Top 10 Best Lungi Brands In India

India has a unique presence in traditions and cuisine, even in distinctive clothing styles. Even though the world is following modern culture, Indians are still keeping pace with traditional wear. For instance, flaunting Lungi shows how men feel confident and look classy. Especially people belonging to South, Rajasthan, Haryana, Jharkhand, MP and Chhattisgarh wear Lungi on a daily basis.

Various fabric options are also available in a print or variation of prints. It makes sense that you will be able to flaunt your look on any special occasion. For example, the wedding season requires you to wear a silk lungi, while cotton is perfect for regular activities like walking, sleeping, etc.

To find the best lungi collection for you, check out the best lungi brands in India:

List of Top Lungi Brands in India: Pick the best of all


1. 999 Lungis

Address: K.A.S. ZAINULABDIN & CO., 169, Angappan Street, Chennai-600 001.

Established in 1910 in Kolkata, India, 999 Lungis brand has shifted its interests from supplying to manufacturing. The superb quality of Lungi is a testimony to the brand’s global presence. It is having its availability through 20 representative offices and 9 offices.

Besides Chennai, the brand supplies a wide range of Lungis in Manipur, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Alongside inside the country, 999 has a strong market presence in Dubai, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and Maldives.

Lungis variety is offered by 999 brands across denim, strip, color ring, handloom, mini check, white check, and kerchiefs patterns. (Cost between Rs 270-700)

2. Kitex lifestyle


Kitex lifestyle is a sought-after brand under the Anna Group, established in the year 1968. It is a reputed leader in the garment industry, offering a wide range of fabrics for men to women, even for kids.

Kitex Lifestyle Lungis are comfortable and smooth as they are made from pure cotton fabric. Apart from having a single piece of Lungi, you have the option to choose 5 lungis in a pack. You will find plenty of options to buy, from printed Lungi to check design to plain white Lungis with Kitex Lifestyle. Available on Amazon, or you can buy from its official website. (Cost between Rs 200 to Rs 1900 or more)

3. S.S. Lungi Company

Address: 66, Angalamman Kovil Veethi,, Komarapalayam, Tiruchengode – 638183

Although S.S.S. Lungi is the least popular brand, it still has a great market reputation. The reason behind this is having a vast range of printed lungies. Apart from making you feel comfortable, their lungies offer a distinctive look. Due to being so eye-catching and enchanting, you can wear lungies by SSS on various occasions like Poojas, Weddings, Cultural Events, and Parties.

Regular hand wash is required, and the length of these Lungies is 2.25 Meters each. As these lungies are available in packs of three, they will be a great option for gifting purposes. (Cost between Rs 160 to Rs 400 approx.)

4. SRS Lungi Company

Address: SRS Lungi Company 23, Venkatachalam Street, Erode-638001, Tamilnadu, India

SRS was established in 1975 in Tamil Nadu by PSK Subramaniyan. Since its inception, SRS aimed to meet the demands of lungi buyers in Tamil Nadu. Today, having a wide network, the company has started selling its products in AP, Kerala, Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and UP.

Through e-commerce platforms, you can purchase a wide variety of lungies of the SRS brand. They have a distinctive combination of colors and designs, making these lungies attractive and suitable for every day. Plus, these lungies are skin-friendly and comfortable.

5. Nandu Lungies

Address: 46 A , Panapakkam Road, Nemili, Ranipet, TamilNadu, India

Nandu is an all-in-one solution platform for men and kids. It is one amongst the brand offering the most unique and modern Lungi. By wearing Nandu Lungi, you will have a timeless and traditional style that will make you look dashing and royal.

These branded lungies are easy to wear and maintain. As crafted by professionals mixing colors with designs, these lungis will surely lend you the most stylish look.

6. Dhrona Brand Lungies

Address: N/A

E-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and Meesho have been supplying Dhrona Brand Lungies. As this is the best brand of lungis online, more and more wearers prefer to choose their lungis. Their lungis ensure utmost comfort as they are made of soft fabric like silk and cotton.

Apart from being best suited for daily wear, you can wear these lungies on ceremonial occasions. The brand offers lungis with a length of 2.1 meters. The best part is that the lungi packs by Dhrona are ready to pack like a gift, which means it is ideal for gifting someone. (Cost between Rs 300 to Rs Rs 400 approx)

7. Cotton Crown

Address: N/A

Cotton Crown is one of the biggest brands of men’s wear, kid’s wear, accessories, masks, footwear, etc. It has a wide range of products that suit the needs of every customer.

In lungies, you will find multiple cheques, large checks with complementary tones, printed plans and other cheques. Moreover, the brand has always come out with premium quality 100% cotton lungi in a wide array of patterns and colors. You can afford for skin-friendly Lungi.

8. Sangu Mark

Address: No.60, Sangu Nilayam, Armenian St, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001

Sangu Mark is a reputed supplier and is popular for offering an exclusive range of lungies at a reasonable cost. The brand has a vast collection of men’s clothing. Ensuring quality goods is the priority of the brand. They come with different lungis patterns like multicolored lungis, plain colored, white and black mixed lungis, checked patterns of multiple sizes, Katri lungis, colorful with stripes, etc.

9. Niranj

Address: N/A

Niranj leads the market in India when it comes to menswear collections. It is one of the leading brands catering to demanding customers. The brand offers you a wide variety of lungis, from blended to print to Katari, under a variety of fabrics, styles and patterns.

Since its inception, Niranj’s has been producing quality goods. If you are looking for customized or unstitched Lungi, try Niranj. All their lungis can be easily adapted to different occasions. You will get cotton or blended fabric options from this brand.

10. Mr. Lungi

Address: N/A

Mr. Lungi is one of the most reasonable online shopping stores for Men’s Lungi in India. They offer vast collections and attractive designs. The starting range of Lungies by Mr. Lungi is Rs 190, which goes up to Rs. 300 or more. Since this is an E-commerce website, they offer products online. The best seller lungies of Mr. Lungi are silk and tassar lungi because they have used the best quality material in them. You have an option from regular cotton lungis to silk lungis, lungi set, etc.


Lungi, a long piece of cloth, can be available in different prints, designs, sizes, and costs by a diverse range of manufacturers/brands across the country. There are a variety of options to choose from depending on your styling needs, price, occasion and the print you want to wear. While some brands offer customized lungis, others provide ready-made lungis for men of all ages. Find the best lungis from the brands mentioned above.