10 Best Garbage Bags For Dustbin In India 2023 [Small, Medium & Large Size]

Garbage bags are also called trash bags or can liners. Garbage bags have become part of the Indian lifestyle. You have seen that there is a large amount of waste that gets accumulated at home and mainly in the kitchen. Kitchen waste is of two types – dry waste and wet waste.

You cannot dump both types of wastes into a single dustbin. So you need to have separate dustbin bags that are strong and durable for collecting the garbage and placing it separately.

Waste management using dustbins bags

In most of the cities in India, garbage collecting tempos and trucks move into the lanes early in the morning to collect the waste from the houses, offices & shops. The waste is mainly collected in the black-colored garbage bags and kept on the roadsides. It collects all types of waste separately and depending on the type of waste it will be either disposed of or recycled.

The use of technology and also the increasing demand for eco-friendly garbage bags have opened new opportunities to various companies to manufacture the most appropriate & environmentally- friendly garbage bags. It has offered various techniques, sizes, colors to be used for the garbage bags along the type of best to be stored.

The world is facing the problem of increasing pollution and contamination. The issues relating to waste management have become common around the world. The increasing garbage of towns and cities need to be managed in a systematic way. The waste that is produced everyday is not of the same type and it includes various stuff and substances. It also includes toxic waste which can be dangerous for human lives.

Dustbin Bags for Garbage India

There must be many effective ways of handling the increasing waste but the use of garbage bags have helped in organizing the garbage perfectly well. The various sizes of the garbage bags are available in the Indian market under different brand names. These systematically designed garbage bags are also called dustbin bags and you will find them in every corner of the road, home and offices.

The dustbin bags have certainly made a positive change in our lives and made our life clean, healthy and hygienic.

Best Dustbin Plastic Bags In India

Following given list shows the 10 best dustbin garbage bags online in India in detail for you to choose the most suitable for your family.

1. Shalimar Premium Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Shalimar Premium Garbage Bags 

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The Shalimar premium biodegradable garbage bags are large in size and black in color. The bags can be used easily. Black color bags are made of a raw material called virgin plastic and they can be easily fitted over the dustbin. You can make use of detachable tie tape that can be used to fix the bags for the dustbin. These garbage bags are available in a roll and are convenient to use. The bags are available in the pack of 15 or 30.

These are the special types of bags that are manufactured using perforation technology. This technology helps in separating the bags from the roll very easily. Study and leak-proof bags are easy to reuse.

The Shalimar Premium garbage bags are highly flexible and very easy to use. These garbage bags are useful to keep the environment hygienic and clean. Garbage bags are mainly used in places like kitchens, hotels and roadside stalls. They are also useful in homes, offices, apartments, and hotels.


  • Star sealed bottom office extra strength.
  • There is no leakage while using the bags.


  • Size should match the dustbin.

2. Ezee Garbage Bags

Ezee Garbage Bags

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The Ezee garbage bags are black in color. The bags are bigger and made of plastic material. The good quality bags are easy to use and they can be helpful while using restaurants, toilets, kitchens, washrooms and malls. The bags are easy to dispose of and most convenient to use. It helps to maintain hygiene and cleanliness around.

Disposable garbage bags are highly preferred and widely used mainly for garbage packing. The degradable bags are mainly designed using advanced technology. The bags are virgin in nature, lightweight and flexible. The garbage bags are also called as dustbin bags are the most useful items used by the people.

The highly useful Ezee garbage bags are available in two packs of 15 pieces each. You can easily use these leak-proof bags to store wet waste and dry waste separately. The tie-string over the bags makes it easy to tie and carry the bags for disposal.


  • Easy to use and easy to carry garbage bags.
  • The bags are used separately for wet and dry waste.
  • The easy to use bags are available in separate packets of 15 each.


  • The bags are costly if bought separately.

3. Amazon Brand – Presto Garbage Bags

Amazon Brand - Presto Garbage Bags

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Amazon Brand – Presto garbage bags are black and are most convenient for disposing of the garbage. Garbage bags have become common in households today. The black-colored bags are easy to use and easy to carry. The bags can collect the waste by segregating wet and dry waste easily.

