Top 10 Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

For some people, the goal of their life is to set up their own business. A lot of people get into wholesale, a lot also get into retailing and then there are a lot of people who get into manufacturing as well. Manufacturing industry had been flourishing in India because of the supportive government, developing economy and many such factors. Today, the machinery is not as expensive as it used to be and the regulations have also been made easy to support the manufacturing business.

There are specific industrial zones with the facilities like 24×7 power supply, water supply, a good power factor for the machinery and other such supportive infrastructure. If you are also planning to start a small scale manufacturing business then you must do your research well. Go ahead with the feasibility studies and also research the market. If you are still in the planning phase and if you have the capital to invest but if you are not sure about what business should you do then you are probably at the right place as we have listed the Top 10 Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India for 2019.

Let us now have a look at these Business Ideas so that you can get an idea about the options available.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Top 10 Best Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India 2019

10. Scented Candle – One of the best manufacturing ideas available is scented candles. These candles do not have a high manufacturing cost and they do not need you to purchase expensive machinery. You can hire a couple of workers for manufacturing the product. Introduce different variants with soothing essential oils and you will end up falling in love with your own products. You can surely go ahead and invest in these products easily.

9. Incense Making – Another popular option is Incense Making. The market has a lot of opportunities for incense products and all you need is some raw material and basic machinery to start making incense. A good quality product has a lot of demand so ensure that the incense you manufacture use all natural ingredients.

8. Homemade Dairy Products – You can also manufacture homemade products like Ghee, Butter, Paneer, Khoya and much more. You can procure milk from the local dairy and that would ensure that you have good quality products to manufacture the product. In addition to this, you can have your own cattle farm and market your organic dairy products with a new brand

7. Kitchen Utensils – Kitchen utensils are always in demand. Another variation to these products is wooden utensils. They are easy to manufacture which doesn’t need a lot of investment either. You can explore this option and you can start the manufacturing of kitchen utensils that are made of wooden material or even steel. Explore the market and manufacture according to the demand conditions in your geographical location.

6. Automobile Parts – A car is made of thousands of parts and you can start manufacturing any of these. You can even contact with Original Equipment Manufacturer for the franchise or you can contact them for a long term supply contract. This will help you in ensuring that you have a client who will purchase all your products. In terms of automobile parts, you have multiple options like shockers, suspension parts, clutch plate, brake pads and much more.

5. Paper Manufacturing – Paper is something that can never run out of demand. Be it colleges, school or offices, the paper is required. The high demand never makes it a good idea for a business. You need low investment because the only main machinery that you need to acquire is the machinery to make papers. You can manufacture a different kind of papers and this can also include the handmade paper which is basically made of recycled paper. There is again a high demand for such products.

4. Handmade Chocolates – Handmade chocolates are another items that you can consider. The chocolate compound is easily available and you can create new exciting flavours so as to ensure that you do not fail in attracting customers. You can sell the handmade chocolates to retailers or you can start your own outlet as well. Ensure that the product is made in hygienic condition and you have required permission from authorities while starting the business.

3. Bakery – Bakery also falls into the manufacturing industry. You can work part-time while running a bakery. The products are extensive. You can start with cakes and other such bakery products. To cut down the wastage cost, you can only take prior orders. You can also start manufacturing biscuits. Again, there isn’t a lot of investment here because all you need are basic machinery like mixer, grinder and a lot of other things.

2. Recycled Products – Another popular business idea can be the manufacturing of products made with recycled items. This can be desk items or even decorative items made of recycled material. People have started using more of recycled products. The only key here is to have a good product design which is also low in cost. If you have these two things then you can surely succeed with this manufacturing business.

1. Natural Soaps – These days’ people are adapting to natural products. This is true for beauty products as well. In such a case, you can opt for natural soaps which are made of natural ingredients. Use of essential oils can enhance the products that you manufacture. Slowly, you can scale your business to natural shampoos and other such products.

These are some of the best small scale manufacturing ideas. Do not choose anything just on the basis of the interest but choose something on basis of what is feasible in India. Consider the market conditions and macro-economic factors as well. For example, if you are planning a tobacco business then you should drop this idea because the government doesn’t have a positive outlook towards it. The high taxes can be a hindrance.

This way, plan out things and we wish you success while you start your business.

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