10 Best Mini Dustbins in India 2022 [Car Trash Bin]

Keeping the car clean is a difficult task in itself, but if mini dustbins are kept, then your efforts are reduced. While going on a long drive or using the car for local transit, you can find yourself placing all the garbage in the cupholder. Sometimes, people use car windows for extra polybags or debris. It might feel like a good to go choice but it will affect your car’s hygiene and cleanliness.

The aesthetic look of your car is hard to maintain in such a situation. The most effective and reliable solution to eradicate this hitherto daunting problem is by installing a mini dustbin or trash bin. There are many types of trash bins available in the Indian market for almost every car model. Choosing the right one help you keep the car clean.

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Here, we made a list of mini dustbins for cars in India then you can currently buy in the Market. The list follows the concept of having a space-efficient dustbin with the easiest installation. Meanwhile, we are listing products that can offer great value for money.

Best Buy Car Trash Bin Online In India

Let’s get started by taking a deep dive into all the best options –

1.  APPUCOCO Mini Car Trash Bin

APPUCOCO Mini Car Trash Bin

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APPUCOCO Mini car trash bin is one of the best options to keep the car clean. This trash bin is perfect and easy to fit in any car. This product is a very hand and ultra-convenient accessory that will help in maintaining a clean appearance. It helps you get rid of all unwanted garbage.

The product is black. You can also keep it in your office, bedroom and study table for serving the purpose of cotton swabs, pencil shavings etc. It is small in size bit but very functional in the term of keeping cleanliness around. You can fit easily into the car door, cup door or whenever you want.

It is an ideal product for throwing your daily garbage without making your car messy. This trash bin comes can take up less space and have a large capacity.


  • This trash bin is made of premium quality material.
  • In the term of durability, longevity and strength, this trash bin is best for overall use.
  • It can be easily fit in any car.


  • The lid sits quite loosely on the body of the trash cup.

2. Kumaka Premium Universal Car Trash Bin

Kumaka Premium Universal Car Trash Bin

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n.to/3kSh7FcIn this list, another conventional car accessory is the Kumaka Premium car trash bin. It can quickly dispose of all of the car unwanted garbage. It has a removable plastic cover and a universal fit for comfort. The best quality of this car trash bin is that it is made of premium-quality plastic which offers longevity, durability and functionality.

This car trash bin takes very little space in the car. Further, you can easily arrange it in a vehicle door or cup holder and ensuring safe installing. As per your convenience, it perfectly fits in every car. It can be useful for people sitting in back seats as well as front seats.

This premium quality trash bin can also be used as a pen organiser, ashtray, cup holder, coin holder, etc. The attractive finish of the product makes it more attractive and stylish.


  • This trash bin comes in three different colours – Blue, Red and Black.
  • The plastic material of this product is very sturdy.
  • It can be fit easily in every car.
  • It has a multitasking quality.


  • The product is a bit costly than other products.

3. Sunshine Mini Car Trash Bin

Sunshine Mini Car Trash Bin

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Sunshine offers a combo pack in one product (Mini Car Trash Bin + Can Holder Dustbin). It is an ultra-convenient car item that will get rid of all your unwanted garbage, toffee wrapper, chocolate wrappers, and tissues and similar trash in a flash.  The product ensures durability, longevity and strength.

This trash is made from premium quality plastic. It can also be used at the office, at home, or library. Instead of using it as a trash bin, it can also be used as a pen organizer, cup holder, coin holder, ashtray and other similar items of homes and offices.

Sunshine Mini Car Trash Bin can be placed in any car, also it perfectly first in your desired location. It takes up less amount of space in your car without taking up all legroom. Thus,  it is useful if you want to keep the car and your city clean.


  • The colour choices should be given during purchase.
  • This product is very durable and comes in very handy.
  • It comes in a combo offer.
  • It takes a minimal amount of space whether it is installed in the car, or placed at home or work.
  • Perfect to be used in offices, homes and cars.


  • It would have been better if the size of the dustbin could have been increased.

4. TANTRA Car Trash Can with Lid 

TANTRA Car Trash Can with Lid  (2)-min

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Tantra Car Trash Can along with lid is perfect for car use. It is specially designed to keep your car interior clean and secure. You can save your car interior looks by using this trash bin. You can collect the waste and trash in the trash can and keep them out of your view.

