10 Best Tampons in India 2022 – Expert Analysis, Guide & Tips

Women have to suffer from the periods monthly and it is the time when women can experience severe pain and menstrual cramps. Even in India, it has become a routine for women and now is the time to make a change in the lives of women in India.

The Indian women too while working at home or away from home are always under the stress and still they give their best while working under the burden of discomfort, distress & embarrassment. But the lifestyle of the women of 2022 will change, once they start using the nicely designed, organic tampons during the difficult times of bleeding, the good brand tampons for heavy flow works effectively to make the women feel relaxed & secured.

The tampon is a very hygienic-sanitary product that offers solutions for the menstrual problems women face. It can help in reducing the pain and the distress during the time of periods. Most women prefer to use tampons which are easy to use, work efficiently and provide relief to women in their struggle. There are different types of tampons available in the Indian market. The types of categories depend on the rate of absorbency.  The more is the rate of absorbency, more it absorbs the blood & fluid.

Best Tampons in India

The tampon is a product that is handy, compact, and made of soft cotton. It is inserted into the vaginal area during menstrual. It absorbs the blood and prevents leakages completely. It works hygienically and makes the women feel relaxed even during the periods. The tampons are safe to use and are medically tested for providing help to women & girls. The soft cotton material has higher absorbency and works effectively against leakages.

Best Buy Tampons Online In India

Make sure to use high-quality, branded tampons that are the best remedial help during the tough moments and allows the women to prevail over the guilt & embarrassing situations completely. Find the most suitable tampon from the list of tampons given below and find the best tampons for beginners in India.

1. Pee Safe Organic Cotton

Pee Safe Organic Cotton

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The Pee Safe organic tampon is a highly useful and comfortable device made for women in distress. They are the best organic tampons in India that offer complete safety to women. The women will feel relaxed while going out for work or while playing, swimming, or cycling.

Unlike most other brands, it is made of high-quality cotton material which is 100% organic. The tampons offer extra care while in use and can be biodegradable when disposed of. It gives relief and complete protection from leakages.

The tampons can be changed during the day depending on the flow. The tampons shouldn’t be used for a longer time and needed to be either changed or removed after 8 hours. It gives freedom to women to move around and also it makes women feel confident.

The PeeSafe tampons are natural and don’t make use of chemicals or fertilizers. So, it is highly safe and completely hygienic. It is also recognized by the FDA.


  • It is completely safe & natural.
  • No use of chemicals & fertilizers.
  • It is recognized by the FDA.


  • Make the right choice before using.

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2. Tampax Pearl Tampons

Tampax Pearl Tampons

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The Tampax Pearl tampon is an odor-free product, made of soft plastic material. The tampon is most suitable to be used regularly. It offers complete safety and women feel comfortable while using it. It has a strong braid to guard the leakages and allows easy movements.

The device is designed to fit easily and can get expanded if needed. It can fit perfectly well and keeps working continuously for 8 hours. The rounded tip on the top allows tight grip. It also uses anti-slip techniques that help in using it for longer hours.

The tampon has a removable layer that offers a soothing effect even during normal days. The tampons are neatly packed and have a seal that makes them completely safer. The size of the tampons is very important. The tampons are made of natural and organic substances. The soft material used remains long and durable and can be easy to use.

The Tampax Pearl tampons are eco-friendly and completely degradable. It helps the women to overcome unwanted difficulties and allows them to have a normal life.  And women can work at home and outside too.


  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Anti-slip technique for better usage.


  • Insertion needs practice.

3. Bella Tampons

Bella Tampons

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The Bella tampons are of imported quality and it is highly in demand in European countries. The tampons are available in various types and sizes. The tampons have superior quality and it has a no-oven top layer. The super plus size is most suitable for the heavy flow of blood.

The tampon is well-designed with a distributed system that is supported by set channels. It can very well control the flow of fluid and allows immediate absorption. The tampon works for longer hours and avoids all types of staining and leakages.

