Top 10 Countries with The Most Serial Killers in the World

“Some kill for living and some live for killing.” It is a phrase often used for serial killers. These serial killers have a certain kind of disturbance and are hysterical. Usually these people have some sort of culture conditioning or have endured some sort of cruelty in their childhood or maybe their relationship with their parents could be strained and did not care for them at all. Other reasons may include psychological illness, poverty and mental disorders. Therefore these people get distressed and eventually it is through these killings they vent out their frustrations.They kill people one by one for pleasure or happiness or to fulfill some specific cause. Usually these killings follow a particular pattern.

Even history has witnessed some of the malicious killers. Psychopaths, Secret assassins and brutal emperors have killed people either to fulfill their political motives or for personal happiness or maybe for living. How our society or the surroundings affect the behavior of a person can only be ascertained by observing the way our society performs.

Which is why we bring to you the list of Top 10 Countries with the most Serial Killers in the World.

10. Japan 

The range of convicted murderers till now is 13. However, there are still many others who are roaming freely in this world. Few killer assassinated a lot of girls after keeping them as hostages and simply cannibalized on their dead bodies. Those who knew these killers have established the fact that these killers had been feeling inferiority complexes in terms of his sexuality and masculinity which triggered the monster inside him and he killed lot of innocent people from opposite sex.

9. Canada 

The aggregate number of convicted serial killers in Canada happens to be 13. Canada is a live example that the serial killers can be from any background. Though there is enough stability provided to the citizens still there is a known history of convicted serial killers. There was a billionaire who killed 49 women and even wanted to make it to 50. He used to trap women of young age groups which he later confessed to an undercover cop.

8. France 

As per the recent figures, French has convicted 17 serial killers till now. Some of the most wanted serial killers have been from France. The most dangerous and the infamous of all was known as the “French Ripper” and as the name suggests he used to kill his victims by torturing them by ripping off their parts of the body. It was next to impossible to catch hold of such assassins as there were inadequate tools and techniques of investigation.

7. South Africa 

The total number of serial killers sentencedis about 20. South Africa has a treacherous history of such killers who only killed for pleasure. One of these hysterics killed 38 and raped 40 women in a very short duration. The killings were so frightening that these victims were impossible to be identified later on.

6. Mexico 

Serial killers have no specific gender. One known female has killed up to 50 people and mostly elderly women but this number is expected to be more than this. It is because in Mexico, there is a lot of lawlessness so the murderers and killers are very rarely caught. Until now there are 21 serial killers in the entire Mexico who were convicted.

5. Russia 

At number 5, we have the Soviet Union which has gone through a number of changes. And with these changes, many evil serial killers also came out. The aggregate number of convicted murderers are 24. And the most infamous was the one who killed 56 women and young kids after abusing, mutilating, sexually assaulting and harassing them. He was later executed post the hearing and acknowledgement of his acts.

4. Australia 

Number 4 of this list is Australia which has an aggregate number of 24 convicted serial murderers. Australian serial killers are mostly known to carry out executions in groups. They aim to kill other together. One of the known case was of 3 people and a 4th partner who was helping them. They have been known to kill the ones they hated and then torture and theft followed.

3. Germany 

Most brutal and cruel killers of all times are known to be from Germany. With the number of 26 aggregate convicted serial killers, Germany reaches on number 3 slot. The history of Germany has witnessed such cold blooded killer who has killed almost 1000 people in his lifetime, though it seems to be a vague figure but it is a fact. It was in 16th Century and it is known that this assassin use to mutilate the bodies badly. His story was published before his execution.

2. England 

The center of Britain is also the epicenter of most serial killers. Most of the people travel to England from different parts of the world to perform their killing agendas. So far the aggregate number of condemned serial killers is approximately 47. Mostly the victims are innocent and in the old times of England, there had been a stone hearted woman who is known to have murdered 400 babies somewhere in the 19th Century. This is one of the tragic stories from England’s history.

1. United State of America 

Countries with the most Serial Killers

The US is known as the “birthplace of most expert assassins of all times”. Every 60 minutes there is some murder or assassination held. There are some iconic serial killers which actually inspired media to coin the term of “Serial Killer”. The aggregate number of convicted serial murderers is believed to be 227 as of now or maybe even more. This figure is almost 19 times more than the serial killers in England. Mostly these serial killers are of all ethnicities like Hispanic, White, Asian, Native Americans and Black. Almost 50% of which are White. Most common modus operandi is poisoning, bombing, stabbing and strangulation. Some of the well-known serial killers are David Berkowitz who shot six individuals and injured seven others and Edmund Kemper who assassinated more than eight individuals inclusive of his mother and grandparents.


These killers are usually very difficult to identify as they look innocent on the exterior and usually they go as unsuspected and roam the world freely. Which is why there are still a huge number of unresolved serial murder cases. However now with the new technologies and even digitalization, many investigating companies are getting great help to nip the evil in the bud. Strained relationships is one of the main reasons which trigger cruelty among the people and they turn into monsters in no time. So it is expected that family members be more loving and caring towards each other especially kids.