7 Unbelievable Things Your Children Have Learned From You

For parents, each milestone in their child’s life can seem like a wondrous miracle. Children are blank canvases. As they grow, they learn a lot from their surroundings. For children, their parents are often their first role models. One peek into your kids’ make-believe games, you would find that they speak and act like you do, from playing dress up as ‘mommy’ to ‘going to office’ like daddy.  Children pick a lot of things from their parents and get their first real sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ from them.

In this journey of parenting, while we try to teach them the best that is possible, we must be cautious about how we handle ourselves, because as the saying goes, “Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach”. Let’s explore some things your children may have learned from you.

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1. Staying Positive

Children observe how you handle the ups and downs in your life and your overall positivity is bound to rub off on them too. At every given point, be it learning a new skill or learning something at school, children can feel low and think it is not their cup of tea. However, remembering their parents handling various situations positively, can help them move forward and face the situation confidently.

2. Family First

If you are one of those parents who spend quality time with children and prefer at least one meal with them, your children also learn to value family time, bonding and close relationships as they grow up.

3. Loving Yourself

Often in ourlives, there are times when we do not feel good about ourself. It can happen at any age, either because of body type, behaviour or something else. However, you must remember that your kids may subconsciously mirror your attitude about yourself. Your confidence and celebration of self will encourage them to be aconfident person.

4. Financial Management

Kids’ learn most of the basic stuff from parents. You shouldn’t be surprised them copying your spending habits and investment decisions or inverting them altogether. Children will follow the same processes and methods you are applying unless they receive special training.

Financial matters especially related to personal finance and investments are still far from being a part of elementary school curriculum. Thus, as parents, it falls upon you to inculcate healthy financial habits among your children.

However, you can make it interesting for them by indulging them in the investment decisions. For example, when you are financial planning for a child’s goals. Also, it is important that you improve your financial management skills too.

5. Lifestyle Habits and Socializing

If you drink alcohol, make sure to be in limit and always keep yourself away from any unwanted attention. From table manners to behaving with the colleagues and family members, children learn every aspect from you.

There are a few other habits which children pick from their parents like nail biting, licking fingers while eating, slurping, speaking loudly in public, smoking, and rash driving.

6. Cursing

If you often curse, especially in front of your kids, they will pick it up. Kids’ brains are like blank hard drives which save everything you do and say. It can be a big problem for them in the long run especially when they join the school.

7. Laziness and Punctuality

If you are a latecomer or always lazy in completing tasks, it is very easy for your kids to pick up these habits. On the other hand, ensure that your kids understand the importance of completing work on time and reachingan event on time.

Investing in Children’s Future

An old Japanese proverb explains the efforts needed to raise children very well, ‘it takes only two to make a child, but it takes a whole village to raise it.’ Children’s well being is our top priority as parents, and thus, it makes more sense to invest in their future.

Given the rising cost of education and competing markets, building a career is aided by the financial support kids receive from their parents. You can offer superior financial support to your kids with children plan from the life insurers.

Child plans not only allow you to invest towards the higher education cost as you child grows up, but you also enjoy superior tax deductions under section 80C every year. While the maturity value from the plan will be exempt from tax, any partial withdrawals from the plan after the lock-in period of five-years is also exempt.

More than the investment benefits, children plan offer much needed financial security to your child’s future, even if you are not there to see it through. With child plans, you can offer your kids the best financial support while you raise them to face the world and be strong.

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