LIC Registration: Guide to Register Online For LIC New User

LIC is a name that we can trust easily and it is surely one of the best insurance providers in the country. It is a government-owned company and hence we tend to trust it more than any other private company. Earlier, it was not possible for us to track the policy in real time. We were mostly dependent on the policy documents for that. With technology, things have changed, it has now become possible to track the details via online portals.

This is also the case with LIC. If you have bought a policy from LIC and if you are not a minor then you can create an online account to track the policies and avail the benefits of e-services.

In this article, we have listed the benefits of LIC Registration and along with that, we have also listed the process to register for LIC Portal.

Lic Registration

Here are the details.

Benefits of Registering for LIC

Some of the benefits of registering for the LIC Policy are listed below

  • Status of Policy – You can check the status of policy online. This also includes the status of the upcoming payments and all other details. You can also make the payment of the premium.
  • Nominee – You can check the status of the nominee and you can also change the nominee details as and when required.
  • Online Claim – If required, you can make the claim online and the status of the claim is also visible online.
  • Policy Renewal – Sometimes, the policy expires but the LIC Portal offers you the facility to check the quotes of the policies.
  • Policy Documents – If in case you need the policy documents,then you can obtain the Policy Documents with help of LIC e-Portal.
  • Policy Benefits – Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you can buy a new policy online and you can check the policy benefit and other terms and conditions as well.
  • Bonus Information – You get the information about the bonus that is declared on an annual basis and you also get to track the maturity amount.
  • Loan Details – Many a time, people end up obtaining a loan on policy. The advantage of this is that the interest rate is lower than the banks. In such a case, you can even track the status of the loan with help of LIC Portal

These were the benefits of registering with LIC and we are sure that by reading the benefits, you are also compelled to register for e-services for LIC. Below is the process to register and you can follow the process to avail the services.

Steps to Complete LIC Registration

  • To start the registration process, you need to visit the LIC Portal. The link to the website is
  • The URL Listed above will take you to the online portal of LIC and on this, if you scroll down, you will notice a link for New User. Click on that to start the registration process.
  • You will now be on a new page where you will start the registration process. Start by entering your policy number, date of birth, email address, PAN, Premium Details, Gender, Phone Number and other mandatory details. Click on the Proceed button after entering all the details.
  • You will now be asked to select a username and password. Enter the details and click on submit button.

With this, the registration procedure for your policy is complete. You can now use your username and login ID to login to your LIC account. This will help you in availing all the services offered by LIC.