8 Types of Lehenga Design That Will Suit Your Style

Lehenga is the ankle length skirt usually paired with a choli or corset. Whatever we may wear on usual days, we always go with traditional and ethnic dresses when it comes to family functions, festivals and weddings in India. In also Pakistan they usually wear lehengas in the wedding. So they occur almost on any and all time of the year. Lehangas play significant role in the ethnic dressing. The look of the bride is decided by her lehenga so it is important to choose the right one. There are many types of the lehenga which you can choose from. Lehengas can give you gorgeous, elegant, graceful, radiant and stunning looks based on the type of lehenga you choose.

So lehengas can look good on everyone if they just know to how to choose the one the suits your body shape perfectly.

8. Circular or Flared Lehenga

Circular or Flared Lehenga

Circular or Flared lehenga is one of the most popular and traditional lehenga. It has several pleats stitched around the waist thereby increasing the volume immensely. It gives you most elegant look.  It is given the name, Circular lehenga because it forms a complete circle at the hem giving it a beautiful look. If you are customising your own lehenga, then choosing the smooth and silky fabric is the best choice. The silky fabric makes your lehenga look exceptional and wonderful. The choli chosen for this lehenga should be graceful and subtle. It will be suitable for women with pear shaped bodies. Women with slim waist should avoid this lehenga since it makes them look clumsy.

7. Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga

Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga

As per the name of the lehenga it fits you snugly up to the knees and it flares out from there giving you an almost mermaid look. As compared to the others it is the newest arrival. It accentuates the curves of the body very well. Since it is tighter at the waist it is recommended to be worn with a bodysuit underneath. It gives best look to the straight body shaped women. It gives you gorgeous and fabulous look. It can be worn with daring halter type choli or beautiful corset. It is not suitable for pear shaped and apple shaped women.

6. Panelled Lehenga

Panelled Lehenga

It consists of numerous panels stitched together and adds a great volume to the lehenga. All the panels can be of the same colour but contrasting colour gives unique look to the lehenga. It looks best when used with the long choli and makes you look slimmer than you are. This type of lehenga is perfect to hide your extra body flab and boost up your confidence in any kind of functions you attend. It looks outstanding for women with hourglass and pear shaped body. It is not suitable for apples shaped women.

5. A-Line Lehenga

A-Line Lehenga

The cut of this lehenga resembles the alphabet A. It has the usual A- line hem. It is tighter at the hips and flares out in the bottom.  The number of pleats in this lehenga are very less when compared to the panelled lehenga.  You can go for this lehenga when you want to accentuate the upper part of the body. It goes well with sleeveless cholis and cholis with puffed sleeves. It gives you a simple and elegant look. It fits perfect for the pear shaped women. Worst choice for apple shaped women.

4. Sharara cut lehenga

Sharara cut lehenga

With the evolution of the lehengas these are also concluded as one of the types of lehenga. Sharara cut lehenga has stitches in the middle like a trouser.  You can imagining it being like a huge plazo but on the whole it gives a lehenga look. They are always worn with long cholis. It goes with all body shapes of women. It does not suit women with slim legs and petite women. It makes the shorter women look even shorter.

3. Straight cut Lehenga

Straight cut Lehenga

As the name indicates it has a straight skirt that drops down from waist to the hem and does not have any flare like the other lehengas. It resembles a wrap around skirt. It hugs the body and women with very well built body can go for this lehenga and it highlights all the curves. It almost looks perfect with all the body types.  The choli that is preferred for this lehenga is one which falls beneath the collar bone to give a graceful and enhanced look. Not the best choice for the too thin women.

2. Lehengas with a Jacket

Lehengas with a Jacket

It is one of the newest styles in the world of lehengas and gaining wide popularity among the people. Based on the jacket you choose it can be made suitable for any type of views from rich and gorgeous look to elegant and casual look. The jacket is given more importance since it covers most of the lehenga except the hem.  Since only the hem is visible it has broad laces with heavy work. It is not suitable for pear shaped women.

1. Half Saree Lehenga

Half Saree Lehenga

It is influenced from half saree which is most popular among the south Indian women. It looks similar to the half saree but without actually going through the hassle of wearing a half saree. You can give different looks with this lehenga by changing the way you drape the dupatta. The skirt is usually A-line. It is used with simple choli blouse.

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