This unique car trash can also be used as a personal waste bin for your home, workplace and study table. The best quality of Tantra, it is made of high-quality silica gel material which is environment-friendly.

You can easily install it into the storage space in the doors of your car or the centre console. It helps in keeping your car clean by disposing of away wastage in the trash bin. The demand for this trash bin is gradually increasing among the buyers.


  • It is easy to maintain and wash.
  • The product is ideal to be used in cars and workplaces.
  • It is made of premium quality silica gel material.
  • Comes in a mat black colour.


  • Check the size before buying.

5. Car Dustbin with Lid

Car Dustbin with Lid

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The car trash bin is uniquely designed and a great solution for your daily garbage. It is made of premium quality 100% newly plastic material. This waterproof and leak-proof dustbin helps you in keeping yourself clean. Further, it is very easy to install and quickly fits into any car cup holder.

Car Dustbin with lid is one of the most Aesthetic car accessories which ensure durability, versatility, reliability and longevity. This elegant yet simple dustbin can help us solve this big issue. Since the plastic quality is good which it last long.

This product comes with two extra microfiber cloths that you can use to clean your car garbage holder, car mirrors, sunglasses or spectacles. The best thing about this product is that it can be rinsed, cleaned and wiped easily without having any hassle.


  • It can be used for storage purposes also.
  • It is sleek and high quality, unlike the low-grade plastic bins.
  • Easy to wash and maintain the product.
  • It is compatible with every vehicle.


  • It would have been better if the cost of the trash bin could have been reduced.

6. Generic (unbranded) Mini Car Trash Bin

Generic (unbranded) Min

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Generic Mini Car trash bin thoughtfully designed for accumulating garbage from the car. It is a useful car accessory that will get rid of all unwanted trash in a flash. The product cap is offering in various colours. That so, you can pick trash bin as per your colour preference.

It takes up less space yet gives you full wattage capacity. It is the very come-in-handy product and also the first preference of many buyers. It can help keep your car internal space clean and tidy. Although, it can be placed in between the seats, centre console, door, in the trunk or your office, or at the workplace.

This trash bin is very easy to use and easy to carry. It is suitable for overall use. The prominent factor about this product is that it comes with a logo printed on it of Swachha Bharat which means a huge lesson comes along with it.


  • It has a good capacity to fill trash like tissue papers, toffee wrappers, junk food takeaway packets etc.
  • The product offering different cap colours.
  • It is made from premium quality plastic.


  • The product is a bit expensive according to their material.

7. Sandesh Portable Mini Car Dustbin

Sandesh Portable Mini Car Dustbin (3)

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Sandesh mini car dustbin or trash bin is one of the prominent choices and can be easily available in the Indian Market. It is one of the best car accessories which can help get rid of all unwanted garbage in a flash. It helps keep your car interior clean and tidy. The product is designed most practically.

It is an ideal product in the term of quality, durability, strength and longevity. These trash bins can be easily stored in the trunks, in between the trunk, in a cup holder etc. The regular drives and travellers must install this dustbin in their cars for regular use.

You can conveniently use it in both the car and home. This product gives you a long-term service because of the material and quality. One of the prominent qualities of Sandesh, it comes in evergreen black colour.


  • It is made from high-quality plastic to ensure maximum strength and reliability.
  • It offers you a full garbage capacity.
  • The trash can is Universal Fit and the plastic cover is removable for practical purposes.


  • It would have been better if the quality or material of the trash has been improved.

8. Zollyss Mini Dustbin

Zollyss Mini Dustbin 

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It is an ultra-convenient accessory can be used in car, Kitchen, home and bathroom. The company ensures about quality of the product. It provides maximum strength, durability and versatility. This mini dustbin is perfect for the regular garbage like disposable cans, wrappers of candy, small juice cans etc.

It is also easy to install and use by whomever as per their convenience. Users can suitably arrange in it their vehicle cup holder or door of the car. Despite this, the dustbin’s plastic cover is very well-built. It can be removed and closed easily. This product is suitable for tiny things or garbage you need to throw while travelling.

The Zollyss Mini Dustbin has been offered in different colours that allow you to get and experience a better look. Also, it makes use of car little space artfully.


  • The product is made of very good quality, sturdy and durable.
  • You can receive two dustbins in a single purchase.
  • It easily fits in the cupholder of every car.