The garbage bags are multifunctional. Bags are most ideal for homes, offices, hotels even to be used during parties and picnics. The biodegradable garbage bags are very easy to use and available in medium sizes & can easily fit around the trash cans to keep the surroundings clean & healthy.

These Presto garbage bags are used very conveniently with the help of detachable type strings. The strings are easy to tie, safe to use while throwing them out in the trash.


  • The bags are multifunctional.
  • Leakage-proof bags can easily store liquids.
  • The detachable strings are easy to use and to close the garbage bags neatly.


  • The bag can tear easily.

4. MaitriEnviro Garbage Bags

MaitriEnviro Garbage Bags (2)

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The MaitriEnviro garbage bags are one of the most ideal products to be used at home and also at many other places. It not only helps you to keep the surroundings clean but it also makes that much fear purely hygienic. The bags are most versatile and strong,allowing you to keep up the waste separately.

These garbage bags are easy to handle garbage around the house. It can easily tackle wet waste and dry waste without spreading any odor or infection. Biodegradable plastic can easily decompose most naturally. The bags are of medium size & easily recycled.

The MaitriEnviro bags are made of eco-friendly material and it does not have any side effects. The bags can easily prevent leakages and can accommodate all the kitchen waste easily. The bag can be placed over the dustbins and can be tied with a detachable tie-tape.


  • The sturdy bags are leakage-free and can be used for wet waste too.
  • The degradable bags are available at reasonable rates.
  • The good-quality plastic used in the bags is durable.


  • The quality of bags should be higher.

5. BLITY Garbage Bags 

BLITY Garbage Bags

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The BLITY biodegradable garbage bags are black with bottom sealing. It makes the bag easily stretchable. The bag remains odorless and leakage-free. The bags can be usedat places like kitchens, toilets, hotels, hospitals, malls, etc. The size of the bags is about 15 liters.

The bags are useful in keeping your kitchen clean and help you to separate the dry waste from wet waste. The bags look simple, decent, and available at a very economic rate. Cost-effective and eco-friendly bags have become common among Indian households.

The BLITY bags are heavily used as multipurpose products. The bags can be recycled if used for dry waste. The bags can easily fit into the dust bins. You can tie a string for the bags why you dispose of them off. Garbage bags health service to have a healthy atmosphere around us.


  • The bags are available at reasonable rates.
  • The bags are easy to use and recycle.
  • The bags are cost-effective and eco-friendly.


  • The material is of low quality.

6. SjewareArth Garbage Bags

SjewareArth Garbage Bags

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The SjewareArth garbage bags teach you the simplest methods of garbage collection and keeping the environment clean. The bags are also known as dash bags, a dustbin bag that is used to fit around the dustbin and collects the wet or dry waste during the day.

Garbage bags can be used in your kitchen or bathrooms. These bags are also useful at offices, hospitals, hotels & malls. Black color bags are made up of strong plastic material that remains long durable and it is leakage-free also.

The bags can title all types of waste and are easy to handle. The round-neck design of the bags is easy to close and the banks can be lifted and carried without any issues. The medium size bags are the best to be used indoors or outdoors and the bags can be used during parties and picnics. Bags are available in a wide range of sizes also.


  • The round-neck design of bags is easy to use.
  • Bags are available in different sizes.
  • Black bags are designed using strong plastic material.


  • Make sure about the size before purchase.

7. Sky Green Dustbin Garbage Bags 

Sky Green Dustbin Garbage Bags 

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The Sky Green premium quality dustbin garbage bags are available along with a detachable thread. The bags are completely leakage proof and it makes them easy to use. The bags can be used at home and mainly in the kitchen. It can easily handle all the kitchen waste which is of dry and wet type of waste.

The bags are made of ultra-flex quality products. It makes the bags highly flexible and durable for a long time. The bags are highly canonical and can be used to collect the garbage systematically. Stretchable banks can store more garbage than expected.

