Top 5 Best Glucometer Brands in India

Looking for the finest glucometer in India? If you are confused about the brands which one to go for, then there is an extensive list of products you can choose according to your needs, specifications, and budget.

Many instruments in glucose meters are famous, authentic, and trusted brands that fall within budget and are easily manageable.

The glucometer perspective allows people to check their glucose level in blood independently at home. This is the comfortable option, and many brands do not require the coding that results in miscalculation.

List of Glucometer Brands in India

Glucometer Brands

To get your hands on the excellent instrument, check this article that comprises the list of top 5 glucose meters in India. Read further.

1. Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-check is the authentic glucometer in India that fits perfectly with users. It is a brilliant brand due to its multiple features and travels friendly. The best part about Accu-chek’s models is that it does not require coding, which makes them easy for users to use.

One of the convenient options that provide accurate results and outstanding features. The noticeable fact of this glucometer is that people can read those strips within 10 seconds.

Pros –

  • 10-second readers.
  • The glucometer provides fast results.

2. BeatO Smartphone Sugar Testing Machine

The glucometer that works on modern technology is BeatO smartphone sugar testing. It helps users connect the glucometer with their smartphones and track their glucose systems. Due to these functions, it is an easy to use and travel-friendly option.

All you need to do to keep track is download the BeatO app. This app is certified by medical experts who provide advice to users. The reading shown by the glucometer is moderately accurate and stores the memory.

Pros –

  • The battery life is long.
  • It is portable and compact.

3. Morepen Blood Glucose Monitor

Many people trust Dr.Morepen’s brand in the Indian market when it comes to a glucometer. The significant reason behind this is that the accuracy rate of the glucometer is top-notch. In addition, the model contains 300 memories for helping people to keep track of blood glucose levels.

The glucometer has received good and genuine reviews from people since it offers plenty of features. These features are travel friendly and easy to use.

Pros –

  • A breeze to use.
  • The amount of test strips is excellent.

4. Trust Blood Testing Machine

The Dr trust blood testing machine consists of many features and is also fully automatic. The features are making this glucometer the best in the market. The results shown by the glucometer are accurate due to the technology used for introducing the strips.

The glucometer is easy to use and travel-friendly because it does not require coding or prevent errors. This affordable machine has many strips and requires a 0.5 microlitre blood sample.

Pros –

  • LCD to see the result.
  • It works in three modes such as AC, PC, and General.

5. One-Touch Blood Glucose Monitor

The one-touch glucometer is an excellent brand, especially in the USA. It has made a amazing mark in the Indian market as well. In terms of accuracy, the one-touch select plus glucometer is perfect that is highly accurate.

The results shown by the equipment are fast, which takes five seconds. The blood sample size required by the instrument is 1 µL and comes along with the 10 test strips. On top of that, the product comes with three years warranty.

Pros –

  • Fast result.
  • Use the color sure technology.


The list mentioned above of the glucometer model helps you find out the ideal instrument you are looking for. Moreover, the list above will help you make a deep comparison and crosscheck with the specifications.

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