Difference Between Single and Double Door Fridge

While single door refrigerators have been around in the market for a longer time, they have been replaced in popularity by the more spacious double-door models.

Buying a refrigerator can often prove to be a matter of confusion, especially when one is unclear about the difference between the two types available in the market. Each of these variants brings its own share of advantages and disadvantages. One must be completely aware of the differences between these two fridge types to decide which one to buy for his/her household.

Single Door Vs Double Door Refrigerator

Following is a complete guide mentioning the differences between a single door and double door fridge that can help individuals undertake a comprehensive decision –


Aspect Single-Door Refrigerator Double-Door Refrigerator
Configuration Single compartment for both fridge and freezer. Separate compartments for fridge and freezer.
Size Options Available in various sizes, including compact models. Typically larger in size to accommodate the separate sections.
Capacity Smaller capacity, suitable for small households. Larger capacity, ideal for medium to large families.
Energy Efficiency Generally more energy-efficient due to smaller size. May consume more energy, especially if both doors are frequently opened.
Organization Limited storage and organization options. Offers better organization with shelves and compartments in both sections.
Freezer Location Freezer is usually located within the main compartment. Dedicated freezer section with its own door.
Frost Build-Up Prone to frost build-up, requiring manual defrosting. Frost-free options available, reducing the need for manual defrosting.
Price Range Typically more affordable. Generally more expensive due to larger size and features.
Space Utilization May not utilize space as efficiently. Offers better space utilization and storage options.
Accessibility Single-door access to both fridge and freezer. Separate doors for fridge and freezer allow for better accessibility.
Convenience May be less convenient for organizing and accessing items. Offers better convenience and organization, reducing the mixing of odors between compartments.
Suitability Ideal for small kitchens and households with minimal storage needs. Suitable for larger kitchens and families with more storage requirements.
  • Cooling technology

Single door refrigerators employ direct cooling technology with natural convection. In contrast, double door refrigerators use frost-free technology with fans, which produce an enhanced cooling effect. This upgraded cooling effect of double door refrigerators preserves the contents for a more extended time period. This ensures that the items inside fridges remain fresh and fit for consumption for a more extended period.

  • Storage capacity

A double door refrigerator provides a storage capacity ranging from 235 to 495 litres. In comparison, a single door refrigerator comes with accommodation in the range of 50 to 250 litres.

Thus, it is evident that a double door refrigerator is ideal for a family of 4 to 5 members. In contrast, a single door refrigerator is suitable for a family consisting of 1 to 3 members. Double door fridges consist of large shelves and freezers, unlike single door counterparts.

  • Energy efficiency

Single door refrigerators consume a higher amount of power than double door refrigerators on certain occasions. For instance, while accessing the freezer, the main fridge door needs to be opened before the freezer door. This decreases the overall fridge temperature, which in turn increases the power consumption. Double door refrigerators are more efficient when it comes to this aspect. However, the overall power consumption of a double door fridge is higher than its counterpart.

Nowadays, the majority of the fridge models bring with them a standardised BEE star rating. This rating is a measure of how energy efficient a particular refrigerator model is. The ones with a higher rating enable better savings on electricity bills.

  • Inverter technology

The majority of single door refrigerators come equipped with regular compressors, while the double door ones use the latest inverter technology. The ones that feature the normal compressors have a single-speed type mechanism. In contrast, a double door fridge’s operation happens at various speeds, thus utilising minimal energy, maintaining an optimum performance level of the fridge.

Inverter technology enables the double door refrigerators to adapt to the users’ lifestyle habits, resulting in overall savings of up to 30% on the electricity bill.

  • Maintenance

Double door refrigerators are equipped with an auto-clean feature that automatically cleans the ice without any manual interference, while single door refrigerators need to be cleaned at fixed intervals.

The prices of both single door and double door refrigerators might be on the higher end, depending on the brand and their specs. Interested buyers can opt to make their purchase using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and convert their bills into easy, no-cost EMIs.

One can look into the widespread grid of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, with over 43000 partnered sellers, to access a more extensive range of refrigerator models, both in single and double door variants.

While these financing options have made it easier to buy a refrigerator, selecting the most suitable one would require one to go through this guide in order to understand their differences before initiating purchase.

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