Anant Ambani Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Girlfriend Net Worth

Anant Ambani is the son of Mukesh Ambani and he is the third child of Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani. He had recently been in the news because he managed to lose over 100 Kg in just 18 months.

Anant Ambani

Net Worth

The net worth of Anant Ambani is not known.

Income Source

Anant Ambani doesn’t have any income source as he is still a student. However, he receives an allowance from his parents to meet his living expense.

Real Name

The real name of this handsome man is Anant Ambani

Date of Birth: 10th April 1995

Age: 23 years


Anant Ambani has an average height and he is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. In addition to this, he weighs about 70 Kgs.

Marital Status

Anant Ambani is presently unmarried.

Personal Background

Talking about the personal background of Anant Ambani, it is known that he was born in Mumbai in the year 1995 and as mentioned earlier, the name of his father is Mukesh Ambani and the name of his mother is Nita Ambani. In addition to this, he has two elder siblings. The name of his sister is Isha Ambani and the name of his brother is Akash Ambani. Talking about the education, Anant Ambani completed his schooling from Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai and he later went to Brown University in Rhode Island to pursue graduation. As per the information available, he is still pursuing his graduation. In one of the interview, he shared that he is a big foodie and he had always been in love with Gujarati Food. Because of his love for food, he was obese and he used to weight 178 Kg. another reason for weight gain is that he was on medicines to treat asthma which lead to slow weight gain.

Doctors advised him to lose weight and hence he took up training for weight loss. The results were amazing and he managed to lose 108 Kg in just 18 months. From an obese kid to a fit man, his journey had been challenging yet awarding. It is known that he followed a strict diet to lose weight and in addition to this, he used to run 21 Km every day. This helped him in burning the stored fats and being a fit man he is today.

It is also known that Anant is a fan of sports like cricket and he is also a follower of Lord Balaji. He is often seen in IPL while cheering the cricket team owned by his father.


Anant Ambani is still a student and it will be long before he starts his career but as per the expectations, he will be joining the family business and that would help him in acquiring skills that he would need to be successful in life. He has the support of his father who would help him in being a successful businessman.

Properties and Cars

The details about Anant Ambani’s cars and properties are not listed.