The tampon is designed according to the requirements of women’s issues. It is also dermatologically tested for any side effects or any other issues concerned.  The tampon is 100% safe and allows the woman complete comfort for long hours.

Bella tampon is recommended to use panty liners which can provide additional protection against leakage or staining during the heavy flow. The women find safety while going out for work or while doing activities like playing and swimming. And so they have become the best tampons for swimming in India.


  • Perfectly useful during heavy flow or bleeding.
  • Tested by dermatologists for better results.


  • Only used for higher bleeding issues.

4. Sofy Soft Tampons

Sofy Soft Tampons

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The Sofy Soft tampons are designed in a Japanese style and it is very popular among the girls and women. The tampon is easy to use and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Most women find it safer and feel relaxed.

It can be used for long hours during work or while getting engaged in the activities such as exercises, swim, play climb or dance. The tampon offers complete freedom from feeling stuffy or getting embarrassed. Most women liked the product for its look and its usefulness.

The girls and women have to follow just three simple steps to insert it in the place. It neither gives any pain nor does allow any leakage. It can last longer than 5- 8 hours depending on the bleeding.  It is also recommended to wear panty liners for extra safety.

The Sofy Soft tampon is exceptional in quality. It is a highly recommended and popular product among women & girls. It is available with the applicator which makes it easy to handle and use.


  • Highly recommended among the girls & women.
  • The applicator is highly functional & makes it easy to use.


  • Not easily available.

5. FLOH FDA Tampons

FLOH FDA Tampons

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The FLOH tampons are available in a pack of 20 pieces which is mainly preferred for moderate bleeding during the periods. The tampons are made of excellent quality fabric which is long-lasting and offers better results. The tampons are recognized by the FDA.

The tampons are soft and offer rounded tips on the top which is useful for easy insertion. It can work for longer during the menstrual cycle and offers complete relief to the girls and women. The specially designed and suitably shaped tampons can work for 8 hours and can be easily removed.

The tampons have higher absorbency that’s doing allows for any leakages or staining even during higher flows. The women find life easy with a tampon taking care of the menstrual issues effectively. Women can do the daily chores of work and even they can go swimming or cycling to have some fun.

The FLOH tampons are most preferred by women and girls. The tampon is useful for women during distress and it certainly helps in enhancing the level of confidence among women & girls. The tampons are the best tampons for beginners in India.


  • The rounded tips are easier for an insert.
  • It is accepted by the FDA.


  • Make sure about your requirements.

6. Sanfe Tampons

Sanfe Tampons

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The Sanfe tampon is available in a pack of 16 at a reasonable rate and has a premium design. The tampon is 100% safe due to the usage of high-quality organic cotton which is very soft to use and lasts longer. The tampons are mainly designed to handle regular flows.

The tampons are fluffy and soft and perfectly useful for girls and women. The women & girls will find the most suitable solution for the problem that they face all the time. They don’t have to skip the colleges or offices anymore and the tampon will take care of all the bleeding-related problems.

You have to choose the pad depending on the level of absorbency. During light flow, the tampons need to be changed twice but during heavy flow, it can be replaced every 2-3 hours. The type of tampon should be used as per the requirement.

The Sanfe tampons are dermatologically tested to make sure that the tampons are safe and can be used for long hours. The tampon offers the best result and the women feel satisfied after using it. It is the best organic tampons in India.


  • The premium design offers complete safety.
  • The most suitable for beginners.


  • Painful while inserting for the first time.

7. Carmesi Cotton Tampons

Carmesi Cotton Tampons

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The Carmesi tampon is available in a pack of 16. The tampons are mainly designed to use during regular to medium flow. The tampons offer complete comfort and relaxation to the girls and women during the hectic days of the menstrual cycle. It avoids any leakages or staining and is considered the best tampons in India for heavy flow.

The tampon is specially designed according to medical testing and it has been approved by the FDA. The tampons manufactured in Europe are useful for women around the world. The tampons are made of organic material and remain highly natural. It can be easily biodegradable.

