5 Reasons for Online Gaming Platforms to Stay Popular

Contrary to older days where video games were used for recreational purposes, the online gaming scenario has completely flipped in today’s era. It has become a source of income for some, while it is a mode of social interaction for others. Popular online gaming review sites like https://onlinebetting.org.in/ have expanded their server due to a surge in traffic, further validating this claim. The real truth is the online gaming platform is prospering and gradually changing the dynamic of entertainment as we speak.

Why are online gaming platforms going to stay in the future?

Here are some compelling reasons why online games are going to dominate the digital industry for years to come.

1. Mobile and online gaming goes hand in hand

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Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or owns a laptop or both. With the upward trend of the digital revolution coupled with smart innovations, online games are definitely going to be there for another century or more. It’s not any psychic prediction but the true fact that online games are highly sought-after amongst 70% of the young people aged below 30. Let’s dig deeper.

According to a Statista report, Asia accounts for over 1.29b mobile gaming users, covering more than 48 per cent of global mobile audiences.

Another report by the Hindu states that around 90 per cent of respondents of a survey tell that they use mobile phones to play online games and esports. Surprisingly, only 30 per cent of respondents play on the PC.

2. It says in the research data

What started as an activity for passing free time has become of utmost value to the users. Some argue that the rapid rise in online gaming is going to stop after the pandemic. However, that was clearly a miscalculation since we can see more growth in this sector.

The increase in internet bandwidths has allowed game developers to introduce more engaging and immersive gaming experiences to the masses, resulting in a $20 billion revenue in 2010 to $160 billion in 2021.

According to a gaming company Indian Gaming League (IGL) survey, nearly 75 per cent of users say that they will continue playing the games after the pandemic. Online games have become a part of people’s life as any other mode of entertainment, such as TV, cinema, and music.

However, that’s not all. You’ll be surprised to know that online games have become a digital education tool in many countries, including India. Let’s know more.

3. The government backs it

Many governments worldwide, including India’s union education ministry, have rolled out several schemes to support gaming. According to an economic times report, the ministry of union education will organize a national-level hackathon on online games, giving students chances to showcase their talents to the world.

The school children will be given special training to develop toy arts and puppet making following the international standards. The government is also planning to organize a hackathon for students of higher education institutions to promote innovations in toy technology and designs that include online games. Talks are also there to boost employment in the online gaming and toy industry to make the country self-reliant by using the huge potential of students.

4. That’s what the mass wants

The survey also explores some patterns of gameplay of players. More than 73 per cent of users prefer playing solo, while 49.5 per cent prefer playing multiplayer games with family and friends.

Some of these users prefer playing with random players across the internet as it helps them socialize more.

5. Online gaming has become a career

Online gaming requires skills, and gaming enthusiasts are now looking at it as an opportunity to earn. Games with familiar themes attract skilled players worldwide on a single platform, which also attracts major audiences. This allows players to showcase their talents and earn money as well. Industry players have witnessed a two-fold rise in e-gaming, fantasy, and non-fantasy gaming, including poker, rummy, online slots poker, teenPatti and more during the lockdown, and the number is only increasing.


Online games are one of the best ways to earn while playing. Nowadays, elite players are getting paid well for showing their skills in online gaming. The rise of online casinos andplayers has also been witnessed in the last couple of years. Millions of players prefer playing online games that come with a combination of entertainment and reward. This has made it even lucrative as people can win big by paying a small amount of money. The risks are high as well, but the games are designed so that everyone leaves with satisfaction and self-content.