How Much Should I Pay for LED Tube Light Installation in India?

LED Tube Lights have several benefits over traditional tube lights. LED tube lights are much more power efficient, lowering your power bills. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the durability of LED tube lights. They last very long. Most LED tube lights come with a two-year warranty; on average, the lifespan of the LED tube light is over five years. In the case of CFL lights, the life span was short, and there used to be multiple components, like the choke and the starter. LED tube lights are much better. You also get colour options in LED tube lights, and you can choose from various wattages.

On the downside, repairing the CFL tube light was possible, but the whole assembly has to be changed in the case of LED tube lights. Talking about the net benefits, we feel that LED tube lights are much better because of cost-saving and durability factors. Let us now talk about the installation cost of the LED tube lights.

What Should I Know Before Buying LED Tube Lights?

You might not be aware, but LED tube lights are available in various wattages and colours. Depending on the need for light, you can opt for a 4W, 7W or 13W light. You can opt for up to 20W of LED tube light if you need a brighter light source. This will illuminate your room very well. In addition, you can choose the colour temperature to get the tone of the light. You can get a regular white tone, or you can get an off-white tone. You can also get a warmer temperature and a more yellowish tone on the LED tube lights. Also, check the warranty offered on the LED tube lights, as there is variability with the brand.

Installation Cost of LED Tube Lights

In this section, we have shared an approximate cost of LED tube light installation with you. However, this is assuming that you have already purchased the LED tube light and have the necessary wiring in place. If all these factors are met, then the typical cost of installation should be Rs 100. The electrician charges the bare minimum for installing the LED tube lights. In the installation, the electrician will install the wall brackets, and they will install the tube light. If you have an old tube light in place, the electrician will also remove the old tube light.

Final Verdict

For the installation of the LED tube lights, the rates are standard across the country. The electrician may charge slightly less in smaller cities, but the average remains Rs 100. You can even try installing the LED tube light yourself if you have some skills. However, we don’t recommend it if you have never tried it before. Moreover, if you are still looking for an electrician, you can try booking one online. There are many applications and websites that offer electrician services at similar prices. So, go ahead and replace your CFL tube lights with LED tube lights for greater savings.

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