Top 10 Countries with Best Transport System in the World

An efficient transportation system not only is an indicator of economic development but also enables further development of the country as well as the residents of the country. A country’s development will be very slow in case there are not efficient transport systems. Therefore it is a must-have for every economy. Not only having the system in place is important but also the maintenance and updation of the system is essential too.

After all who wants to drive to work every day? Many people even use public transportation system as a better and a properly connected infrastructure can never make you go wrong. There are lot of problems that can be easily combated if there is an efficient transport system for example traffic jams, accidents, and potholes. However there are many countries which have proper transportation plans and systems which make it comfortable for the people to commute from one place to another.

Given below are the top 10 countries with the best transportation systems in the world.

10. Russia, Moscow

Number 10 on the list we have Moscow. The Metro system of this country is actually very innovative and one of the best systems on this list. Underground war shelters are now being converted to beautiful Metro stations. Passengers don’t have to wait for more than four minutes to get on a train. And this is at any point of time and at any given station. Apart from the convenience it is also very affordable.

9. United Arab Emirates,Dubai

Number 9 on the list of top 10 countries with the best transportation system in the world we have Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority operated the Dubai’s public transportation. It comprises of buses, metros, water taxis and ferries. Water taxis are called Abras in Dubai. Transport agencies here have certain packages which takes the tourists to the major sightseeing places and also provides snack vouchers and maps.

8. USA – New York

New York City’s underground subway structure is surely one of the wonderful accomplishment and certainly an asset of the Americans. New York is one of the places on the globe where it makes more sense to roam around in the public transportation system. The efficient network of buses and trains runs through all the five boroughs of New York. And in case you are traveling outside New York, the Penn Station will connect you with trains moving to other parts of the country.

7. Germany – Berlin,Frankfurt and Munich

The next best country with the exceptional transport system is Germany. You would find this network of efficient transportation system all over Germany such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Cleanliness, punctuality and easy availability of the public transportation system takes you to every nook and corner of the city. Subway trains, buses, trams all ensure that you no longer have to wait for the next public vehicle and that you no longer get stuck in jams. In Munich, you would find the best public transportation system. Munich U-Bahn is the Munich Subway train which is very punctual and reliable system. It is also integrated with common train known as S-Bahn. You can choose the subway ticket from options such as monthly, weekly and daily. Also the application is available for android and iPhone users.

Germany’s transport system is also renowned for being one of the most accessible in the world, meaning it has been designed carefully to ensure travellers with disabilities can use it with ease.

There are many things to consider for those who are travelling with a wheelchair and the accessibility of public transport is perhaps one of the most important things. The useful tips shown here on the SCI Progress website highlight the importance of pre-planning when travelling with a disability, such as researching the standards of public transport of the destination that will be visited.

6. Switzerland – Zurich

At number 6, we have the next country which has the best transportation system. In Switzerland and to be more precise in the beautiful city named Zurich. The Switzerland government build this network of best transportation system for the public which is very neat and tidy and are best known for their reliability, so there is no longer any stress of reaching the office late. The public transportation system in Zurich is divided into various zones and the prices are also varying as per the zones you’re traveling through. But the best part is that the whole of the Zurich is located majorly within Zone 10, so you can reach your destinations economically and easily.

5. UK – London

England is the next country with the unsurpassed transportation system and it goes without saying that London has the unrivaled transportation system in the whole of England. With an area of 600 miles per square, you can reach any part of the city by subway train or the bus. Subway system of London is known as London Underground which is also the oldest subway system of the world as it is operating since the year 1863. Subway trains, buses, trams, double decker buses are all available here.

4. France – Paris

At Number 4, we have Paris which is not only known for the beautiful Eiffel Tower but also the best public transportation system. The well-connected transportation network is amazingly fascinating. If you are travelling to Paris and do not understand French, there is nothing to worry about as the metro lines are visibly characterized and color-coded. But as disciplined the authorities are, you will be imposed a fine if you do not calculate the ticket prices which vary as per the zones you are going to travel.

3. Japan – Tokyo

Japan is at number 3 in the list of top 10 countries with the best transport system of the world. Japan is hugely populated country and so is the public transportation system but the network is properly planned, wide, clean and punctual. Japanese are known for their courteous culture so if there is an interruption even for a moment, each and every passenger will receive apologies. But also it is a fact that it is not a 24-hour service.

2. Singapore

At number 2, we have Singapore’s public transportation system which is economical, cleaner, and very much punctual and also less crowded. Trains, subways or buses are available to take you in every nook and corner of the city.

1. South Korea – Seoul

Countries with Best Transport System

The best transportation system of the world is in South Korea’s Seoul which has the lengthiest transport system covering almost 508 kilometers. The trains arrive every two minutes even during the rush hours and weekdays. There is a reserved space for pregnant ladies, elderly, and the disabled. Just like any other public place, trains also provide you the unlimited access of Wi-Fi.


In order to ensure smooth functioning of an economy, a speedy and reliable transportation arrangement is required. The advantages of the efficient transportation system are many but to begin with, they are on time, hygienic and in most cities you don’t need to pay the after shifting from bus to the metro and vice versa. Most of the transportation systems provides maps, alternative routes and even the schedule. There are lot of applications available on the Android play store and the iPhone App store. They help you to make easy bookings and make your travel even more comfortable.

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