The tampon helps women to have a healthy living because it doesn’t make use of bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances. The tampons can be inserted into the vaginal area during the periods. It can be painful in the beginning.

It allows the women to work and to perform all the activities without any issue. The tampons have become useful tools that offer complete relief to women and make them enjoy them without feeling any embarrassment.


  • Most suitable during regular & medium flows.
  • Approved by FDA for its high-quality material.
  • Natural & biodegradable.


  • Not used for heavy flows.

8. Menarche Premium Tampons

Menarche Premium Tampons

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The Menarche Premium tampon is specially manufactured for women having heavy bleeding during periods. The excellent quality material used is highly absorbent and remains leakage-free. The women find the tampon highly effective during the periods and it avoids all disastrous moments completely.

These are the best tampons for beginners in India. Tampons are medically tested and are designed according to the requirements of first-time users. It is the most suitable for beginners. It helps girls & women in resolving the painful issues regarding the bleeding but it also offers a technique that makes the girls & women feel confident while facing such issues.

The organic cotton material used remains 100% absorbent and doesn’t allow staining or leaking of the flow. Once the tampon is inserted into the body, it can remain for 6- 8 hours even during heavy flows. The Menarche Premium tampons can be replaced depending on the requirements.

It is manufactured in Israel and offers a specially designed product that takes care of women’s issues and allows a suitable solution to make the women feel comfortable. The anti-slip grip and the rounded tip are useful while using the tampons.


  • Highly effective design that takes care of women’s issues.
  • Anti-slip grip is useful during insertion.
  • Menstrual Tea & Chamomile flower Tea bags are useful.


  • No Cons

9. Lemme Tampons

Lemme Tampons

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The Lemme tampons are most safe and highly secured to be used by women during the monthly cycle. The entire box is available with 15 pieces. The unscented tampon is highly popular among women. It is most useful during heavy bleeding and to control the heavy flow.

The tampon is manufactured in Europe and it’s tested under dermatologist observations to get effective results. It is made of pure cotton without using any dye or chemicals. It remains natural and it is Biodegradable. The product is useful for women who are working for long hours and who are always worried during menstrual.

The tampon is free of chemicals and other harmful toxins. It makes the tampon highly effective in keeping the health of women in good condition without any side effects. The superior quality tampon has become part of women’s life today and it helps women to work without being anxious.

The Lemme tampon has satisfied all the necessary conditions applied and it is successful in getting the FDA registration. The tampon is a highly suitable device that suits all types of skin without getting any rashes or infections.


  • Suitable for all types of skins without rashes.
  • Natural & biodegradable.


  • Needs some practice to use for a long time.

10. The Woman’s Company Tampons

The Woman's Company Tampons

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The Woman’s company tampon is the best tampon for women. It is a tampon of the women, by the women, for the women. The tampon is made of soft cotton which is completely organic. The tampon is natural without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers. The skin-friendly tampon is suitable for all types of skins without any reaction.

The ultra-soft tampons are the best tampons in India for heavy flow. It needs to be inserted into the body during the bleeding for the women. The tampons help in reducing the pain and menstrual cramps. It uses absorption capability and doesn’t allow any staining or leakages.

The product is developed by a company run by women and it helps women around the world to overcome difficulties during the hectic days of periods. The tampons are 100% safe to use and keep the women’s body healthy without the use of toxins.

The tampons are easy to use but need some practice at the beginning. The tampons are biodegradable. It helps the women to gain the lost confidence & brings a positive change in women’s life.


  • It is made by women for the women.
  • Used for heavy flow.


  • Product is not available.

How To Choose The Best Tampons in India

Deciding between tampons sizes can be difficult for some women, especially adolescents who are experiencing their first-month menstruation for the very first time.

Tampons are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from those that are ideal for first-time tampon users to those that are designed for women who have a greater flow of period bleeding during their period.

Tampons should be selected depending on the amount of menstrual fluid that is passed in a short period of time, rather than selecting larger capacity tampons & leaving them in for an extended period of time. Tampons must be changed on a frequent basis in order to avoid infection.

