ChatGPT Advantages and Disadvantages

Can you believe it, ChatGPT was launched in late 2022, and it took the world by storm. Literally, everybody is talking about this revolutionary AI language model. Prior to that, the use of AI for a regular internet user was just in the talks, but with ChatGPT we are seeing that in real time. When ChatGPT was launched, it was mind-boggling for millions of people what this AI language model was capable of doing. But if you are someone who’s new to ChatGPT or doesn’t know what is so mind-blowing about it, then keep on reading because you are about to find that out.

Today, we will be taking a look at the advantages as well as disadvantages that come with ChatGPT. But before we start, keep in mind that it is just the early days of ChatGPT, there are a lot of advancements yet to come. And without a doubt, it is going to be more intelligent and advanced as time progresses. With that said, let’s dive right into what ChatGPT has to offer, and what challenges or limitations you may face with it.


Advantages Of ChatGPT

Spoiler alert, ChatGPT’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages. We wanted to make that clear because we are talking about this advanced tech because it can be super useful in so many ways imaginable. Now let’s take a closer look at the things that make ChatGPT super useful and popular.

1. Extremely Simple User Interface

Before ChatGPT was introduced, GPT-3 still existed, and you could use it by signing up for Open AI Playground. But the problem with GPT-3 or Open AI’s Playground was that it was not exactly user-friendly. There were a lot of things to tweak, and if you were new to it, you’d probably have to watch a couple of tutorial videos to actually use it. But that’s not the case at all with ChatGPT. The developers of this AI model made a really good decision of launching the GPT language model in a Chat-like user interface. And in our opinion, that is one important thing that made it so popular in the AI space.

2. Free To Use, But With Limitations

As of now, you can simply sign up for ChatGPT and use it for Free. At the time of its launch, ChatGPT was completely free for everyone. But as you may know, running an AI language model or any cloud-based service takes a lot of computation power. That’s the reason why ChatGPT developers decided to introduce the paid plan of just $20 per month for all its users. However, you can still use it for free if you want, but there are certain limitations such as you only have access to GPT 3.5 language model, there are a certain number of prompts that you can send in a day or on an hourly basis, etc.

3. Can Be Used In So Many Ways

You can use ChatGPT for various tasks, from personal to commercial/business use. For example, if you want to finish up your homework fast, you can use ChatGPT for that, but we suggest you do it for yourself, that’s a better way of learning. Talking about the business or commercial uses, you can automate things like creating a chatbot that resolves your customers’ queries, you can use it as a copywriting tool, or an assistant in your content writing tasks, improve the SEO of your website by asking for suggestions, etc. And since the API is available for ChatGPT, you can do a whole lot more, such as creating a cloud-based application that uses ChatGPT in the backend to show, filter, or create data. With ChatGPT, possibilities are endless, and with further advancements, it is going to be a whole lot better.

4. GPT-4 Is Insanely Good

In March 2023, GPT-4 Model was released by Open AI to the paid users of ChatGPT. And after using it for quite a while, we can say for sure that it is much more advanced and powerful than the standard GPT-3.5 Model. The problem with the previous ChatGPT models was that you’d have to be very specific with your prompts to get a good result, and even if you were really specific with your command or prompt, the ChatGPT won’t follow what you specified in the prompt. GPT-4 on the other hand is a much more powerful model which obeys your prompts and gives you specific results.

5. Extensions And Plugins Are On The Way

Just a few weeks ago, Open AI announced that they will be bringing support for extensions and plugins for ChatGPT. Plugins allow ChatGPT to do a whole lot more, for example, as per the information from Open AI, they will be releasing a browning plugging which will allow ChatGPT to access information from the web. Similarly, there will be other plugins for code developers, video editors, etc. And there will be third-party paid plugins as well to make ChatGPT even more powerful.

Disadvantages Of ChatGPT

As with any other technological advancement, ChatGPT also has some disadvantages. There are certainly a few concerning things, but other than that, ChatGPT is a pretty smart and powerful tool. Let’s see what these disadvantages are:

1. Confident With Inaccurate Information

If you have used ChatGPT for quite a while, you may have noticed that it is pretty confident with inaccurate data or information. For example, if you ask ChatGPT about a specific historic event, sometimes it gives a different date/year than it actually happened. Similarly, ChatGPT can do the same with factual information, and it has been seen multiple times by users. So yeah, that’s one thing that Open AI must improve on to make it more accurate. And that is what they did with the GPT-4 model because it is much more accurate than all the previous models.

2. Limitlessness Of ChatGPT Is Scary For Some

ChatGPT has already affected many jobs like content writers, web developers, app developers, copywriters, etc. And as this tool gets more and more intelligent, the possibility of what it can do will be limitless. That’s exactly what many people find concerning ChatGPT and other AI projects.

3. Can Be Misused

With the previous models of ChatGPT, people have noticed that it is somewhat biased or discriminatory towards some particular topics. But that could be because of what data these models were trained on. However, as it gets more and more smarter, Open AI can improve on these things. Copyright infringement is another thing to talk about in this section. And that’s because ChatGPT was trained on actual human-generated content available on the internet. However, many people are in support of that because if you think about it, we all get our information from other people’s content.


In our opinion, ChatGPT is this fantastic, powerful, and super smart AI tool that can be used for a lot of good things. However, as with any technology, it is not always rainbows and sunshine. But yeah, as mentioned before, the advantages of this revolutionary tool do outweigh its cons or downsides. And another thing to point out here is that many people are saying ChatGPT is not good enough yet, but in reality, you must know how to communicate properly with ChatGPT to get good results. That’s the thing that people need to work on more to use this tool to its maximum potential.