Top 10 Best Cities to Live in India

Every year a list is published for Top 10 Best Cities to Live in India and you might be aware of the fact that since last few years, Hyderabad and Pune remain to be on the top of the list. Do you know how this list is prepared? Do you know the cities present in the list of top 10 best cities to live in India in 2018? Well in this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 best cities to live in India in 2018 and before we begin, we would like to tell you that the factors like cost of living, transportation, pollution level, cleanliness, nightlife, professional opportunities and standard of living are considered while compiling this list.

Apart from these, there are many other criteria that are considered before the list is finalized.

So, here is the list of top 10 best cities to live in India in 2018.

10. Gandhinagar

The list begins with Gandhinagar on top and it is the second city in Gujarat to be featured on our list.  The city has a lot of parks and green landscaping which adds on to the beauty of the city. This city is selected to be the Smart City in India and Gandhinagar scores really well on cleanliness as well.

9. New Delhi

India Gate Delhi

New Delhi slipped a couple of positions because of the increasing air pollution but the city still found a place in top 10 best cities to live in India. New Delhi has a very rich heritage and the city is a perfect destination for the people who love to try different cuisine. The city also serves as a commercial hub for northern India and as per the plans; New Delhi will also be developed as a smart city in near future. The city has the best metro rail connectivity and you will not need your car to travel anywhere in the city.

8. Surat


On number 8, we have Surat and Surat is known to be the hub of diamonds and textile industry. It is also one of the cleanest city in India and the city is growing at a very fast pace. Surat was also selected to be a Smart IT City and hence you expect a lot of changes in the city in coming future. If you are planning to relocate to the western end of the country then Surat is certainly for you.

7. Chandigarh


Chandigarh is located in northern India and the city is known as one of the well-planned city in India. The city has a lot of good landscaping and it is also among the fastest growing city in India. Chandigarh is really a clean city and in addition to this, you would love to stay there because of the weather and the landscaping.

6. Kolkata


Next on our list is Kolkata and the city is known for the monuments. Kolkata also has a very rich culture and in addition to this, Kolkata is also known for the Bengali cuisine. The city is known to be one of the most productive cities in India and the best part about Kolkata is that the city is well-planned. There are areas like Salt Lake which are perfect for living and there are many IT companies in the city as well.

5. Mumbai


The list of top 10 cities to live in can’t be complete without the city of dreams, Mumbai. It is also one of the wealthiest cities in the world and Mumbai has something to offer to everyone. The city is known for the diversified culture and many of the billionaires like Ambanis and Tatas live in Mumbai. In addition to this, the city also has Bollywood which serves the whole globe with help of amazing movies and TV shows.

4. Chennai

Chennai Central Station

We have Chennai on number 4 and it is one of the largest cities in South India. Chennai is known for its culture and it also serves as an economic hub for southern India. The city is rich in culture and there are many weekend spots around the city. In addition to this, it is also considered to be the safest city in India and hence you do not have to worry about your personal safety. The city has well connected public transportation system as the city has metro as well as urban rail system which can help you in commuting from one place to another.

3. Bengaluru

Next on our list is the Silicon Valley of India and the city has a growing IT industry in place. Bengaluru was earlier known as Bangalore but the name was changed later on. The city offers a lot of job opportunities to the engineers and other working professionals and in addition to this, the city also has a very good weather during the whole year. The city also has a diversified culture as people from all regions of India are working in Bengaluru.

2. Pune


On Number second, we have Pune and the city is known for the best quality of living. Pune houses many universities like Symbiosis and it provides many opportunities to the people who are looking for a job. The city is well connected to Mumbai and if you are a foodie then you will fall in love with the city. Pune also has a very pleasant weather and the property in Pune is quite affordable when compared to other cities.

1. Hyderabad


Hyderabad is present in our list for last three consecutive years and the city is certainly one of the best to live in. Hyderabad was known as the capital city of Nizams and in addition to this; Hyderabad is also famous for its cuisine. The Biryani is Hyderabad is full of flavors and you get authentic Mughlai dishes in the city. The city also has an amazing nightlife and in addition to this, Hyderabad is the new upcoming IT hub of India as companies like Google and Microsoft now have offices here.

These were the best cities to live in India in 2018 and there are not many changes in the list but there are some significant changes in the ranking. In addition to this, there are many other cities like Vishakhapatnam, Amritsar, Shimla, and Bhopal which couldn’t make it to the list of top 10 best cities to live in but these cities definitely deserve a special mentioned here. If you are planning to relocate then you know where to relocate for a better life this year.