→ 1. Know about the sizes

However, it is better to begin with, a size that you believe will be appropriate for your flow rate. In other words, if your flow is light, go with a light size, however, if your flow is heavy, go with the standard size to get things started.

In expert’s opinion, if the tampon you select doesn’t leak much blood for 4 to 6 hours, you’ve probably picked the proper size. If not, take a step back. If a significant amount of white remains visible after 6 hours, you might size down.

To minimize the chance of developing a severe and fatal infection known as toxic shock syndrome, it’s always recommended to use the smallest tampon sizing that works for you. It’s because higher absorption tampons carry a higher risk of developing this condition.

2. Different tampon sizes

Tampons are not just a product that is one size fits all. Tampons are available in a variety of sizes. People who are beginners to the use of tampons might begin by using the smallest tampons available for beginning users. A larger tampon size may be more appropriate if the smaller tampon size is unable to capture 100% of the menstrual flow.

If you want to avoid getting an infection or developing toxic shock, choose the tiniest tampon that will absorb the flow for 4 to 8 hours.

Tampon sizes are determined by the number of monthly cycles they can hold in their pockets. Tampon sizes that are commonly used include:

  • Ultra
  • Super plus
  • Super
  • Regular
  • Slim or Junior

If the current size of the tampon needs changing within a good few hours, a bigger capacity tampon is an excellent choice. The insertion of a tampon should never be painful. If this is the case, it could signal that the tampon is excessively large in size.

Tampon sizes vary from person to person, and some people opt to wear many different sizes throughout their period. There could be a lesser flow at the start and the end of their cycle, which can be managed using smaller tampons at the start and the end.

In order to keep up with heavier flow during the mid-days of a cycle, larger capacity tampons may be required. Some women have the irregular menstrual flow that varies from month to month, so it’s a good thing to keep various sizes of pads on hand to ensure the best comfort & leak protection.

3. What to bear in mind when selecting a tampon?

If you’re a newbie to tampons, here’s what you should know: Using an absorbency of less than 10 percent, such as a light or junior size designed for teens, begin your period. They’re simpler to put for beginners, and they’re thinner in design.

If your flow fluctuates throughout your cycle, you should: Expert advises that the first 2 days of your periods are often the heaviest, therefore begin with more absorbing tampons and gradually reduce the size of the tampons as your period progresses.

Exercising increases the likelihood of leakage; thus, try using ‘active tampons,’ which extend to cover a larger surface area as a precaution. Regular tampons, on the other hand, may also be effective.

4. Know Your Flow

Try using a typical absorbency tampon what all these terms (light, moderate, & heavy) represent for you and see how they affect you:

  • Expect a light white gap on the tampon if you have a modest flow.
  • Expect a tampon that has been evenly saturated for a mild to moderate flow.
  • If you have a medium to heavy flow, you can expect an equally wet tampon with some overflow on the string or your panties.

5. Absorbency to matching flow

Tampons are available in different types of absorbents for a reason — different women have varied flows! If you’re having trouble deciding on the proper absorbent for you, know that absorbency is determined by the tampon itself rather than the applicator. This implies that if you are using a compact or a full-size applicator, the absorbencies will remain consistent.

Tampon absorbencies are often divided into three categories: standard, super, and super plus. Regular tampons are capable of absorbing between six and nine grams of fluid, while super tampons can absorb between nine and twelve grams of fluid, or a super plus can absorb between twelve and fifteen grams of fluid.

In order to represent the volume of fluid collected using a standardized laboratory test, all tampon makers are required to utilize certain absorption ranges and the related words.

It is recommended that after testing your flow with a conventional tampon, you switch to a low absorbency tampon in the event that there is still a fair bit of space on the tampon after discarding it between four and eight hours.

You might choose stronger absorbency if you are feeling excess flow on your tampon string or in your underwear since this will help to prevent any leaks from happening in the first place. In any case, keep in mind that you should change the tampon every 8 hours at the most. If you keep tampons in for longer than eight hours, you run the infection risk and irritability.

