Top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source In the World

Our bodies is made up of 60% water. For proper maintenance of our bodily functions we require clean water or else there are lot of diseases we can suffer from. Clean water is essential as polluted and dirty water is lethal for the proper functioning of our bodies. Clean supply of water is very important for the survival of human beings. Every person on earth requires water to quench the thirst, for cooking, bathing and cleaning. People rely on water supplies for each and every task and even it is essential for the life of animals and plants as well. Water that we use from lakes and rivers or even groundwater gets replenished by nature through rains and even snow.We can only expect the nation to be naturally rich and in good economic health if there is an unlimited source of clean and safe water.

When it comes to clean water, there are four basic fundamentals that we put to use while calculating country’s worth and these are cost, quantity, reliability and quality. There are many countries which provide the cleanest water to its residents and are a role model for the rest of the world.

Given below are the top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source in the World.

10. France

At number 10, we have France whose wastewater management is approximately 100% and thus the citizens are blessed with flawless water for drinking and other uses. Though, at this point the country is facing a lot of problems with the natural biodiversity and therefore now protecting marine resources and territories.

9. Colombia

At number 9 of the top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source in the World, we have Colombia which is one of the nations with the freshest water of the world. Not only for its richness in coffee and flowers, Columbia is also known for its clean water. The nature and water is treated effectively and the residents of Colombia enjoy clean drinking water. The water management is such that even the wastewater is being retreated and reused in agriculture.

8. Latvia

The only post-soviet country in this list is Latvia which ranks at number 8. Only 0.1 point behind New Zealand Latvia is known for its wastewater management and treatment facilities which are of a high standard facilities. The quality of water that is used for consumption and management of aquatic resources is totally remarkable in Latvia. The tap water is absolutely harmless to drink in this country. Tourists enjoy swimming in the sparkling clean water of beaches in Latvia beaches.

7. New Zealand

At number 7, we have New Zealand which is not only known in importing different varieties of cheese but also administration of the wastewater and air purity. New Zealand boasts of several dirt-free lakes. The New Zealanders enjoy high quality and clean drinking water. Though New Zealand is still working on carbon dioxide emanations and the safety of marine zones.

6. Austria

At the 6th slot of the top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source in the World, we have Austria with the cleanest water producing country in the world. The Austrians use eco-friendly ways for handling agriculture and also to protect the water resources. It is quite unique, commendable and highly methodical. They still continue to make more and more development in their wastewater treatment so that the quality of water which they distribute countrywide is improved. But to be in the top 5 nations Austria will have to slog a bit more.

5. Costa Rica

One of the top 5 countries that produce the cleanest water in the world. The reason is that this country put eco-friendly techniques and values to use. These global eco-standards are even used to treat the waste water so that more and more clean water can be produced for the residents. This country is now setting up example for other 5 countries in the top 10 list of countries with cleanest water source of the world.

4. Finland

At number 4, we have Finland which is also recognized as “Land of a thousand lakes”. It is not really surprising to see this country on number 4. Because it makes the best use of its water resources. The drinking water is of high quality and so is the treatment of wastewater used for farming. Not only the cleanest water, lot of tourists and residents enjoy the numerous spas and saunas which is why it is imperative for Finland to maintain superb quality water.

3. Norway

The third country in the top 10 list of cleanest water source in the world is Norway. A little less in comparison to Sweden, this second Scandinavian country has excellent quality and facilities for the treatment of water. ‘Fjord’ in Norway is also very famously known. This country uses hydroelectric energy mostly and wastewater treatment facilities are exceptional. Apart from this, Norway is blessed with abundance in clean water and air. Norway is moving towards conserving energy which is a very practical yet huge move. It is important that all countries should move towards conserving their natural resources.

2. Sweden

Sweden is the 2nd country out of the top 10 countries which are abundant with the cleanest water source of the world. There are many other factors which let Sweden reach number 2 such as conservation of pure water and air and also low emissions of Carbon Dioxide. Rivers, lakes and beaches are abundantly provided with crystal clear and clean water. They have excellent infrastructure to treat water and therefore they preserve the nature, forests, lakes and river.

1. Switzerland

Countries with Cleanest Water Source

At the top slot of the countries with cleanest water sources we have Switzerland. It is not only known for Swiss Chocolates, Swiss Watches and Swiss Banks but also for the excellent infrastructure and latest technology for the wastewater treatment. Management of water sources is done cautiously and other measures taken by Switzerland are ban of insecticides in agriculture and also fulfilling the four basic fundamentals which are mentioned earlier.


We must preserve and maintain the water which we require for consumption. Clean water helps in sustaining our body temperature. Thanks to the cleanliness of these countries, rich natural wealth and less pollution, provide a safe supply of water to citizens as well as tourists. The above mentioned 10 countries can be taken as role-models by the rest of the countries as they have developed important strategies and techniques to make water sterile for consumption of all. These countries are also holding a strong economic status and a very good standard of living. For obvious reasons, these countries have healthy residents and people are making more and more developments in the field of cleaning water.