  • Multiple colours are the main problem with this bin, this doesn’t match well with car interiors.

9. Swabs® 4L Collapsible Car Dustbin Swabs® 4L Collapsible Car Dustbin -min

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Swabs offer a unique and phenomenal dustbin for car use. It is one of the most versatile dustbins which can be used as a drink bottle holder. Besides this, you can also put your keys, cards, phone in it. The best quality of Swabs is that it folds when is not in use. You need frequent emptying after having this dustbin.

It is a multi-purposing product that can be used as a laundry organizer, watering bucket, watering plants, wash fruits, used for outdoor camping and many other activities. It helps to keep your vehicle trash free wherever you go. This reusable and environment-friendly car trash bin can be placed easily at your convenience.

Overall, it is a reliable and functional trash can applicable for all cars and vehicles. A lot of garbage is allowed by this product. Further, it has an ergonomic design as the collapsible body for space-saving convenience. It is the most preferred choice for every customer.


  • It is a beautiful container and very cute and handy for storage.
  • When you don’t need to use it, you can press it and fold it to save space.


  • It is good to use for the only car.

10. MEENAMART.COM Universal Car dustbin

MEENAMART.COM Universal Car dustbin

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This car dustbin is an ultra-convenient car accessory that will get rid of all unwanted garbage. It offers you a full garbage capacity without taking up all your legroom. Besides this, it takes up less amount of space, ensures longevity, durability and functionality.

MEENAMART is made from good quality plastic and is ideal for office, home and car use. Instead of using it as a garbage can, it also serves the purpose of a cup holder, pen organizer, ashtray and similar items.

You can keep your car interior tidy and clean by using this product.


  • This trash bag is convenient.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It fits most of the car holders so it is really easy to carry.


  • The size of the trash bin is a bit small.

How To Choose the Best Mini Dustbin for car

To make waste disposal as simple as possible, we would like a car waste bin that can be placed almost anywhere in the car and is easily accessible. Here are some factors that should be considered while choosing the Best Mini Dustbin for car

1. Functioning dustbin for car

A dustbin that connects to the dashboards, the compartment, or hangs from the headrest of the car seat meets this requirement.

When in motion, a trashcan must be easy to use and maneuver. It must be simple to open a flap or cover in order to dispose of waste; otherwise, it may be a safety hazard. Any struggle has the potential to be a distraction, which can have serious effects.

2. Multipurpose dustbin

There is a difference between each vehicle; some have limited room; for example, while on a family day trip, packing the car with food and gear to be used at the beaches, the park, or a picnic with friends and family takes up valuable space.

3. Waterproof bin

Used liquid containers and cans can leak their leftover contents, which can stain and create a soggy mess on a car, on the floor, and on the car mats, if not properly disposed of. Car seats that are stained undermine the cost of the automobile when it is sold. In order to minimize issues, a car garbage container should be both waterproof and leakproof.

Liquids and food waste will clog the trash can’s inside, which is not a good thing. Inlay or hidden inner seam of a waterproof and leakproof automotive garbage bag also collects waste, making regular cleaning more difficult to do. Many manufacturers recommended that you line your automobile’s trash can with a plastic bag.

4. Quality & durability

Trash cans may become filthy very quickly. Food and liquid stains necessitate cleaning, which is frequently accomplished with harsh chemical treatments. It is possible to reuse an automobile garbage bin constructed of high-quality materials, which will last for years even after extensive use and cleaning.

When you find a product that you like, usually want it to endure as long as possible, especially if it addresses a problem in your life. The ideal automobile trash container is one that keeps its appearance as well as its functionality.

It is critical to have a high-quality vehicle wastebasket. Quality is the level of confidence we have in a product’s ability to stand by its claims. A leakproof container helps to avoid the potentially expensive damage to our vehicle’s interior that can occur.

The Final Verdict

A quality car dustbin will have an option to install with ease, a tight lid, compact but sufficient space, and versatile functionality. During the selection period, looking at the colour scheme should be your top priority to keep your car looking excellent in terms of interior appearance. Some people like to buy dustbin for all the car windows, but it is not a great choice. Using a large size single dustbin can do the same job while saving space in your car. In case, you choose any product from the given list, we are going to elate.

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