As each individual is unique, it is critical that you understand your body and select items depending on your level of comfort and what works the best for you.

If you’re having trouble choosing the proper size, or if your discharge is too high for extra-large tampons, speak with an expert who can assist you.

Why Choose Tampons Over Menstrual Cup?

Are you a tampon or a menstrual cup user? The question asked is a bit tricky, but the fact remains that both are essential parts of feminine hygiene. Over the years, menstrual cups and tampons have gained immense popularity as compared to conventionally used sanitary pads. But the difficult question is who is better in menstrual cups and tampons. Well, using a Menstrual Cup or Tampons is a personal choice and preference of women.

Some females feel that menstrual cups are better than tampons but do you know there are many disadvantages to using them no matter how much leakage it blocks.Let’s make any difference through some points.

  • Which is quicker to remove & easier to insert?

The most considering aspect is the ease of use that every woman wants during their menstrual period. There is no further discussion if it is okay to have blood on your hands when you insert a menstrual cup, but if you want to maintain hygiene, it would be a good decision to go with tampons.

Removing a menstrual cup can be a bit tricky no matter how easy it is to put it on. Strange happens when you are away from your home and wash the cup in the toilet sink.It requires a bit of learning turn, especially for beginners. This is not the case with the tampon, just put it on and get out anytime.

  • Menstrual cups often require sterilization

Women using menstrual cups should sterilize in boiling water of sterilizing solution after each cycle. Some women might find this inconvenient and cumbersome. With tampon use, you can save your cleaning time. S

  • Difficult to find the right fit

Menstrual Cups are available in different sizes, ages and flow. Therefore, it is challenging to find the perfect fit. Also, it is difficult to insert a cup if your cervix is ​​low or the uterus is tilted.It may take some error and practice, and sometimes you can get flustered in the meantime. On the other hand, a tampon comes in common size and is easier to carry around in your bad. Even, you cannot feel them inside you. There are several easier ways to dispose of them because of their small size. With a tampon, you can make your periods hassle-free and comfortable.

  • More Mess

An especially young girl might have difficulty removing the cups during their heavy blood flow, thus they create an uneven mess.

How to Dispose of Tampons?

As mentioned above, tampons are used to soak up blood during your menstrual cycle. But, when it comes to being hygienic, you should take proper steps to dispose of tampons. This will prevent the risk of spreading bacteria and odours around your home space. With the given steps, you can easily dispose of the tampon.

  • Never flush down

First, carefully remove your tampon to move on to the next step. Also, never flush your tampon down the toilet as it can damage plumbing or clog the drain.

  • Take a piece of toilet paper to wrap the Tampon

The next step you need to do is to wrap your used tampon in a piece of toilet paper. The wrap will keep your hands from touching the blood and prevent the blood from spreading everywhere.

  • Place wrapped tampon in the garbage

Once you’ve wrapped up a used tampon, throw it in the trash as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will contain dirt and spread bacteria and odour. Therefore it should be disposed of after 2 to 3 days.

How to dispose of Tampons in Public Washroom?

If you are far away from home, the only option left is to use public washrooms. Similarly, start wrapping the tampon in waste paper or toilet paper. This way you’ll prevent falling out of the tampon and keep your hands away from the bloodstains. Most public washrooms keep a separate bin or metal bin for disposing of tampons, sanitary napkins or panty liners.  There may be a special mark that indicates that this is the correct trash can where you are allowed to throw used sanitary pads. Before leaving the washroom, make sure the lid is closed after depositing the tampon. Lastly, wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize well.

Final Note:

Women work actively at home and also go out to work for long hours. The sanitary product like tampon helps them to overcome such physical difficulties, mental stress, and anxiety. Such hygienic products not only bring a huge change in the lives of women but also make women healthy, active, and more confident while facing the world around them. The list of tampons discussed above in details will help you in choosing the most useful tampon according to the Indian lifestyle & conditions.

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