The quality of the Sky Green bags remains excellent and the banks can also be recycled. The product is highly satisfactory and helps to keep the environment clean and hygienic. The product is highly preferred to be used in residential areas as well as in commercial places.


  • Good quality garbage bags are the most useful.
  • Long durable and very flexible garbage bags.


  • The quality of the bags should be higher.

8. G 1 Garbage Bags 

G 1 Garbage Bags 

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You must be wondering about how to handle the daily waste which keeps increasing. The G1 garbage bags are the most cost-effective and can be used in the kitchen to maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere. The garbage bags are made up of high-quality virgin material. It neither gives a bad smell nor gets it leaked even after storing liquid waste.

The garbage bags are at reasonable prices and can be used on a daily basis. The bag is available in medium sizes and it can be put around the dustbin at a home, office, or in hotels. The bags are made of high-quality material which is durable for a long time and it allows storing dry waste and wet waste separately. The garbage bags are black in color and can be tied with string so it makes it easy to carry the bags for disposal.

The awareness has come among people about keeping their houses and the surrounding area clean. The nicely designed strong plastic G1 garbage bags have become part of our lifestyle today. The plastic bags can be reused but depends on their usages.


  • The garbage bags are made of virgin plastic which is long lasting.
  • Easy to handle garbage bags with closer strings.
  • The bag is odorless and leakage free.


  • Check for the sizes before buying.

9. The Honest Home Garbage Bags 

The Honest Home Garbage Bags 

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The Honest Home garbage bags are stretchable and can hold the waste for long hours without any smell or leakages. The bags are biodegradable and can be used for the dust bins. Bags are available in a roll and can easily fit around the dust bins. The green color bags are innovative because of its ce0 plastic material and it offers complete home care.

Garbage bags suppose the perforation technique that can make it easy to tear the bags without spoiling them. The bags are stronger and serve the purpose for a longer time. There are different sizes of bags available and the medium size bag fits 82 a normal-sized bucket.

Long durable Honest Home garbage bags are easy to use and easy to store by rolling them. The garbage bags can solve the problems related to kitchen waste easily. The bags are available at a reasonable rate. Bags have a string attached to them which helps you to tie them while carrying for disposal.


  • High-quality bags are available at reasonable rates.
  • Make use of no plastic technique which is eco-friendly.


  • The cost of the bag is higher.

10. PRAKRUTIK Garbage Bags 

PRAKRUTIK Garbage Bags 

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Large size PRAKRUTIK garbage bags are high quality and can easily fit the dustbins. Bags can be used for various places and different occasions. Bags can be used in the kitchens, in the hotels, in offices, hospitals, and also in the pantries. The bags are of the biodegradable type and can be easily disposed of without any difficulty. Bags that look thick and strong can allow storing garbage of about 10 kg without any smell or leakage.

Disposal of waste has become a problem today and the premier quality garbage bags have offered a perfect solution. To keep the environment clean and hygienic and to make waste management stronger you have to make use of these well-designed degradable plastic bags for collecting garbage.

These PRAKRUTIK garbage bags will get destroyed completely within some time of disposal. These bags have tensile strength and can hold more garbage. These garbage bags can be kept handy and they can be used during parties, traveling, or picnics.


  • Biodegradable bags are the best to use.
  • The bags are stronger to hold 10 kg of waste.
  • The degradable plastic bags are the best for garbage collection.


  • The bags cannot be separated easily from the roll.

How To Choose The Best Dustbin Bags in India

In order to choose the right dustbin bag online for you, you have to understand the following given factors. It will help you in choosing the best product available.

 1. Size of the dustbin bags

To find the most suitable dustbin bag for your dustbin, you have to find the size of the bag required for the dustbin. There are various types of dustbins available in the market having different design look and size. Once you are sure about the size of the dustbin you can find dustbin bags available for it. Dustbin bags are available in various sizes. The dustbin bags available in the market have various sizes that depend on the purpose & requirements. Dustbin bags used for industries and factories are larger in size the dustbin bags used for homes and offices are medium in size.

