Top 10 Countries With the Highest Rainfall in the World

On the face of the earth, if there are places which are suffering from lack of rains and drought-like conditions, there are places which are dealing with floods and more recurrent floods. Though rains are highly beneficial for a number of things and are very basic for the survival of life on the earth, an excess of it is actually bad. If we say that rains are good for our crops, excessive rainfall can surely de-capacitate the crops and can be a reason for more serious problems. On the whole, rains do give a sense of prosperity as the environments become cleaner and more pleasurable. But countries where it rains 365 days in a year, the living beings get disturbed.

There are number of places where it rains cats and dogs all throughout the year so let us find out top 10countries with the highest Rainfall in the world.

10. Bangladesh 

This country has a sub-tropical climate due to which 80% of the rainfall occurs in the monsoon season which starts from July. The northeast side of the nation receives the highest rainfall due to its proximity to the Himalayas. The average precipitation is 2,666 mm per year. Plus this country is located near water bodies due to which there are heavy floods in the rivers. Sylhet region receives the majority of rainfall. These heavy rains trigger the probabilities of landslides and floods which are very dangerous for the residents.

9. Indonesia 

One of the beautiful countries of the world, with tropical climatic conditions which gets triggered due to the warm water lakes. Almost 80% of the land in Indonesia is occupied with warm water reservoirs. It is known that Indonesia receives 2,702 mm of precipitation per year. And the monsoons here start from December till March and in these months, the northern and the western part of Indonesia receive the maximum rainfall as compared to the rest of the country.

8. Brunei Darussalam 

Another country located in the tropical belt and therefore receiver of most rainfall. Climatic conditions are also tropical and sub-tropical due to which warm and humid weather and more rainfall happens. Brunei Darussalam is the 8th country in the world to receive the highest rainfall which is approximately 2,722 mm in a year.

7. Malaysia 

at number 7, we have Malaysia with over 2,875 mm of rain annually. Another country located in tropical belt and same weather conditions. Northern and western slopes receive the maximum rainfall in the months of December and March as during this time monsoon is on. Sabah and Sarawak receive almost 70% of annual rainfall of the country. Penang region suffered the most recently in the massive floods in Indonesia.

6. Costa Rica 

a very famous tourist destination and known for the golden sandy beaches, Costa Rica receives 2,926 mm of rainfall every year. It is perfect for beach activities such as sunbathing and surfing but as the monsoon season starts in May, it is recommended that no such activities take place as it could be fatal. Therefore during these months, the tourist inflow also reduces to a great extent. Also tropical storms are very common in Costa Rica which cause floods, shortage of water to drink, trees falling and landslides. People are stranded and thousands of them land up in shelters.

5. Panama 

At number 5, we have Panama which receives the same amount of rainfall as Costa Rica but it rains there for almost 9 months of the year starting from April till December. The location of this country is such that it receives the most rainfall due to process of vaporization. Plus the places located near the sea shores have the maximum share of the rainfall. The excessive rains makes the life of people bitter.

4. Solomon Islands 

Ranked on the number 4, Solomon Islands receive 3,028 mm of rainfall annually. The rains start in two phases, first from February till May and the next from September till November. Besides, Solomon Islands experience the heights of two extremely different weather conditions, dry and wet. The tornados are another dangerous calamity faced by the residents of Solomon Islands apart from heavy rainfall.

3. Papua New Guinea 

number 3 on the list of top 10 countries with highest rainfall is Papua New Guinea. The rainfall that this country receives in a year is approximately 3,142 mm. The tropical climate is the reason of excessive rainfall which usually happens in the months from December till March as it is the monsoon season. There is a lot of destruction called by flooded rivers and will continue till the water from these excessive rains is not channelized.

2. Sao Tome and Principe 

second highest receiver of rainfall in the world with approximately 3200 mm of rain per year. Like Solomon Islands, this country too receives the rainfall in two phases. First one and comparatively shorter one is from October till November and the second phase starts from March till May. Though shorter durations but during these months, the rainfall is significant. The regions which lie in the proximity of the equator get the highest rainfall.

1. Colombia 

Countries with the Highest Rainfall in the world

at number 1, we have the rainiest place in the world – Colombia. Rainfall is a permanent feature there barring months of July and August where less rainfall is recorded and tourists are also allowed to visit Colombia. The infrastructure, as well as the living beings, get extremely disturbed there due to high rainfall and it is still the same. Due to heavy rains, landslides happen leaving many dead. Due to floods, many buildings get destroyed. The average precipitation in Columbia is 3240 mm per year which is the highest in the world. Most of the time, this place is under floods. The Pacific coastline suffers from the most disastrous rainfall and it is on a daily basis. And due to the presence of rainforests, the condensation cycle works. Besides, it showers in Colombia almost every day.


As far as the environment is concerned, rains are required for living. But an excess of it could be fatal. The countries mentioned above are located in close proximity of mountainous region or closer to large water bodies, and eventually clouds get created due to the moisture of this place. On the whole, if all through the year the weather remains constant, more and more rainfall in these regions could be expected. And places with tropical climate have the same weather all 365 days a year which is why it rains the most in these places. Landslides and floods are two repercussions of the heavy rainfall and they create havoc in the lives of people.

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