How to Search/Trace ATM Location by ATM ID in India

When you withdraw cash from an ATM or when you perform any transaction on the ATM in India, you get an ATM ID Number which is printed on the receipt of the ATM. There are also some banks which would display this ATM Number on the entry made in your account. Now we have seen a lot of queries where people wish to know about the process to search the ATM Location by ATM ID so we decided to pen down an article to share the information about Searching or Tracing ATM Location by ATM ID in India.

To begin with, we would like to inform you that the ATM ID is private information which keeps on changing. The records of the same are available with the bank as well. This dynamic number is usually displayed on the ATM kiosk but because of the dynamic nature, there are high chances that the number mentioned on the ATM kiosk is not correct. To verify the same, you can check the ATM Receipt and the number printed on the receipt will always be correct.

Using Phone Banking

If you would like to search or trace the ARM Location by ATM ID in India then you can give it a try by calling the phone banking services. It should be noted that it is at the discretion of the bank to share the information or to not share the information. Here is the process to request for ATM Location by ATM ID over Phone Banking

  • Call the phone banking services of your bank and validate your account using the preferred validation steps.
  • Once validated, request the customer service executive to share the ATM Location with you based on the ATM ID. Now, he might choose to disclose the details or he might choose not to disclose the details.
  • If you have an entry or transaction from that ATM on your account then you can request the executive to share the details of the ATM Location for that particular transaction. In this case, he will surely be able to share the details of the ATM Location.

This was the process to find the ATM Location by ATM ID. You can also submit an application to the bank to get information about the same but again it is up to the bank to share the details.

There are forums on the web which suggest about searching the ATM ID on Google and using similar ways but we would like to tell you that ATM ID is dynamic so there are high chances that the information you get with help of search engine is not correct. The best bet here is to contact the bank for the details.

If in case, there is a fraudulent transaction on your account, you can simply let the bank know about it and file a complaint in your local police station. The investigation will be taken ahead from there by the bank.

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