2. Type of waste to be collected

You have to make sure about the type of waste that you want to collect into the dustbin bag. Among the different types of waste, you have to decide which particular type of waste that you want to dump into the dustbin bag. Most of the dustbin bags are biodegradable and are leakage-free. But you make sure about the type of garbage bag you are required depending on the kind of trash you need to dispose of. There are different types of garbage bags available. Some bags are used to collect LDPE, HDPE, & Contractor garbages too.

 3. Color of the bag

The garbage bags available in the market are in different colors. Most commonly the garbage bags are available in black color. Black color is the standard color that keeps the trash discreet and it doesn’t allow the waste to be seen even when placed in public places. The green color has become popular mainly because bags are made of no plastic technology and the bags are biodegradable.

 4. Closer type bags

Mostly the garbage bags you use for the dustbin need to be closed from the top which makes it safe, while you carry it for disposal. Some of the bags are designed in rounded shapes that make them easy to close and tie with the small string attached. Most of the garbage bags have small tie strings attached to them at the top which can be used later.

 5. Brands/Companies

You can also consider the brand names of the companies that manufacture the most required garbage bags for the dust bins. Some of the companies have done a lot of research and have developed garbage bags using technology. Some of the companies have developed eco-friendly biodegradable garbage bags.

 6. Reviews

If you are interested to know more about the product, then you can take some more time to do some research on the garbage bags and the experience of the people. Most of the E-shopping websites offer you customer reviews on various products. The customer reviews will help you to understand the product, the services offered by the company and also the issues faced by the customers while using the product. It will certainly help you to get the best product in the market.

 7. Warranty

The warranty is not offered commonly by the manufacturing companies in the products. But if you buy a product which is under warranty then it will be an advantage for you, if you find any manufacturing defect in the product after the purchase.

The above-given points are useful while finding the most suitable, highly useful, and reasonably priced garbage bags for the dustbins. You have to make sure about the product, brand, and the other services offered along with the price.

Garbage Bags Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is dustbin bags called?

A dustbin bag is also known as a rubbish bag in British English, a trash bag in American English, a refuse sack, garbage bag, or bin liner. Most people know it as a bin liner. These bags are used to contain solid waste. They are often made of plastic, offer in three different colours. These colours are black, white, and green.

2. What is a standard size garbage bag?

The standard size of garbage bag depends on need, i.e. for kitchen use, the standard size of a dustbin bag is 50 litres/ 13 gallons. They are designed for a small trash bag. Most standard size garbage bags are available on the market are around 10 to 13 gallons. Bags of 50 litres are used at offices and homes. If you want to use the garbage bag for commercial use then the standard size will be different in this case.

3. Is it safe to put food in garbage bags?

Absolutely no. storing or putting food in a garbage bag may develop bacteria and chemicals into the food. These bags aren’t food-grade plastic so that there is a high risk of growing bacteria. In addition, there is a wide range of toxic chemicals developing in bags that can absorb into your food. Garbage bags contain all types of chemicals, as they are made of plastic which can harm your body.

4. Is it okay to store clothes in garbage bags?

A garbage bag is a great alternative to store fabric like clothes, towels, non-hanging clothes, and linens. If you’ve minimal space in your wardrobe or start shifting, there is no better option than a garbage bag. It makes your packing and unpacking tasks easier. It is completely safe to store clothes. For instance, you can hold about 40 pounds of weight in a 56-gallon trash bag without any storing hassle.


In order to save the environment from getting polluted, you have to change your habits and work for a healthy atmosphere around us. And the good work can be started from your home itself. You can make use of nicely designed sturdy-looking garbage bags that can easily fit around the dustbins kept in your kitchen & bathroom. The multi-purpose garbage bags are highly functional and help you to keep your home & surrounding vigorous & hygienic. The garbage bags are available in various sizes and qualities and before you buy them, you should perfectly know the size of the dustbins you have at your home.

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