue and their crops destroy every year because of this reason. Primarily there are only 12 states in Orissa but they all suffer from drought situation and it is not new, this stays every year. The economic satiation of this state is very poor which also affects the state to receive aid properly. Last year the state government announced a relief of Rs.1000 crore for the people to get rid of the problems. Even central government also comes up with many packages especially for this state only.

1. Maharashtra

This state was in news for the last year as it faced the draught situation which was at its maximum. Even all farmers were facing the same and the water issue was not only spread in the rural areas but also in urban areas too. There are 36 districts in Maharashtra and out of them 21 were facing drought situation from many years. The government is taking some serious actions to implement some changes so that people can actually get rid of this problem. Farmers are also getting packages to solve their issues and in compensation to their dried crops.

There are many other states too which are facing drought situations too such as West Bengal, Haryana, Gujarat and Bihar. Government is always taking some serious initiatives with the help of some private firms to offer what the people are looking for.

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